How To Delete Betting Accounts

If you want to delete one or more of your betting accounts, you’ll find it’s quite easy to do and we’ll talk you through the process. But if deleting your betting accounts is just an idea you’re toying with, there are a couple of less dramatic steps you may wish to consider first.

Deleting Your Betting Accounts

Betting sites may once have made it difficult for you to delete your betting accounts, but responsible gaming laws mean they now make it easy.

Most online bookmakers now allow you to close your account yourself. With most bookmakers, closing your betting account is as easy as clicking on ‘My Account’ and scrolling through the options until you find the ‘close your account’ tab.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with the support team of your bookmaker by live chat, email, or phone and ask them to close your account for you. It really is that simple.

Can I Reactivate Deleted Betting Accounts?

If you’re thinking of deleting a betting account that you might want to reactive later, you may be able to do this. Some bookmakers will reactivate closed accounts, while others will let you open a new account. To reactive a betting account that you’ve deleted or open a new one, you will have to get in touch with the customer support team. You will probably also have to go through their KYC verification checks again.

If you’re planning to delete a betting account and open another account with the same betting site to take advantage of welcome offers, this is not normally advisable. Most betting sites will recognise you either from your address, date of birth, or IP address and won’t allow you to open another account. Even if you manage to open a new account and claim a welcome offer, the bookmaker will be within their rights not to pay you out any winnings from that offer under its terms and conditions.

Use Responsible Gambling Tools

While betting sites don’t really want you to close your betting account if you’re losing, they are obliged to offer you a variety of responsible gambling tools that you can use to stop betting while you consider your future as a gambler.

If you’re thinking of closing your betting accounts, you may wish to consider taking a break from gambling first. You can take a responsible gambling break of up to 30 days with most bookmakers, or you can set lesser time periods such as a week or two weeks. Taking a break like this gives you a chance to take a breather and consider why you want to take a break from gambling.

If you know that you’re a terrible gambler, one that acts impulsively and continues to lose money that you can’t afford to – you should definitely take a break. If you’re still the same gambler after your break comes to an end, closing your betting accounts may then be your best option if gambling is adversely affecting your life.

But if you’re not an impulsive gambler and you simply enjoy having a regular bet, but aren’t very good at picking winners, you may wish to consider another option before you close your betting accounts. This option is to follow the advice of professional betting tipsters that have proven they have the skills to make long-term profits from gambling.