How To Win Big Money On Horse Racing

For many punters, the appeal of betting on horse racing is winning big money – that life-changing win that will let you retire from work and live the high life. If that’s your aim, there are several possible ways to achieve it.

Win Big Money On A Horse Racing Acca

Accas or accumulators are popular with punters looking to win big money on horse racing. An acca allows you to combine horses at odds that will quickly multiply into thousands or even 1,000,000/1. We all imagine placing that £1 acca at 1,000,000/1 that comes in and lets us live the life we dream of.

The big house, the sports car, and the ownership of a string of racehorses keep us excited and entertained. It’s a great dream to have but, if it was easy to obtain, we’d all have achieved it by now.

The hard part of landing a big money acca is being able to pick all the winners on the same day at odds that add up to a big win. It’s even harder to pick one over a few days or weeks as just imagine you included a few ante-post selections and the last one didn’t run after all the others had won – heartbreaking!

Win Big Money On Horse Racing Multiple Bets

Some lucky punters have also landed big money wins by placing multiple bets. These might include Lucky 63s where one of your bets is an accumulator. The advantage of these bets is they also include a variety of singles, doubles, trebles, four-timers, and five-timers that can still pay tasty sums of money if one or more of your selections lose.

Multiple bets on horse racing are very popular at some of the biggest horse racing meetings such as Royal Ascot, Glorious Goodwood, and the Cheltenham Festival, where many winners are returned at the sort of prices that provide the chance to win big money on horse racing.

Win Big Money On The Tote Scoop 6

The Tote Scoop 6 has already made several horse racing millionaires, and plenty of punters every week throw £2 at this popular pool bet. To win the bet, you need to pick six winners of six races on one day, and these are normally six of the toughest races spread over two or three racecourses on a busy afternoon of racing.

£1 of your £2 stake goes into the win pool and £1 goes into a place pool. The Tote then takes an agreed percentage of the win pool and then divides the remainder between all the winning tickets. If you’re the only winner, you’ll win it all but, as it’s a pool bet, you never know how many people will pick the same six horses as you. That means you could win less than an accumulator on those horses would have paid or you could win more.

Your £1 place bet is also a pool bet, with the pool divided between the number of people that manage to pick a horse that places in all six races. There is also a bonus pool in which all winners of the Scoop 6 have a chance of winning by picking the winner of a bonus race the following week.

Win Big Money On The ITV 7

The ITV 7 is a horse racing competition that is run by Sky Sports on behalf of ITV Racing. It’s slightly harder than Scoop 6 as you need to pick the winners of seven races broadcast by ITV on an afternoon. However, not all races are as difficult as those chosen for Scoop 6.

The first prize is often around £100,000, though there are also some smaller dividends offered throughout the week. Again, the problem with ITV is you could pick an accumulator that pays more than £100,000 or win by picking seven horses whose cumulative odds are nowhere near that high. The best thing about the ITV7 is it’s free to enter.

The Professional Approach To Winning Big Money On Horse Racing

Professional horse racing punters tend to look at betting on horse racing in a different way too many punters, but their aim is still to win big money on horse racing. While many punters see horse racing as a potential get-rich-quick scheme, professional horse racing punters tend to see horse racing as a job from which they can make a living by returning a long-term profit.

Professional horse racing punters have a strategy based on finding value bets. This means they only bet on horses whose odds they think are higher than they should be. They also use a betting system that suits their personal style. This can be placing maximum bets on every horse that they bet on or adopting a points-based betting style that allows them to place different-sized stakes according to how much value they think each bet offers.

All professional horse racing punters also start their quest to win big money on horse racing with a betting bank. They’re experienced enough to know you can’t always win and that there will be upturns and downturns throughout their career.

What most professional punters do is reinvest some of their winnings into their betting bank, allowing them to increase their maximum bet or per-point bets to continually increase their profits.

How To Win Big Money On Horse Racing If You’re Not A Professional

If you’re not a professional horse racing punter but like the idea of making big money on horse racing in the long term, you can easily become a subscriber to a professional horse racing tipster service. For a reasonable monthly subscription, you’ll be able to use a professional tipster’s knowledge, staking plan, and betting bank management to make a profit from horse racing by following their tips.

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