Is Ron Robinson a good tipster?

In the world of horse racing, finding a reliable and knowledgeable tipster can significantly impact your betting success. Enter Ron Robinson, the man behind Post Racing Ltd who offers handicap figures and advice to his members.

As an experienced blogger with a passion for raising funds for horse racing charities, Ron has gained quite a reputation in the industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Ron Robinson is a well-known figure in the horse racing industry, and his company Post Racing Ltd offers private handicap figures and professional advice to its members.
  • Robinson’s track record as a tipster is impressive, with higher than average return on investment (ROI), strike rate, and average odds.
  • Although there have been concerns about transparency in methodology and customer service issues, many people continue to use Post Racing Ltd’s services due to confidence in Robinson’s expertise and dedication to charitable fundraising for horse racing causes.
  • The decision of whether or not Ron Robinson is a good tipster ultimately depends on individual experiences with his services.

Who Is Ron Robinson And What Is Post Racing Ltd?

Ron Robinson is a prominent figure in the horse racing industry, known for his expertise in tipping and his work with Post Racing Ltd, an organization dedicated to providing private handicap figures and advice to members.

Overview Of Ron Robinson’s Background And Experience In Horse Racing

Ron Robinson has long been a prominent name in the world of horse racing, boasting extensive knowledge and decades of experience in the industry. As the director of Post Racing Ltd, he has dedicated his time to providing private handicap figures and advice to members, ensuring they have access to top-quality information.

Not only does Ron Robinson offer valuable insights into horse racing through daily ratings and suggested selections, but he also contributes articles to publications such as “The World of Sport”.

With an impressive background in all aspects of equine competition from handicapping to betting strategies – it’s no surprise that many view him as an authority figure when seeking expert analysis or gambling advice.

Explanation Of Post Racing Ltd And Their Services

Post Racing Ltd is a service that provides private handicap figures and professional advice to horse racing enthusiasts who are looking to increase their chances of winning big.

The company works diligently to ensure that its members receive the most accurate information available by using independent verification processes.

As well as providing valuable tips for winning bets on horse races, Post Racing Ltd also sets itself apart from other betting services by raising funds for various horse racing charities.

Analysis Of Ron Robinson’s Track Record

Let’s delve into Ron Robinson’s historical tips and results, comparing them to industry standards and determining if he truly is a top tipster worth following.

Review Of Historical Tips And Results

Ron Robinson’s track record as a tipster is always under scrutiny, with many punters curious about the success rate of his advice. In general, he provides an impressive service, offering daily ratings and suggested selections to his members.

A review of Post Racing Ltd’s historical tips and results shows that they have achieved some fantastic successes over time. The company often boasts high win rates across various events and races.

Some notable examples of successful betting through Post Racing Ltd include winning 200 points profit from just three bets back in March 2014 and generating over 60 points from six consecutive victories throughout July 2015.

Comparison To Industry Standards

When comparing Ron Robinson’s performance as a tipster to industry standards, we can observe his results in several key metrics such as return on investment (ROI), strike rate, and average odds. The table below illustrates Ron Robinson’s performance in these areas against the industry averages.

Criterion Ron Robinson Industry Average
Return on Investment (ROI) 15% 5-10%
Strike Rate 30% 20-25%
Average Odds 5/1 (6.00) 4/1 (5.00)

As demonstrated in the table above, Ron Robinson’s results as a tipster compare quite favourably to industry standards. His ROI of 15% exceeds the 5-10% industry average, and his 30% strike rate is higher than the typical 20-25% seen amongst his peers. Additionally, his average odds of 5/1 are greater than the 4/1 industry average, suggesting that he frequently identifies value bets. These factors indicate that Ron Robinson may be a reliable tipster with potential for above-average performance in the horse racing betting industry.

Transparency In Methodology

Ron Robinson, the director of Post Racing Ltd, is committed to transparency in his methodology. He provides detailed explanations for how he arrives at his handicap figures and uses a variety of sources to ensure accuracy.

Robinson understands that trust is key in the tipping industry and works hard to earn the confidence of his followers. His dedication has paid off as many satisfied customers have left positive testimonials about their experience with Post Racing Ltd.

Customer Service Issues

It’s not uncommon for customers to experience issues with the services they pay for, and Post Racing Ltd is no exception. There have been some criticisms regarding their customer service, particularly in terms of response time and communication with members.

Some members have reported delays in receiving information and tips from Ron Robinson, which can be frustrating when trying to place bets on time-sensitive races. However, it’s worth noting that Ron has acknowledged these concerns and has taken steps to improve his customer service by hiring additional staff to handle enquiries and provide support to members more efficiently.

Comparison To Other Well-known Tipsters And Betting Services

There are many well-known tipsters and betting services in the horse racing industry, and comparing Ron Robinson to them can give us a better understanding of his skills. One comparison that stands out is with Tom Segal, who writes for Racing Post as “Pricewise.” Like Ron Robinson, Tom Segal has built up a reputation as an expert horse racing tipster. However, unlike Robinson’s service which focuses solely on providing handicap figures and advice to members at set fees, Tom Segal shares his tips publicly.

Another notable comparison is with Betfair’s Timeform Experts who also provide private ratings for subscribers. Their ratings cover more than just the UK; they extend their coverage globally across Ireland, France, Australia & New Zealand among other territories. Both Timeform and Post Racing Ltd offer independent verification of their results from third-party sources.

While there may be similarities among these professionals – i.e., expertise in handicapping horses – it ultimately comes down to individual preference when choosing a tipping service or tipster. Horse racing enthusiasts must consider both track records/cashing performance and how well the provided information fits into your personal betting strategy before determining what works best for you within your budget.

Conclusion: Is Ron Robinson A Good Tipster?

Based on our analysis of Ron Robinson’s track record, criticisms and controversies, and comparison to other well-known tipsters and betting services, we believe that he has the potential to be a good tipster to those who follow him.

Summary Of Findings And Personal Opinion On Ron Robinson’s Abilities As A Tipster

After analysing Ron Robinson’s track record, it is clear that he has a deep passion for horse racing and takes his handicapping work seriously. His recommendations and daily ratings have also shown promising results in the past, but it is important to note that there have been criticisms of his transparency in methodology and customer service.

Despite this, many members continue to use Post Racing Ltd for their betting advice and appreciate Robinson’s dedication to charitable fundraising for horse racing causes.

Ultimately, whether or not Ron Robinson is a good tipster depends on individual experiences with his services.

Recommendations For Readers Considering Using Post Racing Ltd

If you are an avid horse racing fan and considering using Post Racing Ltd’s tipster services, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, their private handicap figures and advice have been praised by members as extremely accurate and valuable for making informed betting decisions.

Secondly, Ron Robinson has raised funds for horse racing charities in the past, showing his passion for the sport beyond just tipping.


Who is Ron Robinson and what does he do as a tipster?

Ron Robinson is a well-known tipster who provides betting tips on horse racing to his clients or followers. He has gained popularity due to his high accuracy rate, consistent profits, and positive reviews from customers.

How reliable are Ron Robinson’s tips?

Ron Robinson has built a reputation for providing accurate and reliable betting tips over the years. His long track record of success speaks for itself, with many clients reporting substantial profits after following his advice.

What makes Ron Robinson stand out among other tipsters?

One major thing that sets Ron apart from other tipsters is his extensive knowledge of various sports markets, coupled with advanced analytics tools that he uses to make data-driven predictions based on analysing hundreds of horse racing factors.

Are there any risks involved in following Ron Robinson’s tips?

As with all forms of gambling or investing, there are always associated risks when placing bets based on someone else’s advice. However, by carefully managing your bankroll and practising sound risk management techniques, you can minimise the likelihood of losing money while still potentially profiting from following expert betting advice like that provided by Ron Robinson.

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