What Are Sky Bet Booking Points?

The simple answer to the question what are Sky Bet booking points is they are the points awarded for a player receiving either a yellow card or a red card during any football match that Sky bet is offering its popular Sky Bet ‘Total Over Booking Points’ market on.

When considering betting on this market, you need to take into consideration that a yellow card is worth 10 points and a red card is worth 25 points. However, if a player is shown two yellow cards, with the second card, obviously, being followed by a red card, this is only worth 35 points (10 + 25) not 10 + 10 + 25 = 45.

Points that count towards this market need to be scored before the full-time whistle, with yellow or red cards shown to players after the final whistle for some reason not counting towards the final points total.

An Example Sky Bet Total Over Bookings Market

The odds for the Total Over Booking Points Markets at Sky Bet will vary from match to match depending on the perceived likelihood of bookings and sending offs, but below are example odds you might get for there being over different amount of points.

Over 20 Points = 1/6
Over 30 Points = 1/2
Over 40 Points = 5/4
Over 50 Points = 11/4
Over 60 Points = 5/1
Over 70 Points = 10/1
Over 80 Points = 20/1
Over 90 Points = 33/1

When placing a bet on the total over bookings points markets at Sky Bet, you will strike a bet at an agreed number of points. If you choose to bet on there being over 20 points at 1/6, this is the price you will get whether the game produced over 20 points or over 90 points. For example, if you put a bet of £60 on at 1/6 and there are 25 points or more, you will win £10 and get your £60 stake back.

Of course, if there’s less than 20 points you will lose your bet. This means you will lose your £60 stake if there are 20 points or less.

How Many Cards Does There Need to Be for Me to Win My Total Over Bookings Points Bets?

You can see the greater risk you take the more rewarding the odds are in the total over bookings points markets. But you need to be aware of how many cards it will take to land each bet.

Over 20 Points = 3 yellows or 1 red
Over 30 points = 4 yellows, 2 reds, or 1 yellow and 1 red
Over 40 Points = 5 yellows, 2 reds, 2 yellows and 1 red
Over 50 Points = 6 yellows, 3 reds, 1 yellow and 2 reds
Over 60 Points = 7 yellows, 3 reds, 2 yellows and 2 reds, etc
Over 70 Points = 8 yellows, 3 reds, 3 yellows and 2 reds, etc
Over 80 Points = 9 yellows, 4 reds, 4 yellows and 2 reds, etc
Over 90 Points = 10 yellows, 4 reds, 5 yellows and 2 reds, etc

When Should I Bet on Total Over Booking Points Markets?

Most punters that bet on total over booking points markets are students of the form book and will delve into big piles of booking points statistics regarding past matches between two teams and current matches for both teams. It’s also a good idea to consider the potential intensity of a match. If it’s a crucial match between, for example, two title challengers or two teams trying to avoid relegation, there’s a good chance that there will be a bigger opportunity for bookings and sending-offs.

Once you’ve done your studying, it’s time to apply your statistics to the match in question. Let’s say that Liverpool are playing Manchester City. You’ve checked the last six games between the two sides where Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola have been managers. Your stats show that there have been 30, 10, 45, 10, 50, and 45 points in those six matches.

As two of the last six matches have produced less than 20 points, you wouldn’t want to take 1/6 about there being more than 20 points, while 1/2 about there being more than 30 points is no value with half of the matches failing to exceed that marker.

But three of the six matches have produced more than 40 points, which makes more than 40 booking points an even-money (2.00) chance on those statistics. The good news is you can get 5/4 (2.25) about there being more than 40 points, making this a value bet. This is also an important Champions League game between the two sides so, if anything, this match’s importance adds further weight to your case for backing more than 40 points.

How Do I Get Booking Points Statistics?

There are several websites where match reports show the number of bookings and sending-offs in the matches they cover. Some websites even collate all this information for you, some of which let you have it for free and some will charge a subscription. Of course, once you’ve got this information, you’ll also have to analyse it regarding finding value in the total booking points markets.

The other way to try and make a profit from the total booking points markets is to follow the advice of a professional football tipster who uses these markets as part of their bigger football betting strategy. These types of tipsters often offer some football tips for free, while normally charging a monthly subscription for their full services.

We hope that’s answered your question, what are Sky Bet booking points. If you’d like to learn more about football betting, other types of sports betting, or horse racing betting, you’ll find hundreds of articles here on the Betting Gods blog. Happy punting!

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