What Bookies Accept Touch ‘n Go?

Touch ‘n Go is a digital payment app that is at the forefront of the digital revolution in Malaysia. The service has grown by leaps and bounds over the years, particularly after its partnership with Ant Financial, enabling it to provide fintech solutions for various industries and sectors.

While the service was initially primarily prevalent in retail and service industries due to growing concerns over health and safety, online sportsbooks and casinos are now opening their payment mechanisms to incorporate Touch ‘n Go.

Since it offers players an easy way to make deposits and seek withdrawals while providing an exciting betting experience, more bookies are now following the trend and seeking to include Touch ‘n Go in their payment feature.

In this article, we look at what Touch ‘n Go is, how it works, and what bookies accept Touch ‘n Go. Since the service is currently available with a select number of sites, it would be helpful to have this knowledge before you select a site for placing your sporting bets. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

History Of Touch ‘n Go

The history of Touch ‘n Go begins with introduction of the first Touch ‘n Go card in 1997. By 2008, it had become the mode of payment for commuting services to provide users with a cashless experience. Even today you’ll see it in use at every toll road in Malaysia!

In 2017 Touch ‘n GO partnered with Ant Financial and launched its e-wallet.

The aim was to provide consumers with a seamless experience via a quick and efficient payment mechanism that allows them to conduct financial transactions bypassing the standard time-consuming banking channels and saving time and hassle.

For sports betting sites, it allows them to improve the playing experience for the users by adding convenience to their payment methods. The good thing is that it is integrated to a large extent into the banking network in Malaysia and is connected to most of the renowned local banks. This implies that the service has to verify its compliance with the prevalent financial laws and ensure data protection.

Thus you can be assured that it is safe to use. Moreover, you must connect your phone number to Touch ‘n Go, so the application will not work if the SIM card is unavailable. You also have a six-digit code attached to the app, which is an added measure against unauthorised access.

How to use Touch ‘n Go

Considering the popularity of Touch ‘n Go, online sportsbooks and casinos are also adding Touch ‘n Go to allow users to make payments via this method.

Casinos and betting sites in Malaysia are only now beginning to match the level of progressiveness and diversity of those in Europe. It may take some time before the Touch ‘n Go service is widely available on more betting sites in Malaysia, particularly given the legal standing of gambling in Malaysia.

To use the Touch ‘n GO service at a betting site, you must first have a Touch ‘n Go account. You can easily download the Touch n’ Go app for your Android or iOS device and register. When you enter your details for registration, you will get a one-time password through which you can unlock the app.

You must set a six-digit PIN that you can later use for verifying your transactions. Now link this account to your Touch ‘n Go card or bank account for depositing money at your preferred betting platform. You can transfer money to your Touch ‘n Go account via bank transfer or service counters at a store like 7-Eleven or Watson Care.

To deposit via Touch ‘n Go, log into your betting site and go to the deposit section. Choose Touch ‘n Go as a payment method. At some sites, the service is listed as TNG. Now enter the amount you want to deposit and the six-digit PIN to verify the payment.

Touch ‘n Go does not have a processing fee, and the withdrawals and deposit limit is RM5,000 at one time. The overall capacity of the wallet is RM20,000. Touch ‘n Go enables immediate transfers, so when you deposit in your betting account, the money will instantly be reflected in your account.

What Bookies Accept Touch ‘n Go?

Here are some top betting sites that have enabled Touch ‘n Go as a viable payment method.


Bet365 is a renowned global betting site that offers customised service features for bettors in Malaysia. The platform provides punters a 100% first deposit bonus up to RM142.


22Bet is also an international sportsbook and online casino platform in many Asian countries. As a new member, you can claim a 100% welcome bonus, regardless of which method you use for depositing funds in your betting account. Touch ‘n Go is one of the local payment methods offered for players in Malaysia.


BK8 is a leading offshore betting platform from Malta that provides betting and online casino services in Southeast Asia to many countries. The platform features a 100% bonus as a welcome gift for recently registered members. You can use Touch ‘n Go to deposit money for placing bets on your favourite sports.

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