What Bookmakers Accept BPAY?

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What Bookmakers Accept BPAY?

In Australia, several sports betting sites use what is called BPAY. It is normally used as a bill payment system and is a deposit option for most betting sites.

BPAY is only available to customers who live in Australia as that is its only payment option. If you happen to live anywhere outside of Australia like New Zealand for example and you have an Australian bookmaker account, then the BPAY option will not work for you.

What Bookmakers Accept BPAY?

Several betting sites accept BPAY as a payment method. They include Neds, Sportsbet, Sportsbetting, TopSport, and PalmerBet. They are the leading Australian bookmakers who give the BPAY option to their customers so they can make a deposit into their chosen account. The options are varied but with BPAY, it is one of the best and most popular with Australian betting customers.

Who Owns BPAY?

BPAY was founded way back in 1997 as it was launched in Australia as a bill payment system but electronically. At the time, it was the world’s very first single bill payment service that was used by the banking sectors as well as over 40,000 Australian businesses. It allowed their customers to pay all of their bills online with the utmost security, whether that be by telephone or mobile banking.

For customers to be able to pay their bills with BPAY, they must have accounts open with an Australian financial institution such as ANZ, Westpac, People’s Choice, etc and they also need to have an ABN or an ACN.

How To Use BPAY For Online Betting & Gambling

When customers are betting online, quick and timely efficiency is paramount. This is where BPAY comes in. When betting online, by using BPAY, is an easy and quick way to put money into your betting account. As many betting sites have this as a payment method, most customers have a good grasp of how to use it and how the payment system works.

If you do your banking online and have your account set up for online banking, then you are already essentially halfway to getting your deposits into your betting account already. This is because when you chose to deposit money into your chosen betting account, it is done so through a bank account that you have connected to your betting account.

It can be a debit card account, a savings account, or a cheque account and with some Australian bookmakers, a credit card deposit is also an option for customers. Please keep in mind that the BPAY option is only available to customers who are living in Australia as a resident so if you live outside of Australia, you will have to go through alternative methods to deposit your money.

How To Deposit With BPAY

If you choose to fund your betting account via BPAY, then it is really easy and super quick to do so. Simply follow these steps to learn how to deposit funds into your betting account:

1.Firstly, log into your selected bookmaker’s account
2.Work your way to the deposit page and then out of the available payment options, select BPAY.
3.Then you choose how much you would like to deposit (most bookmakers have a minimum amount required).
4.After that, you will then be asked to transfer your funds from your BPAY account
5.Then select confirm if you are happy with the chosen amount and it will then be added to your betting credit in your betting account.
While this seems simple enough, the only drawback is that if you are hoping to get the money into your account quickly, you can’t. It will usually take between one or two business days for the money to be put into your account. If you need funds for the weekend, then consider doing this a couple of days prior.

How To Withdraw Betting Winnings To BPAY

Another drawback is that you cannot take funds out of your betting account via BPAY. This is because BPAY is a payment process only and if you want to take out any winnings, you are going to need a different payment method to do so.

So, there is all you need to know about the payment process method called BPAY. It is worth noting that while most betting sites online will have this option, some will not. Also, if you happen to live outside of Australia and want this method, you will not be able to choose it as it is for Australian residents only.


While BPAY does exist as a payment option for betting, it’s actually quite restrictive and you may wish to explore alternative options.

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