What Does 1X2 Mean In Betting?

What does 1X2 mean in betting is a question we often get asked, but it’s quite simple to understand once you know what it is.

The Quick Answer

What Does 1X2 Mean?

1X2 is three components representing the three possible outcomes in a sporting event. 1 is the home team, X is the draw, 2 is the away team.

For those of you who remember the pools you’ll already know what 1X2 betting is. It’s a simple 3-way bet in which 1 = the home team, X = the draw, and 2 = the away team, and you can bet on any of the three possible outcomes.

1X2 betting is often to referred to by other names, such as match betting or full-time betting, but you’ll normally find that most bookmakers still use the 1, X, and 2 to, respectively, represent a home win, draw, and away win.

An Example Of 1X2 Betting

For our hypothetical example of 1X2 betting, let’s use an English Premier League match between Manchester City and Manchester United. Manchester City are playing at home, so are represented by the 1. Manchester United are the away team, so are represented by the 2, and X is the draw.

Typical odds for a match between Manchester City and Manchester United at the Etihad Stadium would be as follows, Manchester City evens (2.00), draw 5/2 (3.50), and Manchester United 11/4 (3.75).

If you saw these odds on a 1X2 betting coupon, they would look something like 1 – 2.00, X – 3.50, and 2 – 3.75.

If you had a £10 bet on Manchester City to win at 2.00, you would get a total return of £20.

If you had a £10 bet on the draw at 3.50, you would get a total return of £35.

If you had a £10 bet on Manchester United at 3.75, you would get a total return of £37.50.

What Sports Offer 1X2 Betting?

1X2 betting is normally available in any type of match in which a draw is a possibility. Football is the most common, but ice hockey, rugby, and cricket are other sports where this type of betting is popular. Some bookmakers also offer 1X2 betting on two-ball golf matches.

What Should You Consider When Placing 1X2 Bets?

Value is our buzzword when it comes to offering betting advice, and you should always be looking to get value odds on any 1X2 bets. By getting value, we mean you’re getting bigger odds than you think they should be. For example, if you can get 5/4 (2.25) about Manchester City to beat Manchester United and you think Man City should be evens (2.00), you’ve got yourself a value bet.

Of course, how you come to decide what odds are a value bet may, ultimately, determine whether you make a profit from gambling from 1X2 betting or not. Most successful professional gamblers and tipsters base their assessment of value on their in-depth understanding of markets, hours spent studying the formbook, and statistical analysis. They also keep up to date with any other factors that could affect the outcome of a match, such as injuries and suspensions.

You also need to consider whether 1X2 markets are offering the best value on a match, compared to other markets. For example, you may think Manchester City are decent value to beat Manchester United. But, hypothetically, if Manchester City have beaten Manchester United in three of their last five matches at full-time and drawn the other two, it could be worth checking the odds on the draw no bet market.

Should I Bet On 1X2 Markets?

1X2 markets are one of the most popular types of betting in many countries around the world, and you should definitely consider this type of bet in your quest to make a profit from gambling.

What we do suggest is, ask yourself do you have enough knowledge of one or more sports that offers 1X2 betting to be successful? If the answer is yes, then crack on and give those bookies a good bashing.

If you don’t yet have the skills to be a professional gambler, don’t worry, you can still make a profit from gambling by following the tips of professional tipsters.

Here at Betting Gods, our mantra is to find the best tipsters in the business, and lots of our sports tipsters provide tips for 1X2 bets as part of their betting strategy.

We have tipsters that specialize in football, cricket, and ice hockey that provide tips for 1X2 betting markets. We also have tipsters that specialize in many other sports too, such as horse racing, US horse racing, tennis, handball, greyhound racing, and basketball.

If you’re not sure what tipsters you want to follow, check out our tipster profile pages on the Betting Gods website. This is where you can check out important statistics such as their total profit, average monthly profit, win rate, and return on investment.

We hope that’s answered your question, what does 1X2 mean in betting.

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