What Does BOG Mean In Betting?

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What Does BOG Mean In Betting?

If you’re wondering what does BOG mean in betting – the answer is “best odds guaranteed”. It’s a concession that is mostly associated with horse racing and taking advantage of it can help you maximise your profits from betting on horse racing. Basically, it means if you take an early price on a horse and the starting price (SP) is bigger – the bookmaker will settle the bet at SP.

How Does BOG Work In Betting?

Imagine that you’ve placed a £10 bet on a horse at an early-bird price of 6/4. If your horse wins, your return will be £25 (£15 winnings + your £10 stake). But imagine that your horse is, annoyingly, returned at a starting price of 2/1. If you’ve placed your bet with a bookie that doesn’t offer the BOG concession, you’ll be annoyed that you could have won an extra £5 if you hadn’t taken a price.

But if you have placed your bet with a bookmaker offering BOG, it won’t matter. Bookmakers offering BOG will pay you at 2/1 – meaning your return will be £30 (£20 winnings + your £10 stake).

The great news is that BOG isn’t just limited to 6/4 shots that are returned at 2/1. For example, if you like taking a punt on 33/1 shots, you’ll also get paid out if the SP is 50/1. Now that’s a serious difference, to the tune of an extra £170 to a £10 bet.

My favourite example was having a bet on a horse that a friend of mine owns a leg in. The horse in question is a low-class injury-prone hurdler and my friend convinced me its new trainer had managed to get it back to full fitness. I had a small bet in the morning at 7/2, only to watch it drift to 14/1 before the off.

I then watched in disbelief as the horse lead all the way and duly won me four-times the money I’d been expecting. That’s a perfect example of why it’s important to bet with bookmakers offering BOG, when possible.

What Bookmakers Offer BOG?

Lots of popular bookmakers offer BOG. These include Bet365, Sky Bet, Betvictor, Betway, Paddy Power, Betfred, Betfair Sportsbook, and 888 Sport, but lots of other bookmakers may also offer this concession.

Are There Any Limits Applied To Best Odds Guaranteed?

When you check the terms and conditions of the BOG concession offered by different bookmakers, you will be able to see any limits that apply. These may include limits on the additional money you can win when you benefit from BOG.

Most bookmakers also have a clause stating they can remove BOG on accounts that seem to profit unreasonably from it.

Are There Ways To Stop Me Losing My Best Odds Guaranteed Concession?

As we’ve already stated, there are lots of different bookmakers that offer the BOG concession. If you want to limit your chances of losing it with any of them, when possible, it’s often a good idea to spread your bets around several of them as smaller bets are less likely to be flagged-up. Of course, when one bookmaker is offering bigger odds than their competitors, this isn’t always practical.

Is BOG Betting Available On All Sports?

BOG is a popular betting offer primarily associated with horse racing. When you hear the term “BOG horse racing”, it refers to a guarantee by bookmakers that if you place a bet on a horse and the starting price ends up being higher than the odds you took, you’ll be paid out at the higher odds. This ensures that punters get the best value for their bets.

However, while BOG is predominantly a feature of horse racing, it’s not exclusive to it. Some bookmakers might extend this offer to other sports, but it’s less common. When considering betting BOG on any sport, it’s always a good idea to check the terms and conditions of the specific bookmaker you’re using. Not all BOG bookies offer this on all sports, and there might be certain restrictions or conditions attached.

In summary, while BOG betting is a staple in horse racing, its availability in other sports can vary. Always check with your chosen bookmaker to understand where and how BOG applies.

Do Tipsters And Their Members Get Best Odds Guaranteed?

When trying to make a profit from betting on horse racing, BOG can be a fantastic help. But if you’re making lots of money following the tips of a profitable tipster, and these profits have been increased substantially, there’s a good chance the bookies will do something about it.

Luckily, online bookmaking is a competitive market, so the chances are you’ll need to be winning big and often to catch their eye.

While BOG can make you extra profits, the results of all our tipsters here at Betting Gods are published without taking into account any additional winnings from BOG concessions. That includes profits and return in investment, so there’s a chance that these will be even higher if you bet with bookmakers that offer BOG.

We hope that’s answered your question, what does BOG mean in betting. If you want more betting advice, check out the Betting Gods blogs where you’ll find lots of other articles you can read for free. If you’re looking for horse racing tips, check out our free tips section or our subscription services. Happy punting!

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