What Does BTTS Mean In Betting?

In sports betting, especially football, the number of markets you can bet on is ever-expanding. BTTS is one of the more common markets you’ll likely come across, but if you’re new to betting, you may not know what this means. So, what does BTTS mean in betting?

BTTS Meaning

BTTS is an abbreviation of a football term that means Both Teams To Score. It usually refers to a popular betting market of the same name where you can bet on whether both teams will score or not. When betting on this market, you typically select either BTTS: Yes or BTTS: No.

If you select BTTS: Yes and both teams score one goal or more, you will win your bet. If you choose BTTS: No and one or both teams fail to score a goal you will win.

Example BTTS Market

The odds available on any BTTS market will depend on the records of the two teams playing the match. If both teams are regular scorers and have a record of scoring against each other, then BTTS: Yes will be the favourite in the market.

For example, if two high-scoring teams, such as Liverpool and Manchester City, are playing each other, you might expect the odds for BTTS: Yes to be around 1/2 (1.50), with BTTS: No being about 7/4. This isn’t a 100% market, as most bookies will try to build a percentage into their books. However, 100% markets or better are often available on betting exchanges or by shopping around at different bookmakers.

If two defensive teams, such as Crystal Palace and Burnley, are playing each other, you may find that BTTS: No is the favourite at around 4/7, with BTTS: Yes being 6/4.

If two inconsistent teams are playing each other, such as Newcastle and West Ham, you may find that the bookies are happy to offer 10/11 about both BTTS: Yes and BTTS: No.

BTTS Markets For Football

As well as the most popular BTTS market on football that we’ve highlighted above, there are also several other BTTS markets that you may wish to explore. Just check out the range of markets that Betfair offers below:

BTTS Markets

Below, we’ve gone through a range of the most common variations of the BTTS market and how they work:

BTTS and Win

A BTTS and Win market is when you predict that both teams will score during a game and one will also win. The odds for such predictions will vary according to the odds that the teams are to win the match and the odds of both teams scoring during the match.

For example, if Manchester City are playing Liverpool at the Etihad Stadium, then Manchester City may be even-money to win the match, while both teams to score is 1/2 (1.50). That means you may get 2/1 that Man City win and BTTS. If Liverpool are 3/1 to win this match, you would get around 5/1 for Liverpool to win and BTTS.

First Half BTTS

First Half BTTS bets are settled on the score after the first half of a match, including the 45 minutes of play and any first-half injury time played – so when the ref blows his whistle to end the first half. As this bet is settled after only half the playing time of a complete match, the odds for both teams to score in the first half will be considerably bigger than the odds for them both to score at full-time.

You can also bet BTTS: No on first-half BTTS markets, but these odds will be considerably shorter than in the full-time market.

Second Half BBTS

Second Half BBTS markets are, as the name suggests, decided just on the second-half performance of both teams. I.e., both teams must score in the second half if you bet on yes, and at least one team will not have to score if you bet on no.

For example, a match can be 2-2 at half-time, but if it ends up 3-2 at full-time, that means only one team has scored in the second half.

BTTS In Both Halves

This isn’t a bet for the faint-hearted, as it means that both teams must score in each half for you to win the bet. But the odd can be rewarding if you can pick one.

BTTS Score and Over 2.5 Goals

This BTTS market combines two of the most popular football bets, I.e., BTTS and over 2.5 goals in the match.
You’ll win this bet if the score is, for example, 2/1, 3/1, 2-2, etc. But you won’t win if the score is 3-0 as, though there are more than 2.5 goals, neither team has scored.

Is BTTS A Good Bet?

Like any form of betting, finding great opportunities in the BTTS markets typically takes much study and intuition. But there are usually some value bets on any typical day when there are many football matches.

What Are The Best Bookies For BTTS betting?

When it comes to BTTS (Both Teams To Score) betting, several bookmakers stand out for their excellent range of markets, competitive odds, and valuable promotions. Based on information from Betting Gods and BetZillion, the following bookmakers are highly recommended for BTTS betting:

Betfred: Known for pioneering the BTTS goals galore accumulator coupons, Betfred offers a variety of BTTS markets and includes acca insurance for these bets. This makes them a top choice for punters looking to engage in BTTS betting.

Bet365: A well-known name in the online betting scene, Bet365 provides a comprehensive range of BTTS markets. They offer competitive odds and an excellent user experience, making them a solid option for BTTS betting.

BetVictor: BetVictor is another excellent option for BTTS betting, providing top BTTS odds and markets. They also offer acca insurance on BTTS bets, which can be a great advantage if one leg of your accumulator bet lets you down.

William Hill: Known for offering generous odds and competitive BTTS markets, William Hill is a good choice for BTTS betting. They also provide valuable BTTS stats and insights through William Hill TV.

When engaging in BTTS betting, it’s crucial to consider several factors, including the odds, value bets, and using features like acca insurance and bet builder tools. Punters should also stick to a betting strategy, focusing on team form, head-to-head records, and overall statistics. Moreover, keeping up-to-date with injury news and team performance is recommended to make informed bets.

Promotions and offers, such as free bets, enhanced odds, and accumulator specials, can significantly improve your betting experience. Additionally, understanding various football markets, including Full-Time Result & BTTS and Over/Under Goals, is crucial for making informed betting decisions.

Finally, ensure the safety and security of your online betting activities by choosing licensed and reputable bookmakers with positive reputations, safe deposit and payout options, and fair policies regarding winnings.

How to Pick BTTS Winners

Football betting has no guaranteed winners, but it is possible to find value bets regularly that allow you to make a long-term profit if you adopt a proper betting strategy.

Most successful BTTS punters will spend a fair amount of time studying the current form of both teams in a match and past head-to-heads between the two teams. You’ll also need to consider how managerial appointments, new players, or injuries may change how a team plays.

If you think, for example, there’s a 60% chance of both teams scoring in a match, it’s then a matter of finding odds that are better than this. If you can get even money about both teams scoring, you have a value bet. Finding this value is the key to making long-term profits.

But it would be best if you also adopted a sound betting strategy. This should include a staking plan. You may choose to bet equal amounts on each of your BTTS bets or have a points system that allows you to bet more when the value factor suggests you should.

The other important consideration is starting with a betting bank that covers you for bad runs that even professional punters occasionally suffer.

Suppose you don’t have the time to do the required studying or the skills to implement a professional betting strategy. In that case, you may consider subscribing to a professional football tipster. They will typically use BTTS markets as part of a more extensive betting strategy and offer a variety of free football tips and subscription-based football tips.

Final Summary

In betting, BTTS means both teams to score. Once you know the abbreviation, the bet itself is self-explanatory. You can either bet on BTTS: Yes or BTTS: No. The former requires both teams to score a goal to be a winning bet. The latter requires at least one team NOT to score a goal to be a winning bet.

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