What Does Half-Time / Full-Time Mean In Betting?

Half-time/full-time is a popular betting market that is normally associated with football. But similar markets can also be found in a variety of other sports in which there are two halves such as rugby league, rugby union, or field hockey.

To win any half-time/full-time bet, you must predict what the result is at half-time and what the result is at full-time. There can be three possible results at half-time, which are team-A are winning, team-B are winning, or the match is a draw. There are also three possible results at full-time, a win for team-A, a win for team-B, or a draw.

This means that there are nine possible outcomes in a half-time/full-time market, which are team-A/tea-A, team-A/draw, team-A/team-B, draw/team-A, draw-team-B, draw/draw, team-B/team-B, team-B/team-A, team-B/draw.

Examples Of Half-Time/Full-Time Markets

For our example of a half-time/full-time market, we’ll use a hypothetical match between Manchester City and Burnley at the Etihad Stadium. As you would imagine, Manchester City are long odds-on to win the match in the outright market, with the odds being Manchester City 1/6 (1.16), the draw 7/1 (8.00), and Burnley 18/1 (19.00).

Like most punters, you probably wouldn’t be interested in betting on Manchester City to win at 1/6 (1.16) but the half-time/full-time market gives you lots of chances to take much bigger odds.

Typical odds in this scenario would see Manchester City priced up at 4/6 (1.66) to be winning at both half-time/full-time. You could then normally get around 3/1 (4.00) for the match to be a draw at half-time and Manchester City to be winning at full-time. But if you think that Burnley could snatch a half-time lead before Manchester City stage a comeback to win the match, you’d be looking at getting around 22/1 (23.00).

Odds for the other possible outcomes in this scenario would generally be around, draw/draw 10/1 (11.00), Burnley/Burnley 28/1 (29.00), Burnley/Draw 33/1 (34.00), Draw/Burnley 28/1 (29.00), Manchester City/Draw 28/1 (29.00), and Manchester City/Burnley 100/1 (101.00).
As you can see, you can get much bigger odds if you can predict what the result of a match will be at half-time/full-time.

Half-Time/Full-Time Betting Strategy

As with any form of betting, your half-time/full-time betting strategy should be based on the concept of finding value bets. This means that you should place bets on half-time/full-time markets where you think you’re getting bigger odds about your selection than you think they should be.

Most professional football punters will find value half-time/full-time bets by studying the recent matches of the two teams involved and the recent head-to-heads between the two clubs. You may also need to factor in important information such as managerial changes, injuries to key players, transfers, and anything else you may think may affect the outcome of the match in any way.

Using our hypothetical match between Manchester City and Burnley, you should look at Manchester City’s recent home matches. Let’s say Man City have won two of their first three home matches of the season, and have been leading at half-time/full-time in those two games.

The three most recent matches between Manchester City and Burnley have also produced two wins for Manchester City, who have also been leading at half-time/full-time in both of these matches. There is no other important information to factor in, so the statistics suggest the probability of Manchester City to be leading at half-time/full-time is 66%.

This means that Manchester City are likely to be leading Burnley at half-time/full-time in two out of three matches, and the odds that reflect this would be 1/2 (1.50). However, 4/6 (1.66) is available for Man City to be leading at half-time/full-time, so this is a value bet.

But this is only a simple example of half-time/full-time betting, and you may find that your statistical analysis suggests that sometimes you should bet at much bigger odds when the value is in your favour.

Should I Bet On Half-Time/Full-Time Markets?

Now you understand what half-time/full-time betting is and you have a strategy that gives you a chance to make a profit, there is no reason why you shouldn’t bet on half-time/full-time markets. You may choose to specialize in half-time/full-time betting or you may wish to have the option to bet on these markets as part of a bigger football betting strategy, which is the case for most professional football tipsters.

What you will need to do is have the time to study the amount of past form and statistics that will allow you to find the type of value half-time/full-time bets that we’ve highlighted. But don’t worry if you haven’t got the time to do a lot of studying, because you also have the option to follow the advice of professional football betting professional punters and tipsters that will do the hard work for you.

Do Football Tipsters Provide Half-Time/Full-Time Bets?

You’re unlikely to find football tipsters that specializes solely in providing tips for half-time/full-time markets, but many professional football punters and tipsters will utilize these markets when they think they offer the best value bet in a match.

Here at Betting Gods, our football tipsters provide tips for half-time/full-time markets as part of their profitable services.

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