What Is A Big 6 Bet?

Betting on horse racing comes in many forms and offers a lot of variety. It is why seasoned and novice bettors alike; choose horse racing as a preferred sport for betting. If you play your cards right, it can be very lucrative and exciting.

There was a time when punters used to place basic bets on horse races, with the win and place bets as the most popular types. However, over time, bookies have introduced various forms of exotic bets to add more excitement and variety to the mix, and punters have a wide range of options to choose from according to their betting expertise.

One exotic bet that horse racing punters like to pick is a Big 6 bet. If you are curious to learn what a Big 6 Bet is, how you can place it, and what important factors are at play, this is your chance to find out.

What is a Big 6 Bet?

A Big 6 Bet, also known as the Super 6 Bet, is usually offered at major race meetings and in some midweek race meets as well. The races are selected according to their popularity and timing. In this bet type, punters must select the winners of six designated races of a particular meeting.

In most cases, the last six races of a meeting are nominated for this bet. However, the nominated races are sometimes split over the feature meetings in Sydney and Melbourne.

If you choose all six winners across the nominated six horse races, you will win the Big 6 payout. Similar to the First 4 bet, flexi betting is also allowed for the Big 6 bet, so you can select as many runners as you want, according to your betting budget. However, compared to the First 4, the number of probable combinations is much higher and more costly.

For example, multiply your runners in every Big 6 leg to determine the number of arrangements. For instance, if you place a bet like 2-3-2-2-5-2, the number of possible combinations amounts to 240. If you want to take the Big 6 bet for the total dividend, one combination will cost $1, and for the total, you will need to pay $240.

However, if you choose a flexi bet at 51%, for instance, it would cost you half, i.e., $120, and consequently, you will get half or 50% of the dividend. For instance, if the bet pays $8000, you will receive $4000. It is a good way to mitigate the risk. You will not have to pay the total price, but the payout will also be reduced.

A Big 6 bet is not easy to win, but payouts can be huge, and if you are a pro-punter willing to take on the risk, this bet type is for you. These bets are among the best ways to turn a small amount into a huge payout.

However, besides the difficulty of winning the Big 6 bet, another downside to this bet type is that the betting pool is not that big. That said, since you can make any number of selections in each leg, you can win huge rewards if you win.

How to place a Big 6 Bet

A Big 6 Bet is agreeably a hard bet to conquer, but placing it is quite straightforward. Here is what you need to do to place a Big 6 Bet.

  • From the menu, go to the Big 6 or Super 6 betting page as specified by the site.
  • Now tick boxes for the runners that you want to include in each of the six legs
  • Once you have made the selection, click on bet.
  • You will be promoted to your bet slip, where you can review your bet and ensure you have made all the right selections.
  • Now enter the amount you are willing to spend or the percentage in the relevant field and place your bet by confirming.

How to win a Big 6 Bet

Bets like the Big 6 are structured in a way that the first prize is enormous. However, there is a consolation prize sometimes, where you may be rewarded for making five right selections. It is not substantial, but given the nature of the bet, it is also expected. To say you have won the jackpot if you get the Big 6 right would not be an exaggeration.

The best possible approach to this is opting for combinations, as many as your outlay allows. While making the right selections for a quadrella is possible, doing the same for six consecutive races is a hard feat to master.

In any case, if you are willing to spend on the Big 6, you can opt for flexi betting to mitigate the risk and have fun betting on a major race meeting. It allows you to cap your outlay according to your budget.

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