What Is A First 4 Bet?

Horse race betting can be very exciting and lucrative if you play your cards right. One aspect that makes it interesting is the variety of bets you can place. From basic bets to exotic, there is a wide range of options to choose from.

One exotic bet that experienced punters like to pick is a First 4 bet. After reading this article, you will not only be familiar with the concept but can also use this knowledge to try your luck with a First 4 bet for your next betting venture. Let’s find out.

The Quick Answer

What Is A First 4 Bet?

The first 4 bet is an exotic type of bet which can be highly rewarding if you win as the payouts are big. Simply speaking, a First 4 consists of picking four runners for placing in first, second, third, and fourth place across the line in the correct order.

There are multiple ways you can place a First Four bet. You may choose as many runners as you want and make it into a boxed First 4 bet or pick a standout for any of the four positions.

What are the types of First 4 bet?

There are multiple ways to place a First 4 bet, including straight, boxed, standout, flexi, etc. We’ve outlined some of the most popular below:

A Straight First 4 Bet

Punters must make only one selection for each position and tip the first 4 horses correctly. It is the hardest of the three types of First 4 bets.

A Boxed First 4 Bet

It allows the punters to place horses in any order but with the same number of selections (4 selections are the minimum requirement).

A Standout First 4 Bet

Punters can select the horses that finish first, second, third, or 4th in the race by making any number of selections (depending on the field size) for each position, the minimum being two selections in at least one of the first 4 positions.

A Flexi First 4 Bet

This bet type allows punters to take a portion of their bet’s entire unit, thereby letting them invest only as much as they want to spend while being able to include as many runners as their betting budget allows. The bet percentage will be the fraction of the punter’s stake against the cost per dividend.

The First 4 bet is one of the most challenging bet types in horse racing, but it can give a big reward to the punter in case they win. The first 4 bet is similar to a Trifecta, a bet in which the punter must select the horses that finish in first and second place. The more the number of selections the punter makes, the more winning combinations there will be, and the cost per total dividend will be higher.

How do I place a First 4 Bet?

The First 4 Bet is usually listed in the exotic bet types. Thus to place this bet, select the race you want to bet on and select the First 4 bet from the exotic bet section. Now select the runners you want to bet as your first 4 selections.

The selection is usually a Boxed First 4 by default, and the boxed button is ticked, so you have to tick the runners you want. However, if the box is ticked by default and you want to choose the Standard First 4 bet, simply un-check the boxed circle and place a standard First 4 bet, for which you must choose the selection for first, second, third, and 4th place.

You will then be prompted to go to your bet slip, where you can enter your bet stake and hit bet to place your wager. Check the details to ensure your bet is correct, and hit confirm.

How to Pick A Winning First 4 Bet

Getting it right for the First 4 bet is no easy feat and tests your skills as a punter. One way to get it right is by opting for multiple combinations. For instance, you can get exacta for the first and second places and choose multiples for the third and 4th places. However, you must be sure of the outcome for the first and second places.

For example, a $24 bet can fetch combinations like 1-1-5-6 or 1-1-3- 8. Another approach is to opt for a quinella bet for the first and second places (two runners each) and select multiples for the third and 4th places.

Alternatively, if you have more money to splurge and are certain of the favourite to win the race, you can opt for multiple runners for second, third, and 4th place.

The First 4 is a great way to bet at horse racing. It is agreeably very exciting and can be highly rewarding if you get it right.

How much is a First 4 bet?

Of all the First 4 types, the straight first 4 is the cheapest bet, usually $1 for 100% of the dividend. A Boxed First 4 bet costs more and depends on the number of combinations you want to make. The minimum cost of a boxed bet will be at least $24.

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