What Is A Quaddie or Quadrella Bet?

Exotic betting has become a popular form of horse racing wagers among the punters’ community. These bets include a component where punters must bet on multiple horses and take place during one or multiple races. These bets are popular as they allow punters to make a lot of money in a short time period.

If you are fond of horse race betting and want to explore exotic bet types, one interesting option you may want to consider is a Quadrella or a Quaddie bet. Read this article to learn what it entails and how to place a Quadrella bet.

What is a Quadrella bet?

In a Quadrella bet, you must pick four winners from four nominated races in a race meeting. You can use any amount of selections in each leg, according to the field size.

The dividend for a Quadrella bet is determined by the amount of money present in the dividend pool among successful punters. It differs from an All-Up, where the winnings are transferred from one race to the next.

The minimum amount you can wager on a Quadrella is usually 50 cents, but most betting sites display the dividend for $1. The cost of the bet can easily be determined by the multiplication of the number of selections in each leg of the race. For instance, if you want to place a Quadrella bet for $1 with two runners in each leg, you will need to spend a total of $16 (2x2x2x2) if you want to get a full return on the wager.

Like other exotic bets, flexi betting for the Quaddie is also available. So, if you opt for a 50% flexi bet, a combination of 2 runners for each leg will cost you $8 instead of the full amount of $16. Alternatively, if you opt for 20% flexi, you will need to spend $3.2.

Hence a flexi bet option allows you to place a wager, the cost of which is more than you are willing to spend. However, the payout is also less. For instance, if the payout for a $16 Quadrella is $500 and you have opted for a 50% flexi bet, you will get $250.

A Quadrella bet offers bettors the chance to earn big returns. The more difficult the bet is to win, the higher the payouts will be. The Quadrella bet has become very popular among punters and is generally used in group betting situations. Hence the size of the prize pool is likely to be more significant for a major, more popular race. Bigger bookies like TAB offer prizes worth millions for Quadrella bets on bigger race meetings.

How to place a Quadrella bet

Placing a Quadrella bet is quite simple. Open the site where you want to place a Quadrella bet and go to the section where the bet is listed. Now find the Quadrella selection field and tick the box for the runners you want to include in your selection for the four nominated races. You must make a minimum of one selection in every leg for the bet to work.

Once you have made the selection, click on bet now to be directed to your bet slip. Once the bet slip is open, enter the amount you are willing to invest in the bet and confirm your bet once you have entered your stake. Check the details and confirm your bet.

As mentioned earlier, you can make multiple selections for each leg. The more selections you make, the higher will be the number of combinations, and the bet will also cost more.

How to succeed at a Quadrella bet

Like other exotic bets with multiple races, getting it right at a Quadrella bet is challenging unless you are willing to spend a larger amount and have multiple combinations. Even then, the profits are not guaranteed.

Similar to other exotic bets, Quaddie also relies on one or two winners with good odds to provide punters a win. If you link the favourites in each of the four nominated legs, you may have a good chance. However, the risk is always there, and it is rare for a favourite to win each leg of the race.

If you can identify a certain race, where you can pick the winner in one go, you may give Quadrella a try. However, if you cannot pick at least one sure winner, you may want to reconsider going for a Quadrella.

However, if you are still fixated on the idea of trying your luck, you may want to try a flexi bet and reduce your outlay and hence your risk. You will receive a lower dividend but also be spending less. Some bookies also offer rewarding payouts like best of three totes on Quadrella bets. You can also benefit from such deals.

How much does a Quadrella bet cost?

The cost of a Quadrella bet for a full unit is determined by multiplying the number of runners selected in each leg. For instance, if you want to place a Quadrella bet for $1 with two runners in each leg, you will need to spend a total of $16 (2x2x2x2) if you want to get a full return on the wager.

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