What Is A Quinella Bet?

Want to ease your way into exotic horse race betting? Start your journey with a Quinella bet. If you play it right, the outcome can be highly rewarding.

This guide offers all that you need to know about a Quinella bet, what it is, and how you can place it for maximum returns. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

What is a Quinella Bet?

A Quinella is an exotic bet type that requires you to choose the runners that finish in first and second places in any order. Unlike an Exacta bet, where you must select the first and second place horses in the exact order, the finishing order does not matter in a Quinella bet.

For instance, if you wager $2 on horses 3 and 5 in the racing line-up to finish in first and second place, you will win if these two horses finish the race in first and second places, regardless of their respective orders. The only requirement is that both your chosen horses must be in first and second place.

There are multiple ways to run a Quinella. Let’s have a look.


You must correctly select the runners for first and second place in any order.

Boxed Quinella

In a Boxed Quinella, you can select as many runners as you like from the same race (minimum three or more), provided that two of the selections must come in first and second place in any order. A Boxed Quinella costs higher as you select a higher number of runners from a race.

Standout Quinella

In a Standout Quinella, you must rightly choose the runners finishing in first or second place, making any number of selections for each position according to the field size. The minimum selection is two at least one of the positions.

How do I place a Quinella bet?

Placing a Quinella bet on an online betting site is a straightforward process. To place the wager, go to your chosen site and find the desired race. Now find and click on the Quinella bet from the exotic bets section and select the runners that you want to include in your Quinella bet.

If you want to place a boxed Quinella, tick all the runners under the boxed section. Alternatively, if you want to place a Standout or Banker Quinella bet, you must select the horses in either of the first or second boxes.

Once you have selected the runners, a bet slip will appear, where you can enter the amount you wish to invest in the wager. The relevant information will be added to your bet slip, and you can confirm your bet once you have ensured that the information is correct.

How to win a Quinella bet

Quinella is a popular form of a bet among punters and can be highly profitable if played right. There are various ways to approach a Quinella, but if you are a pro-punter, you can opt for a combination of wagers to increase your potential returns.

This bet can be used as a defence against a straight-out win bet being pushed into second place. As long as punters pick three, four, or even five horses to link with the banker runner, they can get a Quinella divvy and cover their total wager.

This can amount to a decent profit if the main selection wins the race. So, one way to go about this is that you can opt for a win bet and Quinella combo to ace the betting challenge if it suits you.

Here is what you can do. Back your primary selection for a win bet, and combine it with a Quinella with runners that are also likely to win and pose a threat to the favourite. This way, your top selection serves as a banker, and even if it finishes in second place and one of the potential threat wins, you will have landed the Quinella.

If your top selection wins the race, with a potential threat in second place, you will have landed the win and Quinella bet.

How much does a Quinella bet cost?

The cost of a Quinella bet is proportionate to the amount of winning combinations in the bet and increases accordingly. As with other bets, the higher the number of combinations, the higher the bet cost, implying that the cost of Standout and Boxed Quinella bets will be higher. However, it also increases the likelihood of winning the bet. As a punter, you must consider your outlay and strike a balance between the bet cost and the number of combinations in your bet.

How does a Quinella bet payout work?

The dividend for a Quinella bet is contingent on the totalisator pools, implying that you will receive whichever of the three Australian totes is applicable to your betting jurisdiction. Online bookmakers have varying rules for the Quinella dividends they pay out and provide the relevant updated information on their site.

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