What Is Dual Forecast Bet In Golf?

A dual forecast bet in golf is when you choose two golfers to come first and second in any order in a specified tournament.

If we call these two players A and B, you’ll win your bet if A wins and B finishes second, or B wins and A finishes second.

Examples Of Dual Forecast Bets In Golf

If you want to place a dual forecast bet on the Open Championship, for example, you might choose Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson. You’ll win your bet if McIlroy finishes first and Johnson finishes second, or Johnson is the winner and McIlroy finishes runner-up.

If you want to place a dual forecast bet on the US Masters, for example, you might choose Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, who have each won the tournament several times. You’ll win your bet if Woods finishes first and Mickelson finishes second, or Mickelson is the winner and Woods finishes runner-up.

If you want to place a dual forecast bet on the US PGA Championship or the US Open, for example, you might choose Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka, two of the longest and straightest drivers in golf. You’ll win your bet if DeChambeau finishes first and Koepka finishes second, or Koepka is the winner and DeChambeau finishes runner-up.

What Sort Of Odds Do Golf Dual Forecasts Pay?

The odds of dual forecasts in golf are directly linked to the odds that both players are priced up at to win the tournament.

For example, if McIlroy was 10/1 to win the Open Championship and Dustin Johnson was 12/1, you may get around 50/1 to 60/1 that they finish first or second in any order.

The bigger the odds that the players are to win, the bigger the odds you’ll get about the dual forecast. For example, if Tiger Woods is 20/1 to win the US Masters and Phil Mickelson is 33/1, you may get around 300/1 for the dual forecast.

If you pick two players that are priced up at 40/1 and 50/1, you might even get 1000/1 odds about your dual forecast.

Where Do I Find The Best Golf Dual Forecast Odds?

All bookmakers offer different odds about players in tournaments, so they’ll also offer different odds about the dual forecast. The easiest and quickest way to find the best odds for your dual forecast is to use an odds comparison site. If you click on the golf tournament you want to bet on, you will normally find the golf dual forecast market listed in ‘other markets’.

What Bookmakers Offer Golf Dual Forecast Bets?

Golf dual forecast bets aren’t available on every tournament, but you can easily check if they are available on a bookmaker website or an odds comparison site. But you should find that many bookmaking firms offer golf dual forecast betting on the four majors and some of the other big tournaments.

What Happens To My Dual Forecast Bet If There Is A Dead Heat?

If there is a dead heat in a golf tournament in which you’ve placed a dual forecast bet, you’ll need to check the rules of the bookmaker you placed the bet with. But with most bookies, you should find that normal dead-heat rules apply.

For example, if you had bet on Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson to finish first and second in the Open Championship, and McIlroy finished first and Dustin Johnson and Tiger Woods finished joint-second, you would get half of the money you were expecting.

You can also get play-offs in golf. There was one recently that had five players in it which resulted in a winner and four players sharing second. In this case, you would have received a quarter of the money you were expecting.

Should I Bet On Dual Forecasts In Golf?

Just like any bets you place you should only place a dual forecast bet when you think it offers tremendous value. That means you think the odds of it happening are less than the odds you’re getting.

But predicting two players to come first and second isn’t easy, so you might want to take the advice of a professional golf tipster that specialises in golf dual forecast betting.

What Other Types Of Golf Bets Are Available?

There are lots of other types of golf markets you can bet on and opening yourself up to all possibilities gives you the best chance of grabbing the best value. These other types of golf bets you can place include:

Outright Winner
First Round Leader
Top 5 Finish
Top 10 Finish
Top 20 Finish
Top American Player
Top European Player
To Make The Cut
Three Ball Betting
Two Ball Betting
18 Hole Matches
72 Hole Matches

How Do I Pick Golf Winners?

Winning golf bets are not always the easiest to pick, as many tournaments have over 150 players in them. It’s hard enough to pick one winning selection, so you can see how hard it is to pick a winning golf dual forecast bet.

There are a variety of ways you can use form and statistics to pick your golf bets. Some golf tournaments such as the US Masters are played on the same course each year, which gives you the chance to which players would have won you money before. You can also try and pick out players who have improved each year they’ve been to some of these big tournaments, especially those that have also improved their play in general.

The European Tour and PGA Tour also produce a mountain of statistics which can be a help you work out which players are playing their best golf or are trending towards doing so. These stats can also be used to try and work out which courses which suit certain types of players.

For example, players that top the driving distance charts may do best on long courses, while those that top the driving accuracy stats may do better on short courses that demand straight hitting from the tee. There are also stats for proximity to the hole, scrambling, and putting.

Of course, studying the form and statistics takes a fair amount of time, but that’s what professional golf punters do to try and give them an edge over the bookmakers. If you don’t have this sort of time, you may want to consider following the advice of a professional golf tipster. You can do this by following free golf tips or by subscribing to a full golf tipping service.

We hope that’s answered your question, what is dual forecast bet in golf. If you’d like more advice about golf betting or other types of betting, feel free to check out lots of free-to-read articles here on the Betting Gods blog. Happy Punting!