What Is NB In Horse Racing?

What is NB in horse racing is a popular question and one that is easy to answer. The nb stands for ‘next best’ and is widely used by horse racing tipsters to indicate their second-best bet of the day. A horse racing tipster’s best bet of the day is normally indicated by the word ‘nap’.

Why Do Horse Racing Tipsters use The Phrase NB?

It was mainly the horse racing tipsters that write horse racing tips for newspapers that coined the phrases ‘nap’ and ‘next best’. This was because most tabloid newspapers publish a tip for every horse race every day and put ‘nap’ and ‘nb’ next to their best and second-best tips to show punters what their main fancies are for the day.

Many punters would have started betting on horse racing by following tips from their morning Newspapers, such as Templegate in the Sun or Newsboy in the Mirror, and probably still do. Originally, these punters would have then nipped down to their local bookmakers to place bets on their tipster’s nap and next best bets, and maybe even a double on the two of them.

Of course, just like many punters now use the internet to bet online, many of the best horse racing tipsters now offer their services via online platforms.

Do Online Horse Racing Tipsters Use The Phrase NB?

Horse racing tipsters that offer their services online come in a variety of packages, from select tipsters that may only offer 3-4 tips a week to tipsters that may recommend you bet on 7-8 horses every day. But not many of them use the phrase nb any longer.

But you might be able to work out what a tipster’s nb bet is if they use a staking plan. It may be that a tipster recommends five tips on a day, with the suggested staking plan being 4 points on one horse, two points on another horse, and one point on each of the other three other horses. In this instance, the horse with the second biggest recommended stake is the horse that the tipster has made his next best bet, with the horse with 4 points stakes being his nap.

What Is A Staking Plan In Horse Racing?

A staking plan in horse racing is the amount of money that a tipster recommends you place on each horse he tips. Most do this as a points-based betting plan, allowing different punters to decide how much a point is worth.

Many tipsters will advise you start betting at £10 a point, starting with a betting bank of £1,000. When you win, and your betting bank grows, you may then choose to increase your per-point stake. However, some punters may have already increased their betting banks exponentially and could be betting £50 a point or £100 a point.

Should I Only Bet On A Tipster’s NB Best?

No, if you’re going to follow just one horse from a tipster each day, you would normally follow their nap. However, if you’re subscribing to a tipster service, it’s important to bet on all the tips and follow the recommended staking plan.

Just imagine you had £20 on an nb selection at 2/1 but didn’t have the recommended £10 bet on the 16/1 shot your tipster had also recommended.

Should I Follow The Tips In My Daily Newspaper Or Subscribe To A Tipster Service?

There’s nothing wrong with following the tips in your newspaper if you’re just having a bit of fun gambling, especially if it’s just the nap and the next best selections. But you need to be aware that lots of newspaper tipsters don’t show a profit in the long term.

Many of them are simply journalists who have taken on the role of horse racing tipster at the paper when the previous tipster retired. They also get paid their wage whether they show a profit from their horse racing tips or not.

It’s a different scenario with horse racing tipster services, as they charge a subscription for their services to supplement their winnings from gambling. If they don’t make a profit from their tips, not only will subscribers stop subscribing, but they’ll also lose money from their own betting.

We hope that’s answered your question, what is nb in horse racing? If you want to know more about horse racing or sports betting, you’ll find loads more articles here on the Betting Gods blog. Happy punting!

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