Why Do Tipsters Charge?

Why do tipsters charge is a question we often get asked, and the answer is ultimately that it’s their aim to make a living from doing something they’re good at.

The Quick Answer

Why Do Tipsters Charge?

If you’re doing a job for somebody or providing a service you quite rightly expect and deserve to be paid for doing it. Tipsters have often studied hard and invested a lot if time in providing you with tips so it’s only fair that they charge for this are paid for their efforts.

Tipsters are no different from mechanics, builders, electricians, or millions of other types of people that get paid for the services they provide. Equally, just as you wouldn’t bat an eyelid when paying a mechanic to fix your car, you should also be happy to pay a tipster to provide you with a way of making a profit from gambling.

How Do Tipsters Charge?

There are a variety of different types of tipsters out there and they get paid in different ways.

There are newspaper tipsters that get paid by their newspaper for providing tips for horse racing, football, and other sports. But while the tips of some newspaper tipsters make a profit, there are not many out there that are consistent. It’s easy to understand why too, as they get paid their monthly/annual salary whether their tips make their followers a profit or not.

Many online sports sites also employ tipsters that provide tips for a variety of sports. But most of these types of tipsters are employed to write articles that will attract punters to websites that are either owned by bookmakers or are affiliate marketers with links to betting sites. So, you need to question the real motivations of tipsters that earn their living by being paid by these bookmakers of affiliates.

Tipsters that charge subscription services are different, as they need to be good to keep their followers happy and, more importantly, keep them paying the monthly subscriptions to make money. Subscription tipsters need to produce a regular stream of winners, have more winning months than losing ones, and continually show that they can produce long-term profits from gambling. If they don’t, punters stop paying their subscriptions.

Why Don’t Tipsters Don’t Just Make Money From Gambling?

Most tipsters that charge for their services have at some point been professional gamblers, and most still are. But the more profit you make from gambling, the harder it becomes to get the sort of big bets on that will allow you to make a decent wage.

This is because bookmakers close the accounts of professional gamblers if they’re too good. Even now when the online betting market is more competitive than ever, bookmakers tend to close accounts of successful punters, be it more slowly than they used to. Even if bookmakers don’t close accounts, they tend to add restrictions such as limiting bet sizes.

Being able to only bet £20 on a horse when you want to bet £500 makes life a struggle for professional gamblers. But the good news for punters is, that when this happens to professional gamblers, many of them become tipsters and start offering their advice and tips as subscription services to punters that also want to profit from gambling.

This is a win-win situation for both tipsters and gamblers; and it’s just the same as when you drive your car home after you’ve paid the mechanic for fixing the problem.

How To Pick A Tipster?

There are a variety of tipsters out there and it’s important to find the right tipster for you.

If you’re motivated simply by money, then pick the tipster that makes the most profit month on month year on year. But there are a lot of other factors that you might want to consider.

You might want to start by following a tipster that provides tips for a sport you like watching and following. If you love football or horse racing, then follow a tipster that provides tips for these sports. Making money from betting on your favourite sport will also increase your watching pleasure.

Other factors to consider when choosing a tipster include win rate, return on investment, average monthly tips, total profits, and average monthly profits. It’s also important to follow a tipster that emails out their tips at a time that suits you.

There’s no point subscribing to a service that releases its tips at 9.am. if you’re in work and can’t get a bet on at that time. You’d be better off following a service that sends its tips out the night before. Of course, the opposite also applies.

Any subscription tipping service that is worth its salt also offers a moneyback guarantee. Again, this shows how confident they are that they will make you money from following their tips.

An Introduction To Betting Gods

If you’re serious about finding the best tipsters, then let me take this opportunity to introduce you to Betting Gods. Established in 2014, Betting Gods is now the #1 tipster platform, providing tips for over 120,000 people all around the world.

Lots of great tipsters provide subscription tipping services for our Betting Gods subscribers, for sports such UK and Irish horse racing, US horse racing, global football, greyhound racing, basketball, ice hockey, tennis, golf, cricket, American football, and ice hockey.

Each of the Betting Gods tipsters also has their own profile, where you can see how long they’ve been with us and the total profits they’ve produced. But we also like to find new tipping talents, so make sure you check out other important statistics such as average monthly profits, return on investment, and win rates. You can also see bank growth, percentage of profitable months, and the average odds of their selections.

If you know which of the Betting Gods tipsters you want to follow, click on their profiles and start your trial now. If you’re not sure which tipster you want to follow, then feel free to take a trial of any of our tipsters.

If you’re not sure which tipster you want to follow, then another great option is to sign up for the daily Betting Gods free tips newsletter and we’ll send you a selection of random free tips from our tipsters each day. This is a fun way to help you find your perfect tipster.

Once you’ve enjoyed our free tips or trial period, you’ll find our monthly subscription services are very reasonable. They’re also covered by the Betting Gods money-back guarantee. We hope that’s answered your question, Why Do Tipsters Charge?

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