Why Do Tipsters Sell Tips?

It’s not always easy for punters to determine which sports betting tipsters they can trust. The main question on the lips of many amateur punters is ‘why do professional bettors feel the need to sell their tips to others rather than just follow them themselves?’

It’s a valid point in some ways – some professional sports bettors may feel that they don’t want to share their knowledge and simply focus on making money themselves.

However, many other sports tipsters are much less selfish. They see the chance to sell their tips and advice to other punters as an opportunity to share knowledge.

Let’s think about the stock markets and financial investments for a moment. There are reams of investment advice online that many individuals benefit from each and every day. Those financial experts do so because they enjoy helping others make money. It’s also an ego thing. Professionals make informed forecasts or predictions and when it comes off, it only serves to reinforce their expertise!

It’s the same with sports betting.

There’s no doubt that some tipsters are driven to make extra money by selling their advice and predictions on upcoming sports events, but is there really anything wrong with that? Punters can pay for their professional tipping services, safe in the knowledge that all the background research has been done, allowing them to place their bets and wait for the money to roll in at the final whistle.

Save Yourself Time And Money

It’s especially useful for those time-poor punters who simply don’t have the time – or inclination – to scour the internet and other portals for data and news required to make tipping decisions.

Some punters might suggest that, by selling their tips, professional tipsters don’t need to place bets themselves on their predictions as they’ll make enough money from selling their tips.

However, the reality is that they’ll still be under pressure to deliver a long list of profitable results over the long-term in order to keep subscribers paying for their tipping services.

The upshot is that sports tipping is a genuine talent and should not be underestimated. If a sports tipster has a genuine edge within a particular sport or type of betting market, why shouldn’t they make hay while the sun shines?

And you can too!

Our Vetted Sports Tipsters

At BettingGods.com, we have an approved network of professional tipsters covering a broad spectrum of sports, from horse racing and football through to golf and greyhounds.

We offer genuine transparency over the quality and results of our tipsters, with all their results available to view at the touch of a button. There’s no way our tipsters can inflate their profits and nor would they want to misconstrue our members either!

Each tipster must pass a thorough six-month qualification process in order to be approved onto the BettingGods network. This allows us to rule out the possibility of luck and variance affecting their results; supplying our punters with the very best tipsters who are determined to help others and show what they are capable of.

There’s no limit to the number of BettingGods tipsters that you can follow; so if you’re looking to maximise returns from your betting bank make sure you take a look at our full list of professional tipsters to follow here.

Is Selling Betting Tips Legal?

The legality of selling betting tips varies by jurisdiction and local laws. In many countries, it is legal to sell betting tips as long as the business operates transparently and adheres to any regulatory requirements. For example, some jurisdictions may require tipsters to register as a business and adhere to consumer protection laws. It’s crucial for anyone interested in how to sell betting tips to research the legal landscape in their specific location to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

Selling betting tips can be a lucrative venture if done ethically and transparently. Websites like Betting Gods offer platforms for tipsters to share their expertise. In fact, Betting Gods has a specific page dedicated to those who want to become a tipster at https://bettinggods.com/become-a-tipster/.

We vet all tipsters rigorously to ensure that they provide reliable and valuable advice, thereby maintaining a high level of trust with their clientele.

In summary, while it is generally legal to sell betting tips, it’s essential to operate within the confines of the law and adhere to any relevant regulations. Platforms like Betting Gods which has been a registered company for several years now and had lots of national and international media coverage, provide a structured environment for doing so, ensuring both tipsters and punters can engage in the activity responsibly.

6 thoughts on “Why Do Tipsters Sell Tips?”

  1. I am sorry I must disagree when you say these tipsters give tips to help the punters win. I have tried four tipsters this last 6 weeks and every one has demolished my bank. I have trawled a lot of these so called tipsters sites and found that they are going under different headings with the same offerings of shed loads of money if you follow them for months on end. I also notice their tables are calculated on their advised odds, take SP in the calculations and you would lose every time. It’s a good job I know a bit about horses to cover my losses. That’s my moan for the day now I can get back to the racing pages with my Hatpin and four leaf clover with a rabbits foot thrown in for good measure.

    • Hi John,

      Sports betting for an income should be viewed as a long-term investment strategy, very much the same way as one would invest in shares, currency, etc.

      I would be curious to learn which tipsters you believe are operating under different headings on various sites. That’s certainly not something we condone at Betting Gods and actively seek out opportunities for our tipsters to be independently verified both online and offline to confirm report profit/loss figures.

      Betting Gods are strongly in favour of regulating the tipster industry. We believe independent verification should be a legal requirement, though of course tipsters operating in UK are still bound by ASA guidelines and rules.

      This is precisely the reason that Betting Gods contributes to gambling industry publications, sports publications and sports event sponsorship online and offline as often as possible.

      As you can see at https://www.bettinggods.com/tipsters/ all Betting Gods tipsters make all results (good and bad) publicly available, as will any tipster worth his/her stuff, along with links to multiple reviews.

  2. I do somewhat agree with what John is saying, I don’t see tipsters selling advice as a problem – I can see why it has its benefits, BUT…

    I have been following a few of your horse racing tipsters for a while now, and even if I receive the email straight away and check the odds, I can HARDLY EVER get the odds that the tipster has ‘supposedly’ got on at… this does hugely affect the ‘real’ profit. I have five betting accounts too, and still after checking its very hard to get the same odds as recommended.

    I do sometimes wonder if the email goes out to a premium select group of the tipsters friends and ‘those in the know’ before it goes via the bettinggods site – it would make sense that it would, after all if you are a proven tipster you would want your mates to get on it before a subscriber who you’ve never met gets on it.

    I would really like to see what the results of all the horse racing tipsters are at SP as well – the difference would be MASSIVE in what is quoted on this site.

    Even after taking this into account however, I do believe that Quentin Franks is still a profitable tipster for me (its marginal) – just nowhere near at the profits and ROI shown.

  3. Hi Paul,

    There’s certainly no premium groups or priority given to any members.
    All tips are released to all people at exactly the same time, using odds taken from Oddschecker, which gives a fully verifiable track record of available odds and their changes.

    With some of the popular horse racing services such as Quentin Franks Racing, Master Racing Tipster and even Golf Betting Expert we do find that the combined volume of bets does now have an impact on the markets within a few minutes; steps have been made where reasonably possible to reduce this, and we continue to explore other options to ensure that all members are able to achieve the best possible level of profit from their bets.

    The latest version of the Betting Gods app is due to be released in April, this gives an option for notifications – ie. your phone/tablet will notify you the very second the tips are released, enabling to get the bets on in a much more timely and efficient manner.

  4. Yep I appreciate that, however I don’t think the app will change things;

    I’ve literally been refreshing my email inbox at 9am on occasions before, get the email at 9.01am, get the tips, had betting accounts already logged into the racing pages and still the odds aren’t what they say they are in the emails – even on the accounts that the email says they are.

    Today is a prime example – QF sends three tips at 4/1, 3/1 and 9/1 – I got these prices at 10/3, 2/1 and 13/2 – huge differences and it then asks further questions because as a non-expert I don’t know whether it is even worth getting on at the worse prices or not – perhaps the whole point of him sending them is to get on at the prices he states only as otherwise it’s not worth it – but i’ve no way of knowing and if I was to email and wait for a reply then the prices go even further the wrong way in the time it would take to get a reply.

    I’m not sure what can be done as a solution to this – im just offering feedback having followed him for at least 6 months now, probably more towards a year to be honest and the pattern is the same – there is no way I am getting the prices stated; oddschecker can be quoted as much as you want but unless you hold accounts with 30+ bookmakers I don’t think the prices are available, and the more realistic ‘total profit’ made is well below 50% of what is stated, if it is even a profit at all.

    Like I say, I would love to see the results at SP of all the tipsters – can BG make this happen?

    Just my honest feedback from a paying customer.

    Cheers all!

  5. I would say is virtually impossible for any racing tipster to make a worthwhile profit at SP..
    Even highly successful tipsters would struggle because by the definition of ‘value’, the SP market usually incorporates the highest overround. Therefore negates any value to be found in the prices.
    It is a challenge but there are some tactics that can be used.
    Prices can bounce back so personally, if the price on offer is 20% below the tip price, I will wait later to see if it rebounds. Many shops now go BOG 11am onwards so I will try to get these terms if I feel the price could drift.
    Betting exchanges…When the tips are given there will not be enough liquidity in the exchange market but have a look later in the day when closer to the ‘off’. Also, if the price is 6.0 and the tip was at 8.0, put an offer up ‘in-running’ at 8.0… The price fluctuations can be extreme in some races and you can get the price you want matched or even bettered..
    Finding a profitable tipster is only part of the job, getting on at the price is its own battle…but it can be done..
    There is also a small but growing number of tipsters who are now recording results at betfair ‘sp’..I’m a brand new member to BG & not sure if any services here provide that but they do exist & a profitable service, using betfair sp is the ‘holy grail’ of punting in that it’s profitable & low-workload..


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