Brazil Awarded 2027 FIFA Women’s World Cup


In a landmark decision, Brazil has been selected to host the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2027. This momentous event will make history, as it is the inaugural occasion for the newly elected host to welcome the distinguished football championship, signifying a novel chapter for South American women’s football.

Brazil triumphed in the hosting bid, having received 119 votes from FIFA’s member associations, surpassing the combined proposal from Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, which accumulated 78 votes in the process. The Brazilian bid was publicly announced in the final month of the preceding year, prior to the voting.

The selection of the host nation was conducted during the FIFA congress held in Bangkok, where a revolutionary open voting procedure was implemented. In contrast to earlier practices, where hosting decisions were made by FIFA’s executive committee, this vote was transparently cast by each member federation.

The triumphant bid has instigated a sense of pride within the Brazilian Football Confederation, under Ednaldo Rodrigues leadership, who expressed an anticipation for excelling in organising a World Cup of transformative quality. Valesca Araujo, overseeing Brazil’s bid operations, sees this as an opportunity to initiate significant changes for both the nation and the continent.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2027 will herald the tournament’s 10th edition and assures enhancements in Brazil’s infrastructure. The country has proven its capability by previously hosting the men’s World Cup on two occasions. Their bid for the women’s tournament gained an impressive 4 out of 5 in FIFA’s technical evaluation report, reflecting robust plans for stadiums, accommodation, and fan festival sites.

FIFA’s technical evaluation also acknowledged the bid’s potential, emphasising the crucial aspects for the tournament such as transport links and the preparedness of host cities like Rio de Janeiro to facilitate an influx of international visitors. The thorough assessment of the Brazilian proposal revealed their competency in several critical areas, contributing to their successful bid.

The palpable excitement resonates through the expectations of high attendance figures and satisfactory ticket procurement processes, which will assure the accessibility of the games across different stadiums with varied capacities.

Brazil anticipates showcasing local talent, including renowned footballers like Marta, along with developing a nurturing environment for budding players. The Brazilian bid also promises to integrate appealing fan zones and employ effective systems for accommodation, to bolster the comfort and experience of the attendees.

FIFA, acting as the governing body, along with the Brazilian football authorities, assured to continually work on logistics, such as ensuring the tournament caters excellently to the players, the audience, and all participant teams. The technical evaluation highlighted this promise, reinforcing the immense potential Brazil possesses in delivering a successful and memorable edition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Moreover, this decision to entrust Brazil with the 2027 Women’s World Cup encapsulates a broader commitment within CONMEBOL and the South American football community to elevate the prominence and competitiveness of women’s football on a global scale.

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Competitors for the Honour of Hosting the 2027 Women’s FIFA World Cup

A number of nations were in contention to hold the esteemed 2027 Women’s FIFA World Cup. Brazil was ultimately selected by FIFA’s member votes to stage the event over other competing bids, which notably included a joint proposal from Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany.

Criteria for Qualifying for the 2027 Women’s FIFA World Cup

To partake in the 2027 Women’s FIFA World Cup, national teams must go through their respective regional qualifying tournaments. The exact structure and requirements for these tournaments are determined by each region’s football governing body. Typically, teams must top their qualifying groups or win playoffs to secure a spot in the World Cup.

Schedule for the 2027 Women’s FIFA World Cup

The precise dates for the 2027 Women’s FIFA World Cup are yet to be officially confirmed. Historically, the FIFA Women’s World Cup takes place over a month in the host nation, commonly during the period between June and July.

Previous Hosting Records of Brazil for the Women’s FIFA World Cup

Brazil has never before had the privilege of hosting the Women’s FIFA World Cup. The 2027 event will mark the first occasion for the country to host this prestigious international women’s football tournament.

Economical Influence of Brazil Holding the 2027 Women’s FIFA World Cup

Economic AspectPotential Impact
TourismIncreased Visitor Numbers: An influx of football fans is anticipated to travel to Brazil, leading to heightened spending in the tourism sector.
EmploymentJob Creation: The event is expected to foster temporary employment opportunities, notably within the fields of infrastructure development, hospitality, and event management.
Local BusinessesBoost for Local Businesses: Elevated commerce in host cities is projected, potentially benefiting retail, food and beverage establishments.
InfrastructureEnhancements: Investments in infrastructure are anticipated, including improvements to stadiums, transportation, and public facilities.

Victor Nations Before 2027 in the Women’s FIFA World Cup

The tournaments that led up to the 2027 Women’s FIFA World Cup saw various countries secure the prestigious title. Teams that have captured the trophy in previous years include the United States, Germany, Japan, and Norway. The United States team, in particular, has achieved multiple victories.

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