FA Cup to Remain on ESPN in US Through 2028

FA Cup to Remain Broadcast on ESPN in US Until 2028

ESPN+ has secured the continuation of its exclusive rights to broadcast the esteemed FA Cup within the United States. This agreement further confirms ESPN’s commitment to offering 79 matches annually from the historic tournament, widely regarded as the world’s oldest national football knockout competition. The contract maintains coverage from the first round right up to its conclusion at the iconic Wembley Stadium in London.

Key Points of the Extension:

  • Duration: The deal extends the relationship for four years, meaning that ESPN will showcase the FA Cup until at least the end of the 2027/28 season.
  • FA Community Shield: Coverage includes the FA Community Shield, traditionally signalling the start of the English football season.
  • Exclusive Streaming: ESPN+ serves as the singular platform streaming these matches to American audiences.

The FA Cup, known for its rich heritage spanning 143 years, blends the prowess of English Premier League teams with the tenacious spirit of non-professional squads, all vying for national glory.

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Impact on Digital Streaming and Viewership:

  • ESPN+: Serving as the digital hub for the tournament, ESPN+ offers a comprehensive experience for football fans, complementary to its coverage of other international competitions such as Germany’s DFB Pokal and Spain’s Copa del Rey.
  • Venu Sports: A potential new avenue for ESPN+ content, this collaborative streaming service between Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery, and Fox Corp, aims to aggregate sports broadcasts and may further enhance FA Cup viewership upon its prospective launch in late 2024.

Strategic Growth of Football in the US:

  • The rise of football in the US is underscored by the upcoming FIFA World Cup, set to take place in North America in 2026, which is expected to augment the sport’s popularity and the valuation of media rights.

The English Perspective:

  • In contrast, viewers in the UK will enjoy both pay-TV and free-to-air broadcasts of the FA Cup, with TNT Sports holding the pay-TV rights through 2029 and the BBC providing free coverage under a new sub-licensing arrangement.

In conclusion, ESPN’s extension to broadcast the FA Cup strengthens its position as a key player in promoting English football stateside. With the sport’s rapidly growing US fan base and the global anticipation of the upcoming FIFA World Cup on North American soil, ESPN’s sustained investment is poised to reap significant rewards in terms of expanding football’s American footprint and viewership.

Recent Developments

  • FA Cup Coverage Extension: ESPN secures rights until 2028 with a four-year deal.
  • 79 Matches Streamed: Deal ensures live streaming of the FA Cup games, including the Community Shield.
  • Streaming Across North America: Availability confirmed for US viewers through ESPN’s streaming service.
  • Club Highlights:
    • Arsenal and Manchester City: Spotlight as they proceed in FA Cup.
    • Manchester United: Discussed in context of previous FA Cup final.
    • Premier League Champion: Manchester City continues their pursuit of the title for the third year.
  • International Competitions: UEFA Champions League and FIFA World Cup are part of the coverage.
  • Notable Venues:
    • Wembley: Identified as a key venue for FA Cup finals.
    • Global Locations: Spain and Saudi Arabia referenced for domestic and international tournaments.
  • Historical Context:
    • 700 Teams: Participation in the FA Cup since the 2018-19 season noted.
    • Champions League History: Recent title winners highlighted.

Continuation of FA Cup Broadcast Rights on ESPN+ in the USA Up to 2028

Yes, ESPN’s broadcast partnership with the Football Association has been extended, securing the rights for the FA Cup to be shown on ESPN+ in the United States until 2028.

Availability of FA Women’s Cup on US Television

The FA Women’s Cup is also available to viewers on television in the United States, with games typically being shown on sports networks that hold the broadcast rights.

Network Broadcasting Today’s FA Cup Matches

To find out which network is broadcasting today’s FA Cup matches, one should check the latest schedules provided by ESPN+ as they currently hold the broadcasting rights.

Streaming Options for FA Cup Matches in the US Beyond ESPN+

If someone does not have an ESPN+ subscription, streaming options for FA Cup matches are limited due to the exclusive rights held by ESPN. However, one might find matches available through:

  • Trial periods offered by ESPN+
  • Shared accounts, depending on ESPN+’s terms of service

Alternatives for FA Cup Viewership in Germany

Football fans in Germany can watch FA Cup games through various international sports networks that have the rights to broadcast the matches.

Coverage Extent Under the Expanded Broadcasting Deal

The extended broadcasting agreement typically includes a comprehensive coverage of all FA Cup rounds, ensuring fans can enjoy the full tournament.

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