Is Football Fixed?

The Quick Answer

Is Football Fixed?

There have always been allegations of match fixing in football, but there is no real reason to believe that modern day football is fixed in any way.

Perhaps in the days when the average footballer didn’t earn much more than a tradesman, many footballers may have been tempted to take a bribe to throw a match, but footballers get paid that much money nowadays that they’d be crazy to risk their livelihoods.

Who Would Profit From Football Match Fixing?

If it’s possible to fix football matches, then everyone from the players, managers, referees, backroom staff, and those clever enough to organize all these people could profit from fixing football matches, but just how hard would that be?

Over 20 years ago, rumours were rife that large Eastern corporations were offering players massive bribes to fix matches. There was even some evidence to back up these claims, but you’d need some serious money to be able to bribe enough players in modern football to be sure of winning your bets.

Prospective match-fixers would need to approach a variety of players and hope that all of them agreed to play their part in fixing a match. But it would only take one player to blow the whistle and alert officials to the proposed match-fixing.

Sure, it’s possible that match fixers could approach just one or two key players, such as the main striker and the goalkeeper. The striker could miss a couple of sitters in the first half while a goalkeeping error could swing the game in the other team’s favour. However, managers can use that many subs nowadays that they’d soon replace these players, meaning there would be no guarantee of being able to fix the match.

Perhaps the easiest way to fix a match would be to bribe the referee, as he has the most influence on the game outside of the players. But in modern football, you’d have to have bribe a referee, two linesmen, and the fourth official to maximize your chances of fixing a match. With VAR, video replays on TV, and a host of armchair fans eagerly watching and analysing every kick, it would almost be impossible. But yes, some refereeing performances still leave a lot to be desired.

How Do Bookmakers Monitor Match Fixing?

There’s nothing bookmakers hate more than thinking that some unscrupulous match fixers have got one up on them. There’s no doubt that there have been incidences in other match-orientated sports such as tennis and snooker where betting patterns have suggested that match-fixing had taken place, but these are only two-player sports.

However, while the bookmakers have been stung a few times before the authorities have caught up with the guilty parties, bookmakers now have the technology to stop match-fixing in its tracks.

Every bet a bookmaker takes is now processed by computers, with algorithms quickly spotting unusual betting patterns. In such circumstances, bookmakers freeze betting on the match or event in question, making it extremely difficult for match fixers to get enough money on to make it worth their while.

Of course, bets can be placed on the betting exchanges, but all bets can be traced back to their sources. So, even if a match-fixer thinks he’s got away with it, they tend to get caught quickly.

Can Footballers Gamble?

Another step that has been taken to stop match fixing is that all footballers are prohibited from gambling by the FA. Footballers aren’t allowed to gamble on individual matches or the outcomes of leagues or cup competitions. They’re not even allowed to gamble on football-related matters that don’t affect matches, such as transfers or next manager markets.

As well as not being able to gamble, footballers are also prohibited from passing on inside information to third parties that may profit from that information. Failure to comply with this rule can earn players lengthy bans or end their careers.

Obvious Signs That Football Is Fixed

When you’re having a punt on the football, sharp changes in the odds can be a bit of a giveaway, suggesting something might be up. It’s these moments, when you see the odds swing just before the match, that make you wonder, “Is football fixed?”

Sometimes, there’s a heap of bets on something out of the ordinary, like a specific scoreline, which might point towards football fixed matches. These odd betting patterns can lead to suspicions that football is fixed, but mind you, they’re not cast-iron proof.

Bookies and the powers that be usually have a gander into these oddities, but finding solid evidence to say for sure that a match is fixed is a whole different ball game.

Should Match Fixing Stop Me Betting On Football?

If you genuinely think that football is fixed, then why are you even thinking of betting on football. However, as you can see, we don’t think football is fixed in any way. So, if you want to bet on football, don’t let the prospect of match fixing stop you.

The chances are that even if match fixing exists, it can only possibly exist on a very small level, and the perpetrators will soon be caught. Of course, that doesn’t mean that players will play great every match or that the standard of refereeing will be impeccable.

But what really convinces us that football isn’t fixed is that many professional football tipsters have proven you can make a profit from gambling on football. These tipsters aren’t people that are involved in match fixing in any way. Instead, what they rely on is hard work. They study the form book and statistics for hours, and factor in things like how injuries or new players will affect how teams play.

So, whether you think football is fixed or not, you can still make a profit from gambling on football by following the tips of top football tipsters. Happy punting!

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