The Best Online Golf Betting Sites for Each-Way Betting

Golf betting has evolved significantly over the past decade. Gone are the days when punters routinely placed win-only bets on favourites like Tiger Woods, who once dominated the sport. With a more competitive field today, it is harder to pick outright winners, making each-way betting a more prudent choice for those seeking steady returns.

Punters looking to maximise their chances should consider having multiple betting accounts to leverage the best each-way terms available from top online bookmakers. By doing so, they can navigate the increasingly tough golfing landscape more effectively, taking advantage of diverse odds and promotions.

Key Takeaways

  • The landscape of golf betting is more competitive now.
  • Each-way betting offers a better strategy for consistent returns.
  • Using multiple bookmakers can maximise betting advantages.

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the must-have betting account for each-way golf betting


For avid golf bettors, Bet365 stands out with its comprehensive range of each-way options. They generally offer each-way terms as a quarter of the odds for the first five places. However, they also provide a fifth of the odds for the first eight places, ten places, and even twelve places. For less common options, they have a fifth for the first three places.

It’s important to note that the odds can vary depending on the each-way terms you choose. Even the option with a fifth of the odds for the first three places can be attractive due to higher odds meant to encourage bettors. Additionally, Bet365 is unmatched for 54-player LIV Golf events, providing a quarter of the odds for the first five places, which is more favourable compared to competitors who typically offer a fifth of the odds for the same number of places.

Key Points:

  • Quarter the odds, first five places for standard terms
  • Extended options include first eight, ten, and twelve places
  • Inflated odds for less common terms, like a fifth for the first three
  • Best each-way terms for LIV Golf events among major bookmakers

Choosing Bet365 provides flexibility and competitive odds, making it a top choice for golf each-way betting enthusiasts.


Betfair typically provides limited each-way terms, with standard terms being competitive, particularly for major golf tournaments. However, they tend not to accommodate high-stake betting.

Main pros:

  • Fair each-way terms
  • Great for the Majors


Betfred is known for offering some of the best prices in the industry. Their standard each-way terms are a quarter the odds for the first five places. Additionally, the “Pick Your Places” section offers flexibility, although it comes with less favourable odds for better-value terms.

Main pros:

  • Standout prices
  • Additional markets


Coral focuses on offering the largest number of each-way places, with a typical offer being a sixth the odds for the first ten places in PGA Tour events. However, there are no alternative terms available.

Main pro:

  • Most each-way places


Similar to Coral, Ladbrokes offers great each-way terms, especially for PGA Tour events. They provide options such as a fifth-place payout for the first eight to ten places depending on field size, albeit at slightly shorter odds.

Main pro:

  • Excellent each-way terms

Paddy Power

Paddy Power shares similar pricing and terms with Betfair, especially competitive during major tournaments. They are particularly strong in the Majors, mirroring Betfair’s competitive edge.

Main pro:

  • Big player for the Majors

Sky Bet

Sky Bet offers competitive each-way terms and provides alternative options for extra places at slightly reduced odds.

Main pro:

  • Competitive each-way terms


Unibet may not have the best each-way terms, but their prices remain competitive. They typically do not welcome high-stake bettors.

Main pro:

  • Competitive in terms of odds

William Hill

William Hill offers a balanced service, presenting moderate prices, terms, and stake levels. They do not provide alternative terms but are reliable for consistent offerings.

Main pro:

  • Solid if unspectacular offering


BoyleSports is known for its excellent each-way terms, offering a fifth the odds and covering the first eight places as standard. This positions them as a strong choice in the market. They provide a variety of Pick Your Place options, although players should be prepared for shorter odds. Those wanting to place high stakes may find some limitations.

Why each-way betting is the best strategy for serious punters

Each-way betting presents a robust strategy for punters who are serious about maximising their returns. The approach provides a blend of safety and potential, making it a preferred choice for dedicated bettors.

Serious punters often face the challenge of selecting winners from large fields, especially in golf tournaments where the standard field size can reach up to 156 competitors. The enormity of such a field significantly reduces the chances of picking an outright winner. For instance, a punter would find it extremely daunting to choose the winner outright from such a large pool, reflecting the inherent difficulty and risks involved.

The risk involved in betting on golf is further demonstrated by looking at some of the surprising winners early in 2024. The odds were staggering, with players like Chris Kirk at 200-1 for The Sentry and Grayson Murray at 400-1 for the Sony Open. Win-only punters would have seen their funds swiftly deplete if they only focused on the favourites. Each-way betting, on the other hand, allows for a safety net, softening the blow of not backing the outright winner by still offering returns if the player finishes high.

For short-priced favourites, each-way bets still hold significant value. Take Scottie Scheffler in the 2024 Phoenix Open as an example. Available at 5-1 with each-way terms of a fifth the odds, ten places, he led the final round but faltered at the end to finish third. Despite not winning, punters who placed an each-way bet on Scheffler were not left empty-handed. The place part of the bet covered the stake, illustrating the advantage of each-way betting over win-only options even for favourites.

Punters must often choose between varying each-way options, balancing bigger odds with fewer places against shorter odds with more places. For example, one might find odds of 18-1 with terms of a quarter the odds, five places, versus odds of 14-1 with terms of a fifth the odds, ten places. The seasoned punter understands the importance of these choices and adjusts strategies accordingly. It is usually better to go for the option with more places, as it offers a greater safety net, even with slightly lower odds.

Betting markets significantly change once tournaments begin. Pre-tournament each-way bets typically provide the best place terms and odds. In comparison, in-running bets offer reduced place terms, impacting potential returns. Hence, punters gain an advantage by placing their each-way bets before the tournament starts, securing the best possible terms for their investments.

In conclusion, each-way betting offers serious punters a balanced approach, accommodating both cautious and aggressive strategies. It allows for continuous involvement in betting, keeping the bet and returns alive even when the outright win does not materialise. This approach ensures a steadier betting bank and minimises unnecessary losses, making each-way betting the best strategy for serious, long-term punters.

Understanding Each-Way Betting and Its Mechanisms

Each-way betting is a popular betting strategy used primarily in events such as horse racing, golf tournaments, and football matches. This type of betting involves two separate bets: one for the win and one for the place.

When placing an each-way bet, half of the stake goes towards the selection winning, and the other half on the selection finishing within a specified number of places. For instance, if someone places a £10 each-way bet, they are actually placing two £10 bets, resulting in a total stake of £20.


Consider a golfer with odds of 100-1. If the each-way terms are a quarter of the odds for the first five places, here’s how the returns would be calculated:

  • Win: If the golfer wins, the return from the win part of the bet would be:
    • £10 x 100 = £1,000
  • Place: If the golfer finishes in the top five, the return from the place part of the bet would be:
    • £10 x 25 = £250 (since a quarter of 100-1 is 25-1)

In this case, the total return, including the stakes, would be £1,270 (£1,000 from the win, £250 from the place, plus the original £20 stake).

If the golfer finishes within the top five but does not win, for example, placing second or fifth, the calculation would be:

  • Place Only: £10 x 25 = £250
  • Total Return: £250 (place winnings) + £10 (place stake) = £260

Dead-Heat Rules:

Dead-heat rules come into play if two or more participants tie within the placing positions:

  • If a golfer tied for fifth place with three other players, the return would be divided by the number of players involved in the tie:
    • £10 on place bet / 4 (number of players tied) = £2.50
    • £2.50 x 25 = £62.50

Thus, the return would be £62.50 (place winnings) + £2.50 (place stake) = £65.

Similarly, if a golfer ties second place with six other players:

  • £10 on place bet / 7 (number of players tied) = £1.43
  • £1.43 x 25 = £35.75

This would provide a return of £35.75 (place winnings) + £1.43 (place stake) = £37.18.


Each-way betting is often seen as a safer way to bet, as it provides a chance to win some return even if the selection does not win outright. This type of betting is especially useful in large field events where predicting the outright winner is difficult. Events like the Cheltenham Festival, the Grand National, and the PGA Tour are common scenarios where each-way betting is extensively employed.


When it comes to golf betting, securing the best terms is crucial. In today’s golfing world, with highly competitive events and deep fields, it’s advisable to choose betting terms that offer a fifth the odds for the first eight places. If the same odds are available for a fifth the odds and extend to the first ten places, selecting this option is beneficial.

Choosing to bet on a big-price outsider can seem appealing at first, but taking only five places can be disadvantageous. An example is when Ugo Coussaud was backed in the 2024 Bahrain Championship. Although available at 275-1 with bet365 each-way terms offering a quarter of the odds for five places, opting for the fifth the odds, eight places market at 200-1 was a strategic move. Despite the reduction of 75 points in odds, this choice offered more security with the potential to place higher.

The general rule for punters is to maximise the number of places available, especially when making ambitious bets. Each-way options become more attractive during Major tournaments, as bookmakers strive to attract more customers. The Masters, held in April, presents an excellent opportunity with a smaller field and enhanced each-way terms. For instance, Betfair Sportsbook offered a fifth the odds for 12 places during the 2023 Masters, making it an ideal event for each-way betting.

Punters should plan to make their most anticipative bets in the second week of April, capitalising on favourable terms and conditions offered by bookmakers during Majors.

Important Aspects

Terms and Conditions: Always read the terms and conditions provided by the betting site. Understanding the terms of the each-way bet, including the odds and the number of places being offered, is critical.

Customer Service: Reliable and responsive customer service enhances the betting experience. Choose bookmakers known for efficient support.

Support: Access to good customer support is essential. Whether through live chat, email, or phone, ensure the bookmaker provides sufficient support options.

In conclusion, effective golf betting hinges on understanding and utilising the best each-way terms available. Ensuring you have the most favourable odds and places can significantly impact the outcome. As such, diligent punters should regularly review and evaluate the offerings from various bookmakers, especially during major tournaments where enhanced terms are prevalent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should be considered when choosing a site for each-way golf betting?

When selecting a site for each-way golf betting, several factors should be taken into account:

  • Reputation: Opt for sites with strong reputations and user reviews.
  • Each-Way Terms: Check the each-way terms offered, such as the fraction of the odds paid and the number of places covered.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: Look for welcome bonuses, special promotions, and loyalty rewards.
  • User Experience: Consider the ease of use, mobile compatibility, and overall design of the app or website.
  • Payment Options: Ensure the site offers a variety of secure and convenient payment methods.

How can I compare the each-way terms offered by different online golf betting sites?

To compare each-way terms, pay attention to:

  • Odds Fraction: This indicates the part of the odds you will receive if your golfer finishes within the top places. Common fractions are 1/4 or 1/5.
  • Places Paid: Different sites may pay out for different numbers of places, e.g., top 5 or top 6 finishes.
  • Examples and Calculations: Use practical examples to see how much you’d win under different conditions.

Are there any new online golf betting sites that excel in each-way betting markets?

New sites often bring fresh features and competitive offers. In 2024, look for:

  • Innovative Promotions: New customer bonuses and ongoing promotions.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: User-friendly interfaces and fast mobile apps.
  • Competitive Each-Way Terms: Attractive odds fractions and generous places covered.

How do established betting sites like Bet365 and Paddy Power compare for each-way golf betting?

Established sites like Bet365 and Paddy Power have a solid track record.

  • Bet365: Known for its comprehensive betting options and reliable each-way terms.
  • Paddy Power: Offers frequent promotions and competitive odds.

Both sites also provide secure payment methods, strong customer service, and a user-friendly experience.

What strategies are most effective for each-way betting in golf tournaments?

Effective each-way betting strategies include:

  • Research Players: Focus on players who consistently perform well but may not always win.
  • Evaluate Courses: Consider the course and how it suits different players’ strengths.
  • Track Form: Look at recent performances and trends in tournaments.
  • Value Betting: Seek bets where the odds seem favourable compared to the likelihood of finishing in the top places.
  • Bankroll Management: Bet responsibly and manage your funds to avoid large losses.

Using these strategies can help you make more informed each-way bets in golf tournaments.

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