A Guide To Kranji Racecourse In Singapore

The Kranji Racecourse, also sometimes called the Singapore Racecourse, is one of the world’s best-equipped racecourses and the only racecourse in Singapore. Located near the Kranji MRT Station, the facility is located at 1 Turf Club Avenue, Kranji, almost 22 km away North-west of Singapore City.

The racecourse is world-renowned for its unique architecture and was recognised for its design by the American Institute of Architects, the Philadelphia Chapter. The racecourse is home to the Singapore Turf Club (STC), which also manages and runs the professional horse racing events at the Kranji Racecourse. The STC club is the country’s only accredited operator for horse racing events.

Interested in finding out more about this state-of-the-art, world-class facility? Continue reading to learn about the Kranji Racecourse’s history and facilities.

The Kranji Racecourse History

The construction of the Kranji Racecourse was completed in 1999, and inaugural races were held at that time. The venue opened its doors to the public on 4th March 2000. The racecourse, when functional, replaced the Bukit Timah Racecourse. The first event held at the Kranji racecourse was the SIA International Race, which had a cash prize of $ 3 million.

The first Singapore Sporting Club (SSC) was opened in October 1842 on Serangoon Road Racecourse. The area is called Farrer Park today. The club held its first thoroughbred horserace in February 1843 to mark the 24th anniversary of the founding of Singapore. The SSC changed its name to Singapore Turf Club (STC) in 1924 and relocated to Bukit Timah in 1933.

By 1993, it had become evident that the club could not continue in the same location as the area was prime land, and it was decided that it would be converted into a residential area. The decision was followed by the beginning of construction of the new racecourse on the Kranji site in 1996.

Kranji Racecourse facilities

The Kranji Racecourse is built on a site with an area of 81.2 hectares. The construction of the $500m racecourse facility was a part of the Millennium Project by the Singaporean government. Today it is one of the most famous tour courses for progressive countries like the UK and features races on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays each month.

The racecourse has a seating capacity of around 13,000 and can accommodate up to 30,000 spectators simultaneously. The facility features a five-story grandstand building, along with a management building and an underground parking facility. The grandstand design is inspired by the image of a moving horse.
The racecourse has two main racing tracks. There are five other tracks as well, which are only used for track work.

The main track is called the StrathAyr turf track. It is regarded as one of the best tracks in the world, with exceptional drainage capability, which ensures smooth racing throughout the year. The track is primarily made of grass with a sand layer underneath. A net layer termed Netlon is fixed between the upper grass layer and the lower sand layer. This design prevents the grass from getting damaged during the races.

The StrathAyr turf track has a width of 13m, which is divided between a long course which is 2000m long, and a short course which is 1800m long.

The alternative track to the StrathAyr turf track is on its inside and called the Polytrack, which is an all-weather track. The Polytrack has a width of 25m and a length of 1500m. This track was first used in 2008 and is known for providing a minimum kickback to runners.

The turns of both main tracks feature cambers to enable the racing horses to turn easily without any strain, even when they run at full speed.

The Kranji racecourse has air-conditioned stable areas that can house around 1,600 horses. In 2012, a veterinary clinic was added to the property so the horses could be looked after efficiently and provided with treatment in a timely manner. Around 41 floodlights are positioned strategically over the main racing track to ensure that night racing can be held without any hassle.

How can I get to Kranji racecourse?

The racecourse is located right next to the MRT station. Trains run regularly from all the primary locations in Singapore and drop you at the entrance gateway of the MRT plaza on the racecourse. If you want to get here by taxi, it will drop you at the Upper grandstand.

What is the ticket fee for Kranji racecourse?

To enter the racecourse, you must be 18 years or above. If you want to get into the level 1 grandstand, the ticket fee starts at $6. However, if you want entry into exclusive areas like the Gold Card Room, the Lotus Rooms, or any of the Corporate Boxes present at level 4 of the building, you need to make bookings in advance.

Where can I get Kranji horse racing tips?

If you’re looking for Kranji horse racing tips, there are several websites that offer expert advice on Singapore horse racing and Kranji racing. One of the most popular sites is Kranji Racing, which provides free horse racing tips, previews, and reviews for every race at Kranji. They also provide Kranji past performances, which can be a valuable tool for handicapping and analysing the horses.

Another great site for Kranji horse racing tips is Racing and Sports, which offers in-depth analysis, tips, and predictions from their team of expert tipsters. Their site also includes a comprehensive database of Kranji racing results, statistics, and form guides, which can help you make informed betting decisions.

If you prefer to get your Kranji horse racing tips from a social media platform, you can check out the Facebook page of the Singapore Turf Club. They regularly post tips, previews, and updates on Kranji racing, as well as information on upcoming events and promotions.

So if you’re looking for expert tips on Kranji horse racing, be sure to check out these top-rated websites and social media platforms.

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