A Guide To Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse

Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse is a renowned horse racing venue in the Peel Region, located at Racecourse Road, Pinjarra, 85km south-west of Perth. The racecourse is operated by the Pinjarra Race Club, which has been organising races since 1891. With 22 meetings annually, the Pinjarra Racecourse is a major training centre in the region and one of the most significant races held there is the Pinjarra Cup.

The Pinjarra Cup is a listed race held in late March or early April, running over a distance of 2300 metres and offering a prize money of $150,000. The race attracts a large crowd of racing enthusiasts, punters, and socialites, who come to witness the thrilling horse racing action and enjoy the lively atmosphere. The racecourse features expansive lawns and shady trees, providing a perfect setting for a great day at the races.

Pinjarra Scarpside is the name selected for the new long course at the Pinjarra Racecourse, making use of the recently constructed second home turn. The length of the Scarpside course home straight is 430 metres, making it the longest in WA and one of the lengthiest in Australia. Horse racing enthusiasts can check out the Pinjarra Scarpside Form Guide section 2-3 days before raceday for the best tips, including the top 4 selections and odds, and pay attention to the earlier races on the card at Pinjarra Scarpside to see if there’s any track bias evident.

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Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse is located at Racecourse Road, Pinjarra, in the Peel Region of Western Australia. The venue is situated 85km south-west of Perth and is easily accessible by car or public transport.

Getting There

There are several ways to get to Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse:

  • Car: The racecourse is about an hour’s drive from Perth CBD. Visitors can take the Kwinana Freeway and then exit onto Forrest Highway. From there, take the Pinjarra Road exit and follow the signs to the racecourse.
  • Train: The nearest train station is in Mandurah, which is about 20km away from the racecourse. Visitors can take a train from Perth to Mandurah and then take a taxi or bus to the racecourse.
  • Bus: There are several bus services that run from Perth to Pinjarra. Visitors can take a bus from the Perth Busport to Pinjarra and then take a taxi or walk to the racecourse.


Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse has ample parking facilities for visitors. There are several car parks located around the racecourse, including a designated area for disabled parking. Parking is free of charge for visitors.

Visitors are advised to arrive early to ensure they can find a suitable parking spot. During major events, the car parks can get busy, so it’s recommended to carpool or use public transport if possible.


The Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse, located in Western Australia, is a relatively new track that was opened in 2019. The construction of the track was part of a significant redevelopment project that aimed to modernize the racing facilities and improve the overall experience for visitors.


The Pinjarra Race Club was established in 1891 and has been hosting races ever since. The club has a long and proud history, and over the years, it has become an important part of the local community. The original track was a grass surface, and it remained that way until the redevelopment project began in the early 2010s.

The redevelopment project was significant, and it involved the construction of a new grandstand, stables, and other facilities. The new track was also a major part of the project, and it was designed to be a state-of-the-art racing surface that could host a wide range of events.

Notable Races

The Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse has quickly become one of the premier racing venues in Western Australia, and it has hosted many notable races since it opened. One of the most significant races is the Pinjarra Cup, which is held annually in late March or early April. The race is a listed event and is run over a distance of 2300 metres with prize money of $150,000.

RaceDistancePrize Money
Pinjarra Cup2300m$150,000
WA Breeders Stakes1400m$100,000
Pinjarra Classic1300m$100,000

Other notable races held at the Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse include the WA Breeders Stakes and the Pinjarra Classic. These races attract some of the best horses and jockeys from around the country and are always highly anticipated events.


Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse offers a range of facilities to enhance the race day experience for visitors. Here are some of the key features:

Grandstand and Seating

The grandstand at Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse offers a great view of the track from the comfort of a covered seating area. There is ample seating available, with both indoor and outdoor seating options. The seating is tiered, so even those at the back can enjoy a clear view of the action. In addition to the grandstand, there are also grassed areas available for general admission ticket holders to bring their own chairs or picnic blankets and enjoy the races from a more relaxed setting.

Food and Drink

There are a variety of food and drink options available at Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse. The venue boasts a fully licensed bar, offering a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. There are also food outlets available, including a café and a kiosk serving snacks and light meals. For those looking for something more substantial, there is a bistro serving hot meals and a range of dining packages available for groups or special occasions.


For those looking to place a bet, Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse offers a range of options. There are bookmakers available on site, as well as tote terminals for those who prefer to place their bets electronically. The venue also offers a range of betting guides and resources to help visitors make informed decisions when placing their bets.

Racecourse Layout

Track Configuration

Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse is a unique and challenging track that offers exciting racing action. The track is 2039 metres in circumference and has a width of 24 metres. The home straight of the Scarpside course is 430 metres long, making it the longest in Western Australia and one of the lengthiest in Australia. The shorter course, which uses the original home turn, is known as Pinjarra Park. The track features a sweeping turn into the home straight, which provides a thrilling finish for races.

Obstacles and Jumps

Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse is a flat racing track that does not feature any jumps or obstacles. The track surface is made of turf, which provides a consistent and safe racing surface for horses. The track is well-maintained, and the grass is kept at an optimal length to ensure the safety of the horses. In conclusion, Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse offers a unique and challenging track that provides exciting racing action for both horses and spectators. The track configuration and surface are well-maintained, ensuring the safety of the horses and jockeys.

Events and Activities

Race Days

Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse hosts 24 race meetings every year, including one of the most significant races, the Pinjarra Cup. The Pinjarra Cup is a listed race that runs over a distance of 2300 metres and has prize money of $150,000. The race is held in late March or early April and is a must-see event for horse racing enthusiasts. Other popular race days include the WA Country Cups, the Pinjarra Classic, and the Pinjarra Magic Millions Raceday. Visitors can enjoy the thrill of the races while taking in the stunning views of the track and the surrounding countryside.

Other Activities

In addition to the exciting race days, Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse offers a variety of other activities and events throughout the racing season. Themed race days, live music, special events, race day competitions, promotions, draws, and more are available to visitors.

The Race Day Office is the main contact point for any enquiries on race days. Visitors can also enjoy a range of food and beverage options, including bars, cafes, and restaurants. The racecourse also offers a range of facilities, including function rooms, conference facilities, and event spaces, making it an ideal venue for weddings, corporate events, and other special occasions.

Overall, Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse is a premier destination for horse racing enthusiasts and visitors looking for an exciting day out. With its stunning views, exciting race days, and a range of activities and facilities, it is the perfect place to experience the thrill of the races and enjoy a day out with family and friends.


Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse is a must-visit destination for horse racing enthusiasts. With its state-of-the-art facilities, it is one of the most advanced racecourses in the country. The Scarpside course is an excellent addition to the venue, making use of the recently constructed second home turn. It provides an exciting and challenging track for both jockeys and horses, with the longest home straight in Western Australia.

Pinjarra Race Club has a long and rich history, dating back to 1891. It hosts 22 meetings annually, and the Pinjarra Cup is the highlight of the racing calendar. The racecourse is located in the Peel Region, just 85km south-west of Perth, making it easily accessible for visitors.

The racecourse has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, with shady trees and expansive lawns providing the perfect setting for a day at the races. Visitors can enjoy a range of food and drink options, including gourmet burgers, wood-fired pizzas, and a fully stocked bar.

Whether you’re a seasoned racing fan or a first-time visitor, Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse is an excellent destination. With its stunning facilities, beautiful setting, and exciting racing action, it’s sure to provide a memorable experience for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse?

Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse is a premier horse racing venue located in Pinjarra, Western Australia. It is known for its picturesque setting and high-quality racing events. The racecourse features a new track, known as Scarpside, which was developed to enhance racing conditions and accommodate more race days.

How Can I Find Pinjarra Race Tips?

Pinjarra race tips can be found from various sources, including expert tipsters, racing analysts, and dedicated horse racing websites. These tips provide insights into the likely performance of horses, jockeys, and trainers, helping bettors make informed decisions. It’s advisable to follow reliable sources and consider multiple opinions for the best betting strategy.

What Information is Included in a Pinjarra Race Card?

A Pinjarra race card includes detailed information about each race scheduled for the day. This typically includes the names of the horses, jockeys, trainers, and owners, as well as the distance and conditions of the race. Additionally, race cards provide odds and other relevant statistics that are crucial for betting.

Where Can I Access the Pinjarra Races Form Guide?

The Pinjarra races form guide is available from various horse racing publications, both online and in print. This guide offers comprehensive data on the form and performance history of horses competing at Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse. It includes past race results, track conditions, and other factors that can influence race outcomes.

What Are the Key Features of Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse?

Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse boasts a modern track with improved drainage and turf quality, ensuring optimal racing conditions year-round. The venue also features excellent facilities for spectators, including grandstands, dining areas, and betting facilities. Its location offers a scenic backdrop, making it a popular destination for racing enthusiasts.

When Are the Major Racing Events Held at Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse?

Major racing events at Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse are held throughout the year, with some of the most notable events including the Pinjarra Cup and the Magic Millions Race Day. These events attract top horses, jockeys, and trainers from across the country, offering thrilling racing action and significant betting opportunities.

How Can I Place Bets on Pinjarra Races?

Bets on Pinjarra races can be placed through various platforms, including on-course bookmakers, online betting sites, and mobile apps. It’s important to review the Pinjarra race card and consider expert Pinjarra race tips before placing your bets to increase your chances of success.

What Should I Consider When Visiting Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse?

When visiting Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse, consider checking the race schedule and weather conditions. Arrive early to secure good seating and take advantage of the facilities available. It’s also helpful to review the Pinjarra races form guide and race tips to enhance your race day experience.

Are There Any Hospitality Packages Available at Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse?

Yes, Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse offers various hospitality packages, including private suites, dining experiences, and group bookings. These packages provide exclusive amenities and prime viewing positions, ensuring a memorable day at the races.

How Can I Stay Updated on Upcoming Races at Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse?
To stay updated on upcoming races at Pinjarra Scarpside Racecourse, follow their official website and social media channels. Subscribing to newsletters and alerts from horse racing news sites can also keep you informed about race schedules, special events, and the latest Pinjarra race tips.

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