A Guide To Bellewstown Racecourse

Bellewstown Racecourse is a horse racing facility in County Meath, Ireland. Located on the picturesque Hill of Crockafotha, the racecourse features flat and hurdle racing both.

While the racecourse may not be renowned for featuring any significant races, it is known for its beautiful location and history, as it is located in one of the country’s most historical horse racing regions.

This article offers helpful insight into Bellewstown Racecourse, including a glimpse of its history, physical attributes and facilities, and racing calendar.

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Bellewstown Racecourse History

It is not known precisely when horse racing began in Bellewstown. However, according to records of the Weekly Courier and the Dublin Gazette, the first formal horse race was held in August 1726. The tradition of summer horse racing was quite popular back then. The race track originally had a cricket ground inside the venue, while horse racing events were organised during the summer annually.

In 1780, George Tandy, brother of the renowned Napper Tandy and former mayor of Drogheda, swayed the then-ruling Monarch King George III to patron a race at Bellewstown. This race was titled the Majesty’s Plate, while the prize money was set at £100.

The royals sponsored the race until 1980, when it was discontinued as the British monarchs decided to sponsor only one Irish horse race, the Curragh Royal Whip.

In 1975, Bellewston came into the limelight as it was at the centre of one of the betting coups in the history of sports. Barney Curley was the scheme’s mastermind, as he planned with his friends and acquaintances and placed numerous, smaller bets on Yellow Sam, an under-handicapped runner. The horse went on to win the race by a wide margin, and bookies were forced to pay a hefty amount, which amounts to 1.7 million euros in today’s time.

Communication limitations for off-course bookies rendered them unable to get any price cut or ward off their liabilities. Curley pulled off conniving schemes multiple times within the legal guidelines; however, none comes close to his first scheme.

Although Bellewstown Racecourse is not home to any significant racing features and does not have a very active racing calendar, it has undergone various improvement projects over the years. In 2009, the home turn was realigned for faster yet safer racing. In 2014, a new entrance building was constructed, the grandstand was modified, and the betting ring was upgraded as well.

Bellewstown Racecourse Facilities

Bellewstown Racecourse is beautifully located on the Hill of Crockafotha. Accompanied by the Irish Sea in the east and the Mountains of Mourne in the north, this racecourse is small in stature but provides a great racing experience.

The left-handed racetrack is oval-shaped and nine furlongs long, with a 3-furlong run-in. The racetrack features an uphill finish, with the last two furlongs being slightly uphill. The circuit has five hurdles for hurdle racing features.

The seemingly simple Bellewstown racetrack is, in reality, a real test for horses. Its sharp turns, bends, ripples, and the uphill last run require a good balance from race participants. Speed also plays a significant role and helps tackle the track obstacles.

Flat races usually begin on a chute at the course’s stand side. From thereon, the course turns all the way to the end. The jumping trail is outside the flat race track, and it is home to a single hurdle race where participants have to clear five obstacles on the circuit. The left-handed bends, similar to the flat race track, are pretty sharp. However, the straights are sufficiently long, allowing the horses off the pace and making calculated forward moves, while jockeys can fight for position.

Besides the racetracks, the facility features various amenities, including a tote, bars, and restaurants. A tarmacadam track surrounding the facility is used as a picnic area and for walking, while different groups use it for various activities and purposes.

Bellewstown Racecourse Racing Features

As mentioned earlier, Bellewston Racecourse features races during the summer, with eight race fixtures spread over the season, from April to September. Races usually take place in the evening time to encourage maximum participation.

The races have been divided into four occasions; one in April, three days in July, two in August, and two in September. There are two summer festivals, one for hurdle and the other for flat races, in early July and late August, respectively.

The July meeting’s most significant race is the Crockafotha Hurdle, while for the August, the most competitive feature is the Mullacurry Cup Handicap Hurdle.

How to get to Bellewstown Racecourse

The best way to get to the Bellewstown Racecourse is to get to Drogheda first. Trains commute from Dundalk and Dublin, from where you can take a complimentary bus shuttle to the course, around 11 km away. Buses usually depart thirty minutes before the first race and return thirty minutes after the last race.

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