Horses To Follow In Ireland

Horse racing has long been an integral part of Irish culture, with some of the world’s most talented horses and phenomenal trainers originating from this equestrian haven.

Ireland is renowned for its exceptional horse breeds, such as the Irish Draught Horse and the Connemara Pony, which have won numerous fans worldwide. The country boasts several thrilling races that showcase these majestic creatures in action, from jumps racing to flat turf contests.

Key Takeaways

  • Envoi Allen, Chacun Pour Soi, Monkfish, Honeysuckle and Minella Indo are the top horses to follow in Ireland’s racing scene.
  • The Punchestown Festival and Irish Grand National are the key races to watch in Ireland for thrilling horse racing action.
  • To choose winning horses in Ireland, study their form and history as well as that of their jockey. Seek out expert opinions and tips from trusted sources such as trainers or online forums. Keep an eye on promising horses in training and consider factors like track performance history or weather conditions.

Top Horses To Follow In Ireland

Envoi Allen, trained by Gordon Elliott, is one of the top horses to follow in Ireland thanks to his unbeaten record and impressive performances in novice hurdle races.

Envoi Allen

Envoi Allen is one of the most promising horses to follow in Ireland, with an impeccable record and a bright future ahead. Trained by renowned Irish trainer Henry De Bromhead and owned by Cheveley Park Stud, this impressive National Hunt horse has already captured the hearts of many racing enthusiasts.

As a bumper horse showcasing immense talent on jumps racing circuits, Envoi Allen holds great significance for Ireland’s equestrian community – particularly due to his lineage as an Irish Sport Horse.

This breed is widely known for excelling in eventing and show jumping, making him an exciting prospect for racegoers across the country.

Chacun Pour Soi

Chacun Pour Soi is a French-bred horse trained by Willie Mullins, who has been making waves in Irish jumps racing. He showed an impressive performance last season with victories at the Dublin Racing Festival and Punchestown.

What sets Chacun Pour Soi apart from other horses is his impeccable jumping technique and speed. The seven-year-old gelding has already made a name for himself as one of the best two-mile chasers in Ireland.

Fans are excited about what lies ahead for Chacun Pour Soi this season, especially with several prestigious races lined up such as the Paddy’s Rewards Club Steeplechase and Queen Mother Champion Chase at Cheltenham Festival.


Monkfish is a promising horse that has been making waves in the Irish racing scene. Trained by Willie Mullins, this seven-year-old bay gelding has won all of his previous races over fences, including the Grade 1 Albert Bartlett Novices’ Chase at Cheltenham Festival.

What sets Monkfish apart is his impressive jumping ability and endurance. He has shown incredible stamina, particularly in longer races, making him a strong contender for future events such as the Irish Grand National.

With jockey Paul Townend on board, who rode him to victory at both Leopardstown and Cheltenham, there’s no doubt that Monkfish will be giving other top horses like Envoi Allen a run for their money.


Honeysuckle is one of the top horses to watch in Ireland’s horse racing scene. Trained by Henry De Bromhead and ridden by jockey Rachael Blackmore, this outstanding mare has won all 10 races she’s entered since her debut in 2018.

Honeysuckle’s victories include the Irish Champion Hurdle, the Hatton’s Grace Hurdle, and the Mares’ Novices’ Hurdle at Cheltenham Festival. Her success on the track has made her a favourite among fans and experts alike, with many claiming she could be one of the best horses in recent history.

Minella Indo

Minella Indo is a talented horse to keep an eye on in Ireland’s jumps racing scene. Trained by Henry De Bromhead, he has already proven his worth with impressive wins at Cheltenham and the Irish Grand National.

This promising gelding has shown his versatility over various distances and ground conditions, making him a top contender in future races. With successful jockey Rachael Blackmore as his regular rider, Minella Indo has been widely tipped by experts as a horse to watch out for in national hunt races.

Key Races To Watch In Ireland

The Punchestown Festival and Irish Grand National are the top races to watch in Ireland for thrilling horse racing action.

Punchestown Festival

The Punchestown Festival is one of the biggest events in the Irish racing calendar, attracting thousands of visitors each year. The five-day festival takes place at the end of April and features some of Ireland’s top horses competing in a range of races from bumpers to Grade 1s.

Some of the most notable races include the Champion Hurdle, Gold Cup, and Novice Chases. The atmosphere at Punchestown is electric, with many racegoers enjoying picnics and drinks while cheering on their favourite horses.

Irish Grand National

The Irish Grand National is one of the most anticipated horse races in Ireland, with a rich history dating back to 1870. This three-mile and five-furlong race is held annually at Fairyhouse Racecourse on Easter Monday and attracts top jockeys and horses from around the world.

In recent years, the likes of Burrows Saint, Our Duke (who sadly passed away in 2018), and Thunder And Roses have all been victorious at this prestigious event. The Irish Grand National is also part of the Fairyhouse Winter Festival which includes other exciting races such as Hatton’s Grace Hurdle and Royal Bond Novice Hurdle.

How To Choose Winning Horses In Ireland

– Study the form and history of horses and jockeys.

– Seek out expert opinions and tips from trusted sources such as trainers, racing publications, or online forums.

– Keep an eye on promising horses in training, paying attention to their progress leading up to races.

– Consider external factors such as weather forecasts or changes in track conditions that can impact a horse’s performance.

Study The Form And History Of The Horses And Jockeys

To increase your chances of choosing winning horses in Ireland, it’s essential to study the form and history of both the horses and jockeys. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Look at each horse’s recent form: Check their previous race results, paying attention to how well they did, if they won or placed, and their running style.

Evaluate the horse’s fitness level: Determine whether the horse has had a recent break or has been competing regularly. This information can help determine their fitness level for upcoming races.

Consider past performances at the specific track: Some horses perform better on certain tracks than others, so be sure to check their past performances at the track where they will race.

Examine jockey statistics: The ability of a jockey can play a crucial role in determining a horse’s success. Factors like their experience and success rate when riding specific horses should be considered.

By studying critical elements like form, fitness level, track performance history, and jockey statistics, you can gain insights on which horses to follow in Ireland.

Look For Expert Opinions And Tips

Expert opinions and tips can be incredibly valuable when choosing winning horses in Ireland. Horse racing journalists, trainers, jockeys, and respected analysts often share their insights on the performance and potential of certain horses.

For example, Ronan Groome is a well-known Irish horse racing journalist who provides insightful commentary on races and form for The Irish Field publication. Another expert whose opinion may be worth considering is trainer Willie Mullins, one of Ireland’s most successful National Hunt trainers with multiple Cheltenham Festival wins under his belt.

Watch Out For Promising Horses In Training

One key way to choose winning horses in Ireland is by keeping an eye on promising horses in training. Trainers often have talented young horses that are being groomed for future success, and following their progress can provide valuable insights into which horses might be worth betting on in upcoming races.

For example, trainer Willie Mullins has produced many top-performing horses over the years, including Minella Indo who won last year’s Cheltenham Festival. Additionally, keeping up with results from point-to-point racing events can help identify up-and-coming stars before they hit the mainstream horse racing circuit.

Keep An Eye On Track Conditions And Weather Forecasts

One crucial factor in horse racing success is making sure that you are aware of the track conditions and weather forecasts. Certain horses perform better on certain terrains, so it’s important to study the previous performance of a horse under similar circumstances.

In Ireland, where the weather can be unpredictable, keeping up with weather forecasts could also help in predicting how a particular race may turn out. Knowing which horses thrive in different conditions can give you an edge as a punter or racing enthusiast.

Additionally, some races may even be postponed or cancelled due to bad weather conditions, so staying updated on these changes is just as crucial.

Conclusion: Follow These Top Horses And Races For Thrilling Horse Racing Action In Ireland

With so many talented horses and exciting races in Ireland, there is no shortage of thrilling equestrian action to enjoy. Envoi Allen, Chacun Pour Soi, Monkfish, Honeysuckle and Minella Indo are just a few names to watch out for.

To choose winning horses, study the form and history of both horse and jockey, seek expert tips and opinions, keep an eye on track conditions and stay updated with promising horses in training.


Where can I find information about horses to follow in Ireland?

There are several resources available online and through print publications that offer expert commentary on the top horses to watch in Ireland’s racing circuit. These may include horse racing blogs, newspapers, magazines or social media channels where industry insiders share their insights.

What factors should I consider when identifying potential winners among Irish racehorses?

When evaluating which horses to follow in Ireland, you should look at their previous performance records, pedigree and bloodline ancestry as well as any recent changes to trainers or jockeys who may be working with them. Additionally, it is important to track upcoming races and track conditions that could influence a horse’s chances of success.

Are there any particular breeds or types of horses that tend to perform well in Irish races?

Irish racehorses have a rich history and diverse range of origins including thoroughbred breeds such as English, French, or American-bred animals as well as native Irish breeds like Connemaras and Hunters. Each breed has its own strengths depending upon factors like speed, endurance or jumping ability so it is worth researching different options before making informed bets.

Can betting on Irish horse races be profitable?

Like all forms of gambling nothing is guaranteed but many individuals have found betting on Irish horse racing offers an exciting way to engage with the sport while potentially earning money if done responsibly. In order win consistently knowledge about breeding lines, jockeys, trainer & above all past performances plays crucial role. Regardless, it is important for betters only ever gamble within their means & budget, to ensure enjoyment remains paramount over winnings

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