World All-Star Jockeys 2022 Tips & Preview

Date: Saturday 27th August 2022, Sunday 28th August 2022
Track: Sapporo Racecourse

World All-Star Jockeys 2022 Race Distances

First leg: Saturday 10th Race: 1200m (turf)
Second leg: Saturday 11th Race: 2000m (turf)
Third leg: Sunday 10th Race: 1700m (dirt)
Fourth leg: Sunday 12th Race: 1800m (dirt)

World All-Star Jockeys 2022 Prize Money

1st place: ¥ 3 million + Trophy valued at ¥ 300,000
2nd place: ¥ 2 million
3rd place: ¥ 1 million

The World All-Star Jockeys (WASJ) is an international jockey event launched by the JRA (Japan Racing Association). The race was formally launched in 1987 and since then has witnessed participation from more than 240 jockeys from all over the world, including Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Oceania.

Initially named the World Super Jockey Series, the race was named World All-Star Jockeys in 2015, and since then, it has been held at the Sapporo racecourse in Hokkaido.

A team competition was also added to the regular individual competition in which the World All-Star team competed with the Japan Racing Association. The race was last held in 2019 and could not be held in 2020 and 21 due to the pandemic.

The event comprises a four-race series, two of which will be conducted on Saturday 27th August, and the next two will be conducted on Sunday 28th August.

The 2019 World All-Star Jockeys was held on 24th and 25th August at the Sapporo Racecourse. Yuga Kawada from the JRA western region won the race with a total of 70 points, while Christophe Lemaire from JRA western region was in 2nd place with 58 points.

World All-Star Jockeys Race Format

JRA invites a total of 6 overseas jockeys. However, if the JRA picks a NAR (National Association for Racing) jockey for excellent performance, then the JRA invites 5 jockeys. Jockeys are chosen based on recommendations from NAR.

Of the seven jockeys chosen from NAR, the decision is based on a few criteria, including the jockey winning the Japanese Derby 2022, the award winner for the Most Valuable Jockey 2021, and leading jockeys from western and eastern districts (1st January to 26th June), and outstanding performance during the ongoing season.

The jockey earning the highest accumulative points from all the four races is declared the winner. No points are awarded for disqualification; however, if a jockey is unable to ride for some authentic reason beyond their control, they are awarded 6 points. Here are the point criteria.

1st: 30 points
2nd: 20 points
3rd: 15 points
4th: 12 points
5th: 10 points

In addition to the prize money mentioned earlier, the NAR and overseas jockeys compete against the JRA jockeys, and the points are accumulated for both teams to determine the winner. Each winning team member will receive ¥ 200,000.

Here is a brief preview of the prominent jockeys competing this year.

Theo Bachelot – France

Theo Bachelot is one of France’s leading jockeys, and the WASJ will be his debut in Japan. He has recorded 162 wins in 2021 and 79 wins in 2022, including four Group 3 wins. The last French jockey to participate in the WASJ was Mendizabal in 2008.

Theo began competing as a jockey in 2009 at 17 and registered his first major win in 2014 at the G3 Prix de la Porte Maillot at Sommerabend, while his Group 1 win came in 2019 in Criterium de Saint-Cloud. Internationally, he has competed in Germany and Qatar as well.

David Egan – Great Britain

David Egan is riding high on his group 1 wins in Mishriff in the Middle East at the Dubai Sheema Classic and the International Stakes at York. Currently ranked 23, the 23-year-old has recorded 29 wins this season and is making his debut at the WASJ this year.

Takeshi Yokoyama – Miho Training Centre JRA

Takeshi Yokoyama is currently the third leading jockey in Japan. The 23-year-old has 363 wins out of 3642 mounts this season, with the only graded win being in the G2 Tulip Sho. However, he did manage third place in Group 1 Japanese Oaks. However, he scored major victories in 2021 with two G1 wins. As the leading jockey of the eastern region, this is his first appearance in WASJ.

Christophe Lemaire – Ritto Training Centre JRA

Christophe Lemaire, the 2018 champion of WASJ and the Most Valuable Jockey for 2021, is representing the JRA in the WASJ this year. He won the Group 1 Japanese Oaks this year and secured second place in four other G1 events in spring. His stint in international events has also been impressive, with five wins in major events, including the G2 Dubai Gold Cup.

Yutaka Take – Ritto Training Centre JRA

The 53-year-old Yutaka Take will be one of the oldest contestants on the track at WASJ. His performance in the current season has been remarkable, with a win at the G1 Japanese Derby, [email protected] New Zealand Trophy, and G3 Aichi Hai.

Craig Williams – Australia

Another season jockey to contest is the 45 years old Craig Williams. He was ranked third in the Australian Jockey Membership in 2021. His latest wins include the G1 Doncaster Mile, G1 William Reid stakes, and G1 Underwood Stakes.

Yuga Kawada – Ritto Training Centre JRA

Yuga Kawada was the first to claim a Breeders’ Cup title in 2021. The 36 years old has been equally impressive this season, with wins in the G1 NHK Mile Cup, Oka Sho, and Japanese 1,000 Guineas.

Other competing jockeys include Coralie Pacaut from France, Makoto Okabe (NAR), Yoshitomi Shibata (JRA), Kohei Matsuyama (JRA), and Yuichi Fukunaga (JRA)

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