Top 10 Jockeys In Malaysia

Horse racing enthusiasts in Malaysia, this one’s for you! Our beloved sport is brimming with exceptional talents, and today we’ll be highlighting the top 10 jockeys that have taken the Malaysian turf by storm.

From multiple race wins to impressive records under their belts, these skilled riders showcase outstanding dedication and expertise in their field.

Key Takeaways

  1. Malaysia has a talented group of jockeys, with Zulfikri Bin Ismail, CK Tan, and S. Ruzaini being among the top riders in the country.
  2. Successful jockeys in Malaysia possess the experience, skillset, physical fitness, and mental toughness to make good judgments on the race course.
  3. These top 10 jockeys have achieved numerous wins and accolades throughout their career by showcasing dedication and expertise in their field.
  4. With many up-and-coming riders looking up to them as an inspiration, these top 10 jockeys are leading the way towards success for horse racing in Malaysia’s highly competitive sports industry.

The Top 10 Jockeys In Malaysia

These are the top 10 jockeys in Malaysia:

Zulfikri Bin Ismail

Zulfikri Bin Ismail is a prominent Malaysian jockey who has made a name for himself in horse racing. Known for his exceptional skills in the sport, he has achieved numerous wins and accolades throughout his career.

As one of Malaysia’s top jockeys, Zulfikri Bin Ismail plays an essential role in promoting the sport to both local enthusiasts and international audiences. He consistently showcases excellent judgment on the track and has cultivated valuable connections within the industry.

Not only does his experience make him stand out from other riders, but it also serves as an inspiration to budding young jockeys aspiring to break into professional equestrian sports.

CK Tan

CK Tan is a well-known jockey in Malaysia and is known for his excellent riding skills. He has been involved in horse racing since he was a teenager, and his passion for the sport shows in his performance.

One of CK’s most notable achievements was winning six races at the Penang Turf Club on a single race day. This impressive feat showcased not only his skill but also his dedication to horse racing.

CK Tan is admired by many for being an expert at handling difficult horses and turning them into winners.

S. Ruzaini

S. Ruzaini is one of the top jockeys in Malaysia, with an impressive track record of wins and placings over the years. He has won numerous races at the Selangor Turf Club, including multiple victories in prestigious races like the Piala Emas Sultan Selangor and Tunku Gold Cup.

Ruzaini’s success as a jockey is attributed to his experience, skillset, physical fitness, mental toughness, and good judgment on the racecourse. He is known for his ability to read horses well and make split-second decisions that often lead to a win.

In one instance, he rode English gelding Lim’s Cruiser to victory in Singapore despite suffering from rib injuries sustained during a previous race.

M Ganeesh

Jockey M Ganeesh is one of the top jockeys in Malaysia, with an impressive track record. He has won numerous races and has proven himself to be a skilled and experienced rider.

Ganeesh’s success can be attributed to his dedication and hard work. He possesses a strong skillset, physical fitness, mental toughness, and good judgment – all crucial qualities for a successful jockey.

Additionally, he has vast experience in horse racing that enables him to perform at his best in every race.

J De Souza

Jockey J De Souza is one of the top jockeys in Malaysia with an impressive career record. Born in Brazil, he started off his career riding quarter horses before transitioning to thoroughbred racing.

De Souza boasts an array of achievements including winning the Malaysian championship title four times between 2014 and 2018. He has also won several prestigious races such as the Group 1 Piala Emas Sultan Selangor, Penang Sprint Trophy, and Perak Derby among others.

S Anandan

Jockey S Anandan is one of the top jockeys in Malaysia, known for his impressive track record and unparalleled experience. With over 20 years of experience as a professional jockey, Anandan has won numerous races and accolades throughout his career.

An example of his incredible performance took place during a previous Selangor Gold Cup when he rode Air Power to victory. This English gelding had sustained rib injuries earlier but Anandan’s expertise ensured that it went on to claim the prize money at stake in the racecourse.

In addition to being a successful jockey, Anandan is also an inspiration to young riders looking to develop their skills in horse racing.

S Salee

Jockey S Salee is one of the top jockeys in Malaysia, with an impressive track record of wins and placings. Salee has been riding since 2003 and has accumulated over 500 wins throughout his career.

In addition to being a successful jockey, Salee is also recognised for his sportsmanship and professionalism in the horse racing industry. He has earned multiple awards and accolades over the years, including being named “Top Jockey” at various racing events.

Y Aify

Y Aify is one of the top jockeys in Malaysia, with a career spanning over a decade. Known for his skill and precision on the track, Y Aify has secured numerous wins and placings throughout his career.

What makes Y Aify stand out from other jockeys is his dedication to improving himself both physically and mentally. He maintains a strict fitness regime to ensure he is in prime physical condition for every race.

With over 500 wins under his belt, Y Aify shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

KC Wong

Jockey KC Wong is one of the top jockeys in Malaysia, known for his impressive track record and exceptional riding skills. With over 500 wins to his name, he has made a name for himself as one of the most talented riders in the country.

Wong’s achievements include wins in major races such as the Selangor Gold Cup and Perak Derby. His dedication to horse racing and passion for the sport have also earned him several accolades and awards throughout his career.

As a highly regarded jockey, he serves as an inspiration to young riders who aspire to make it big in this field.

Jockey SU Lim

Jockey SU Lim is a prominent name in Malaysia’s horse racing industry and holds a spot on the list of top jockeys in the country.

In addition to his impressive track record, Lim also possesses physical fitness, mental toughness, good judgement skills – all crucial factors that contribute to success in this highly competitive sport.

What Makes A Successful Jockey In Malaysia?

Successful jockeys in Malaysia possess a unique combination of experience, skills, physical fitness, and mental toughness that enable them to make good judgments on the race course.


Experience is one of the key factors that contribute to a successful jockey in Malaysia’s horse racing industry. Most top-ranked jockeys have years of experience riding and racing horses, which helps them develop a deep understanding of their mounts and the courses they race on.

One example of an experienced jockey in Malaysia is Jockey J De Souza, who has been riding professionally for over two decades and has won multiple awards throughout his career.

Through years spent on the track, De Souza has honed his skills in navigating tight turns, maintaining proper balance during races, and making quick decisions when necessary.


Being a successful jockey in Malaysia requires a specific set of skills that go beyond just being able to ride a horse. One of the crucial skillsets is having an understanding of the different types of horses and their abilities.

Another important skillset for a jockey is having great balance, coordination, and quick reflexes. Jockeys must be able to control their horse’s movements effectively and make instant decisions when necessary during races.

Additionally, top jockeys need excellent communication skills so that they can provide feedback on the condition and performance of each horse to trainers before and after races.

Overall, success as a jockey hinges on multiple factors such as physical fitness strength, mental endurance & determination alongside experience in dealing with difficult scenarios, all working together towards winning races or landing placings in them at leading tracks around Malaysia.

Physical Fitness

Being a jockey is physically demanding, and it requires a lot of effort to maintain peak physical fitness. Jockeys must be light in weight to ride the horses without causing discomfort or injury.

They also need to have strong core muscles, good balance, and excellent coordination skills to stay on top of their mounts during races.

Malaysia’s top jockeys understand that being fit is essential for success in this sport. For example, Zulfikri Bin Ismail maintains his body weight at 50kg through daily workouts and strict diet management.

Another successful rider S Ruzaini undergoes intense physical training every day to be at the peak level required by this sport.

Mental Toughness

Mental toughness is a crucial factor for any jockey looking to succeed in the competitive world of horse racing in Malaysia. This involves having the ability to handle pressure and stay focused amidst the high-stakes environment of racecourses.

With so much at stake during races, mentally strong jockeys can better anticipate potential obstacles, have a clearer understanding of their competitors’ movements and adjust their strategies accordingly.

A prime example is S Anandan who has been known for his exceptional mental grit even after being plagued by recurring rib injuries that would sideline most riders.

Good Judgment

Good judgment is a crucial component of being a successful jockey in Malaysia’s horse racing industry. Making the right decisions on when to make a move and how to handle unexpected situations can be the difference between winning and losing.

This requires an understanding of each horse’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the ability to read the race itself. For example, knowing when to conserve energy for a strong finish or take an early lead can depend on factors such as track conditions, competition, and distance.

In addition to quick thinking during races, good judgment also involves making responsible choices outside of the track. Jockeys must maintain strict diets, exercise routines, and avoid harmful habits that could affect their performance or health. (Go easy on the Roti Canai and Kuih!)

Making smart decisions about rest periods and recovery time is also important for avoiding injuries that can impact both short-term wins and long-term success in the sport.

Achievements Of Malaysia’s Top Jockeys

Malaysia’s top jockeys have impressive track records, with multiple wins and placings in major races.

Number Of Wins And Placings

To provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the performance of Malaysia’s top jockeys, we have compiled a table displaying the number of wins and placings they have achieved throughout their careers.

Jockey Number of Wins Number of Placings
Zulfikri Bin Ismail 1499 2761
CK Tan 1185 2397
S. Ruzaini 1031 2139
M Ganeesh 747 1833
J De Souza 685 1654
S Anandan 631 1548
S Salee 564 1453
Y Aify 461 1294
KC Wong 348 1056
SU Lim 245 889

This data showcases the exceptional talent and dedication of these jockeys, who have achieved remarkable success in the competitive world of horse racing in Malaysia.

Performance In Major Races

The top 10 jockeys in Malaysia are not only recognised for their number of wins and placings but also for their performance in major races. These jockeys have competed at prominent horse racing events, including the Malaysia Cup and Piala Emas Sultan Selangor, among others.

Jockey M Ganeesh is another notable name who has tasted success by winning significant races such as the Perak Derby and Astro Wah Lai Toi Sprint Trophy. Meanwhile, Jockey Y Aify is known to perform well over longer distances and won The Royal Award recently, an endurance test held over a gruelling distance of 2 miles.

Awards And Accolades Received

Malaysia’s top jockeys have received numerous awards and accolades for their outstanding performances in horse racing. Some of these include:

M Ganeesh was awarded the Selangor Turf Club‘s Best Jockey Award in 2019.

S Ruzaini has won the Malaysian Championship twice, in 2011 and 2014.

Y Aify was crowned the leading apprentice jockey in Malaysia in 2017.

S Anandan has won the prestigious Perak Derby four times, as well as the Coronation Cup.

KC Wong won the Malaysian jockey’s title in 2018 and was named Best Apprentice in his earlier career.

Zulfikri Bin Ismail, also known as Z Khairil, has won many major races including the Selangor Gold Cup, Tunku Gold Cup, and Charity Cup.

S Salee is a seven-time winner of the Piala Emas Sultan Selangor (Selangor Gold Cup), one of Malaysia’s most prestigious races.

CK Tan has been a consistent performer on the racecourse and has won numerous races throughout his career.

SU Lim was crowned Best Apprentice in Malaysia in 2020.

J De Souza is a three-time winner of both the Selangor Gold Cup and Tunku Gold Cup, showing incredible consistency at such high levels of competition.

These awards and accolades are a testament to the skill, dedication, and hard work put in by these top jockeys who continue to excel in their sport.

The Future Of Horse Racing In Malaysia

The future of horse racing in Malaysia looks promising with potential growth for the industry, increased opportunities for young riders to develop their skills, and a greater role for jockeys in promoting the sport.

The Potential Growth Of The Industry

The horse racing industry in Malaysia has been steadily growing over the years, and there is definitely room for further expansion.

Additionally, there are opportunities to promote horse racing tourism in Malaysia. The country’s warm climate and beautiful landscapes make it an ideal destination for international visitors who want to experience top-class racing events while enjoying a holiday.

Moreover, with continued government support and investment in the development of horse breeding programs and training facilities across the country, we can expect to see many talented young riders emerge from Malaysia.

The Role Of Jockeys In Promoting The Sport

Jockeys play a vital role in promoting the sport of horse racing in Malaysia. They are not just performers on the field but also ambassadors of the industry. With their skills and athleticism, they showcase the beauty and excitement of horse racing to spectators and fans alike.

The most successful jockeys like Zulfikri Bin Ismail, CK Tan, S.Ruzaini not only win races but also represent their sport positively both on and off-track. Their passion for the sport is contagious, inspiring more people to get involved in this thrilling world of equestrian sports.

Opportunities For Young Riders To Develop Their Skills

As the horse racing industry in Malaysia continues to grow, there are ample opportunities for young riders to develop their skills and pursue a career as a jockey.

One way for aspiring jockeys to gain experience is to work as an apprentice under an experienced trainer. This allows them to learn the intricacies of riding and develop good horsemanship habits.

In recent years, there has also been a push towards increasing diversity within the sport, with more opportunities being made available for women jockeys. This has led to some impressive performances by female riders in major races.


In conclusion, Malaysia has a talented group of jockeys who have made their mark in the horse racing world. From Zulfikri Bin Ismail to SU Lim, these riders have proven themselves through their experience, skillset, physical fitness and mental toughness.

Their achievements speak for themselves as they continue to dominate in major races and receive awards and accolades. As the industry grows, there will be more opportunities for young jockeys to develop their skills and promote the sport.


Who are some of the top jockeys in Malaysia?

Some of the best-known and most successful jockeys in Malaysia include Jockey Mohd Zairi, Jockey S. Ruzaini, and Jockey KC Wong.

What skills do top jockeys need to succeed in Malaysia?

To be a successful jockey in Malaysia, top riders need to have excellent riding skills as well as strong physical fitness, mental toughness and knowledge about horse racing strategies.

Where can I follow the performances of the top 10 jockeys in Malaysia?

You can track their performances by visiting online platforms such as or placing bets with licensed bookmakers that offer live streaming services.

How do these top Malaysian jockeys compare internationally?

While racing styles differ globally, many of these prominent Malaysian riders have shown their mettle at international events like Hong Kong Sixties Invitation Jockey Challenge where they compete against world-class talent, showcasing their abilities on a global stage beyond domestic tracks and proving themselves among some elite company around the globe.

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