2024 Isle of Man TT Races Preview

Superbike Preview

The 2024 Isle of Man TT Superbike race is set to be a spectacular event, featuring top riders and the latest high-performance motorcycles. Peter Hickman, who currently holds the lap record with an astonishing 135.452 mph, is a strong favourite. His record-breaking performance in 2018 has cemented his status as a TT legend, and he will be eager to push the boundaries even further.

Alongside Hickman, Dean Harrison, winner of the 2019 Senior TT, will be a key contender. Harrison’s consistency and smooth riding style make him a formidable opponent on the challenging Mountain Course. Other notable riders include Michael Dunlop, a 19-time TT winner, who will be riding a new machine for the MD Racing team. Dunlop’s aggressive racing style and deep understanding of the course make him a perennial threat.

The superbike category will feature top models from manufacturers like Honda, Kawasaki, BMW, and Yamaha, all competing for the coveted title. These bikes, with their advanced technology and engineering, are capable of reaching speeds over 200 mph, providing a thrilling spectacle for fans. The combination of skilled riders and high-speed machines promises an electrifying race, filled with strategic manoeuvres and intense competition.

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Supertwin Preview

The Supertwin category at the 2024 Isle of Man TT will feature an exciting mix of experienced racers and promising newcomers. Jonathan Goetschy, a rising star, has shown significant improvement, with a top-10 finish in the 2023 races. This year, he aims to challenge for a podium spot.

The Supertwin races, featuring lightweight, twin-cylinder motorcycles, demand a unique blend of agility and tactical acumen. Riders must navigate the technical sections of the Mountain Course with precision, making split-second decisions to maintain their competitive edge. This year’s Supertwin race will be fiercely contested, with seasoned riders like Michael Rutter and Jamie Coward expected to perform strongly.

Rutter, a veteran with multiple TT wins, brings a wealth of experience, while Coward, known for his consistent performances, aims to secure his first TT victory. The Supertwin class bikes, with engines up to 700cc, offer a different challenge compared to the more powerful superbikes, emphasizing rider skill and machine reliability. Sponsored by Metzeler and Entire Cover, the 2024 Supertwin races will be a showcase of close racing, strategic overtakes, and the relentless pursuit of victory, making it a must-watch event for fans.

Supersport Preview

The Supersport category at the Isle of Man TT has a long history of intense competition, and the 2024 edition promises to uphold this tradition. Michael Dunlop, riding the new MD Racing Triumph Street Triple 765 RS, is a major contender. Dunlop’s impressive record of 19 TT wins, including multiple Supersport victories, underscores his prowess in this class. His ability to adapt to new machinery quickly will be tested as he competes against a strong field of riders.

Paul Jordan, who has shown remarkable consistency in recent years, will be riding for the PreZ Racing team. His smooth riding style and strategic approach make him a serious threat. Mike Browne, representing the Burrows Engineering/RK Racing team, and James Hillier, a veteran with 14 TT podiums, add further depth to the competition.

The Supersport races feature 600cc motorcycles, known for their agility and speed, making them a favourite among fans for their thrilling, close-quarters racing. The 2024 Supersport TT will be a showcase of high-speed duels, technical prowess, and the relentless pursuit of victory, as riders navigate the 37.73-mile course, pushing both themselves and their machines to the limit.

Sidecar Preview

The sidecar races at the 2024 Isle of Man TT are anticipated to be one of the event’s highlights, with the Birchall brothers, Ben and Tom, leading the field. The Birchalls, who set the first-ever 120 mph lap on three wheels, have dominated this category with their exceptional coordination and technical expertise. Their mastery of the Mountain Course has earned them multiple TT victories, and they will be looking to add to their impressive tally.

Competition will come from teams like John Holden and Lee Cain, who have consistently performed well in previous years. The sidecar races demand perfect harmony between the driver and passenger, who must work in unison to navigate the course’s tight corners and high-speed sections.

The unique dynamics of sidecar racing, with the passenger shifting their weight to maintain balance and stability, add an extra layer of complexity and excitement. The 2024 sidecar races will feature high-speed battles, daring overtakes, and the extraordinary skills required to handle these specialized machines. Fans can expect thrilling races, as teams push their limits in pursuit of the coveted TT victory.

2024 Isle of Man TT Races

Superstock Preview

The Superstock category at the 2024 Isle of Man TT will highlight motorcycles that closely resemble standard production models, providing an exciting showcase of near-road-legal machines pushed to their limits. This class bridges the gap between the highly modified superbikes and everyday sports bikes, highlighting the capabilities of production models. Riders like Dean Harrison, the 2019 Senior TT winner, and Peter Hickman, known for his record-breaking performances, are expected to be the main contenders.

Harrison, riding for DAO Racing Kawasaki, has shown remarkable consistency and skill, making him a favourite in this category. Hickman, representing FHO Racing BMW, combines aggressive riding with deep course knowledge, making him a formidable opponent.

The Superstock race emphasizes both speed and reliability, with riders needing to balance high performance with mechanical endurance over the grueling 37.73-mile course. Fans can expect intense competition, with riders navigating the demanding course’s twists and turns while pushing their production-based machines to the limit. The 2024 Superstock TT promises to deliver high-speed thrills, strategic racing, and a showcase of the skills and resilience required to compete at the highest level.

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