A Guide To Rugby In Argentina

Rugby is a popular sport in Argentina, with a rich history dating back to the late 19th century when it was introduced by the British. The Argentina national team, also known as the Pumas, has competed in numerous international tournaments, including the Rugby World Cup. Rugby in Argentina is mostly an amateur sport, but there are also professional teams such as the Jaguares, who compete in the Super Rugby league.

For those interested in attending a rugby match in Buenos Aires, there are a few things to keep in mind. Rugby in Argentina is not as widely popular as football, but it still has a dedicated following. Matches are mostly played on weekends, and tickets can be purchased online or at the stadium on the day of the game. It is also worth noting that rugby matches in Argentina tend to have a more laid-back atmosphere compared to other countries.

History of Rugby in Argentina

Early Beginnings

Rugby union in Argentina dates back to 1873 when it was introduced by the British. The first rugby match played in the country was between two teams of British merchants in Buenos Aires. The sport slowly gained popularity among the local population, and the first club, Buenos Aires Football Club, was founded in 1867.

Argentina played their first international match against Uruguay in July 1902, losing 6-0. Rugby in Argentina experienced a lull during the 1920s and 30s, but started to gain popularity again in the 1950s. The country’s first international victory came in 1951 against Chile.

Development of Rugby in Argentina

The Argentinian Rugby Union (UAR) was founded in 1959, and the national team, sometimes referred to as the Pumas, have competed at the Rugby World Cup, and are considered a tier one nation by the sport’s governing body, World Rugby.

After dominating South American rugby tournaments throughout the 1950s, Argentina crossed the Atlantic for their first fixtures outside of South America. Between May and July of 1965, they toured South Africa, winning eleven games and losing only four over the two months.

The Pumas have had some notable successes in international rugby, including reaching the semi-finals of the Rugby World Cup in 2007 and 2015. They have also won the Rugby Championship, formerly known as the Tri-Nations, against Australia and New Zealand in 2014. Rugby continues to be a popular sport in Argentina, with many young players aspiring to play for the national team.

Rugby Union in Argentina

Rugby union is a popular team sport in Argentina. The game was introduced to the country by the British in 1873, and it has since grown in popularity. The Argentina national team, also known as the Pumas, is considered a tier one nation by World Rugby, the sport’s governing body.

Structure of Rugby Union in Argentina

The Argentine Rugby Union (UAR) is the governing body for rugby union in Argentina. It was founded in 1899 and is a member of World Rugby, with a seat on that body’s Executive Council. The UAR is also a founding member of Sudamérica Rugby, the governing body for rugby union in South America.

The UAR oversees the development of rugby union in Argentina, including the organization of domestic competitions, the training of coaches and referees, and the management of the national teams.

National Rugby Union Team

The Argentina national rugby union team, also known as the Pumas, is one of the top teams in the world. They have competed in every Rugby World Cup since the tournament’s inception in 1987 and have reached the semi-finals on two occasions.

The Pumas have also competed in the Rugby Championship, a tournament featuring the top teams from the southern hemisphere, since 2012. They have yet to win the tournament but have had some impressive performances, including a draw against South Africa in 2012 and a win over Australia in 2018.

Domestic Rugby Competitions

Club rugby in Argentina is mostly an amateur sport, with many clubs being run by their members. The UAR oversees several domestic competitions, including the Nacional de Clubes, which features the top club teams from around the country.

The Jaguares, a professional team based in Buenos Aires, competes in Super Rugby, a southern hemisphere competition featuring teams from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Japan. The Jaguares have had some success in the competition, reaching the final in 2019.

Rugby League in Argentina

Rugby league is a minor team sport in Argentina, which has been played since 2005. The sport is not as popular as rugby union or football in the country, but it has a small but dedicated following. In this section, we will discuss the structure of rugby league in Argentina, the national rugby league team, and domestic rugby league competitions.

Structure of Rugby League in Argentina

Rugby league in Argentina is governed by the Argentine Rugby League Association (ARLA). The ARLA was founded in 2004 and is responsible for the development and promotion of rugby league in the country. The association is affiliated with the Rugby League International Federation (RLIF).

The ARLA is responsible for organizing the domestic rugby league competitions, including the national championship, which is contested by the top rugby league clubs in the country. The ARLA also organizes coaching clinics and other development programs to promote the sport among young people.

National Rugby League Team

The Argentina national rugby league team, also known as the Jaguars, first played rugby league in 2005 when they faced the Australian Police Rugby League Association. Since then, the team has played a number of international matches against other nations, including Chile, Uruguay, and Brazil.

The Jaguars are not yet a major force in international rugby league, but they are steadily improving and gaining more experience. The team is made up of players from the domestic rugby league competitions in Argentina, as well as players from overseas who are eligible to play for the national team.

Domestic Rugby League Competitions

The top domestic rugby league competition in Argentina is the Torneo Nacional de Clubes, which is contested by the best rugby league clubs in the country. The competition is organized by the ARLA and is held annually.

Other domestic rugby league competitions in Argentina include the Torneo Metropolitano, which is contested by clubs in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area, and the Torneo del Interior, which is contested by clubs from other regions of the country.

Rugby Culture in Argentina

Passion for Rugby

Rugby is a sport that is deeply ingrained in the culture of Argentina. The passion for the game is evident in the way rugby is played and celebrated throughout the country. The national team, Los Pumas, is held in high esteem by rugby fans across the country, and the team’s victories are celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Many Argentinians see rugby as more than just a sport. It is a way of life, a symbol of pride and identity. The game is played with a fierce intensity, and players are expected to give their all on the field. This passion for rugby is reflected in the country’s many rugby clubs, which are an integral part of the local community.

Rugby as a Social Activity

Rugby is not just about playing the game. It is also a social activity that brings people together. Rugby clubs in Argentina are often more than just sports clubs. They are social clubs where members can relax, socialise, and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals.

Many rugby clubs in Argentina have bar facilities, where members can enjoy a drink after a game or training. The clubs also organise social events, such as barbecues and parties, which are a great way for members to get to know each other and strengthen the sense of community within the club.

Rugby is also a family affair in Argentina. Many clubs have youth teams, and parents are encouraged to get involved in the club’s activities. This helps to create a sense of community and belonging that extends beyond the rugby field.


Argentina has a rich history in rugby, with a strong club scene and a passionate national team in Los Pumas. The country’s love for the sport is evident in the number of fans who attend matches and the growth of rugby in recent years.

For those looking to experience rugby in Argentina, attending a match in Buenos Aires is a must. It’s an opportunity to witness the passion and energy of the fans, as well as the skill and athleticism of the players.

It’s important to note that rugby in Argentina is still developing, and there are challenges that the sport faces. However, with the continued support of fans and the dedication of players, coaches, and administrators, rugby in Argentina is poised for a bright future.

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