Atlanta Falcons vs. Cincinnati Bengals – October 23rd 2022

Cincinnati Bengals will host the Atlanta Falcons this Sunday, 23rd October, at the Paycor Stadium, Cincinnati, Ohio. With an equal score of 3-3 in the season so far, it would be interesting to see which team wins the game, for which the Cincinnati Bengals are -6 point favourites with an over/under of 47.5 points.

Let’s look at what the upcoming game looks like for both sides.

Atlanta Falcons Statistics

While the scores of the Falcons may be at par with the Bengals, their circumstances couldn’t be more different. After quarterback QB Matt Ryan shifted to the Indianapolis Colts, it was expected to be the year of transition for the Falcons. However, to the surprise of many, the team has been aggressive in its play and the only team in the league that went 6-0 against the point spread during the season, averaging 23.6 points per game.

The team has surrendered 1391 yards via the pass, putting them at 29th in the league. The team has allowed around 393 yards per game, which places them at 27th in that respect. As for the defence, the team has conceded around 24.4 points per game and is ranked 20th in the league.

Depending on how we perceive their current situation with an equal count of wins or losses, it would not be wrong to say that team has managed to surprise with its score and is not as bad as it was anticipated. Their recent win against the 49ers may be the confidence booster the team needs.

Cincinnati Bengals Statistics

The Cincinnati Bengals have had a disappointing start with a score of 3-3. Two of the three games the team has lost have been within the AFC North Division. However, when the team started the season, it suffered two consecutive losses but then went on to win three of the next four games, redeeming its game to some extent. 

The team has scored an average of 23 points per game. With an average of 243.8 throwing yards, the team is ranked 12 in the league. The team also maintains an average of 335.6 yards per game, placing them at 20th. As for the defence, the team has allowed an average of 19 points per game, placing it at 8th rank in the league. 

While the Bengals may not have been able to impress, and the Falcons remain underrated, the odds favour the Bengals with a 6.5-point spread.

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