New Orleans Saints vs. Arizona Cardinals – October 21st 2022

New Orleans Saints will be playing against Arizona Cardinals on 21st October at the State Farm Stadium, Glendale, Arizona. 

Both teams will try to recover from their losses and improve their respective scores of 2-4 each so far in the season. The Arizona Cardinals are favoured to win the game at 2-points with an over/under of 46.

Let’s look at what the upcoming game looks like for both sides.

New Orleans Saints Statistics

New Orleans Saints had a good start to the season with a 27-26 win against the Falcons at Atlanta, but it went downhill since the team lost four out of the next five matches it played, with the latest loss against the Bengals.

During the last four minutes of the game against Cincinnati, the Saints allowed nine consecutive points, including the touchdown pass at 1:57 remaining, turning out to be the winning point for the opponents. It was the team’s third match without their prized starting quarterback.

The team is dealing with various key injuries, including receivers Michael Thomas and Jarvis Landry, who will most likely miss the game. Although the Saints have a strong offence, ranking 7th in the NFL, the injuries are a setback for the team. On the defence end, the team ranks 17 in the NFL.

Arizona Cardinals Statistics

On the other hand, the Arizona Cardinals also have had a rough season scoring a win against the Panthers and the Raiders and losing the rest of the four matches; the latest match was lost to the Seahawks.

The season has been a disappointment, and the consecutive losses to Seattle and Philadelphia have marred the two victories scored in the season. The Cardinals conceded 12 consecutive points in the last game during the middle portions and could not score an offensive touchdown. The lone touchdown in the third quarter in the end zone was little consolation.

The Cardinals rank 12th in the defensive and 16th in the NFL in the offensive. Last season, the team ranked 8th in offensive yards per game but seems to be struggling this year. While quarterback Kyle Murray was doing the major heavy lifting during the last game, he may get some support as de Andre Hopkins is likely to return after his six-game suspension.

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