Can You Bet On Cockfighting?

Cockfighting is illegal in most parts of the world where legalized gambling takes place, including the United Kingdom and the United States. But while these countries have allowed animal rights activists to ban what was once a popular form of gambling in these jurisdictions, cockfighting is still legal in some countries.

Cockfighting remains one of the most popular sports to bet on in those countries and betting on cockfighting is often available at legal sportsbooks. Illegal cockfighting betting is also thought to still exist in many other countries around the world, where more popular forms of gambling, such as horse racing, football, and online casinos, are also prohibited.

A Brief History Of Cockfighting

Throughout history dating back to the years BC, cockfighting has been a popular sport that the cocks’ owners or the spectators have believed to have bet on.

Cockfighting was believed to have been extremely popular in many Eastern countries such as Persia and China, as well as in ancient civilizations like the Ancient Greeks.

Explorers witnessed and documented several cockfights and this spectator sport spread to Europe and America.

Where Is Cockfighting Legal?

Due to animal rights movements, cockfighting is now prohibited in most countries, and people found cockfighting may be heavily fined or jailed.

Despite these bans, cockfighting is still legal in a variety of countries around the world. Thailand are Philippines are both popular destinations for cockfighting enthusiasts, while the sport is also legal in countries like Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, and Peru.

While some countries have widespread bans, some regions still permit cockfighting. Spain is an example of this, with cockfighting is still permitted in Andalucía and the Canary Islands.

*Please note, laws may change in these countries, including due to Covid-19 rules.

How To Bet On Cockfighting

If you want to bet on cockfighting, we advise you to only bet on cockfighting matches at legalized sportsbooks. Following this advice means you’ll be guaranteed to get paid out on the official result. Your winnings will be transferred into your wallet, from which you can withdraw your winnings.

There is evidence that illegal gambling takes place on cockfighting, but do you want to take the risk that you’ll get your winnings?

Know Your Cocks!

While some cockfights take place between two unknown cocks, the biggest prize money is up for grabs when owners allow prize cocks to take each other on. These cocks may have already won several fights, so it is possible to study cock-fighting form, if you watch cockfighting regularly.

If you’re new to betting on cockfighting, there are typically three different types of gamecocks that are sent fighting.

The shameful rooster is distinguished by a red comb on the top of its head. This cock is known for its stamina, allowing it to outlast many of its opponents.

The white rooster looks exactly as it sounds. Its assets are quick feet and its ability to strike early during a fight. The five-coloured cock is renowned for its flexibility and all-round fighting performance.

This type of cockfighting may be a betting angle you can exploit. For instance, you may have stats that suggest shameful roosters beat white roosters 75% of the time, so you may be able to make a profit from cockfighting betting by using this statistic. *Please note, this statistic is purely hypothetical.

Types Of Cockfights

Cocks are often called the gladiators of the 21st century. No, they’re not armed with a variety of weapons and shields, but many cockfights are battles to the death.

Cockfights tend to fall into two different types. There are cockfights that are three rounds of 20 minutes each and there are fights that are four rounds of 15 minutes each. There is often a lengthy break between rounds, so that owners can see to any injuries their cocks may have sustained or give them a pep-talk if they think it might work.

The length of rounds is another possible cockfighting betting angle you may wish to exploit. You may find that the stamina-laden shameful rooster fares better in matches with 20-minute rounds, while the white rooster’s quick-strike tactics make it a better betting option in the shorter-round matches. Again, this is purely hypothetical.

Cockfighting Betting Odds

Just like in any other two-sided match-up, you’ll be able to get odds about both gamecocks winning in a cockfight. In a fight between two equally matched cocks, the bookies will probably bet 10/11 (1.91) each of two. Both cocks should be even-money, but the bookmakers will build in an edge for themselves as they want to try and guarantee they make a profit.

In cockfights in which one cock is considered to have a much better chance than the others, one of the cocks will be the favourite and one cock will be the outsider. For example, one cock may be available at odds of 4/9 (1.44) and the other may be available at 7/4 (2.75).

If you can regularly bet on outsiders that win, you’ll have a great chance of making a profit from betting on cockfighting.

Where Can I Bet On Cockfighting?

The Philippines is the best place to bet on cockfighting, as there are a variety of legalized sportsbooks that offer cockfighting odds and take cockfighting bets. If you bet on cockfighting in other countries, it is likely you’ll be betting on cockfighting illegally. Just make sure that any sportsbooks that take cockfighting bets are licensed and regulated and that you are betting there from an allowed jurisdiction.

Should I Bet On Cockfighting?

In the modern world, cockfighting is mainly seen as barbaric, but it is still legal in some countries. If you’re going to bet on cockfighting, just make sure that you do so at a legalized sportsbook where you’ll get fair odds and paid out if you win.

Do Any bookies allow cockfighting online betting?

Cockfighting is a controversial sport that has been around for a long time and is popular in certain parts of the world. While it is illegal in many countries, including the United States, it is legal and regulated in some Asian countries like the Philippines. Online cockfight betting allows gamblers to place bets on live cockfighting events or matches that are streamed from designated cockpit arenas. These online platforms often operate within jurisdictions where cockfighting is either legal or regulated, such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.

If you’re interested in cockfight betting, it’s essential to choose a sportsbook that has been legalized to ensure you get paid in full if you win. There are different types of bets you can place in cockfighting, including bets on which rooster will win (Meron or Wala) and draw bets (BDD). The odds and payouts can vary, and it’s crucial to understand the terms and conditions before placing any wager.

It’s worth noting that the industry is worth over 1 billion US dollars annually in the Philippines alone, according to the Philippines Games and Amusement Board. The online cockfighting streams have gained significant popularity, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, leading the Philippines government to regulate the industry further by licensing online cockfight gambling platforms and imposing taxes on bout revenues.

In summary, while cockfight betting is illegal in many countries, it is a booming industry in some Asian countries where it is regulated. Always make sure to check the legality and regulations in your jurisdiction before engaging in such activities.

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