Is Gambling A Victimless Crime?

A victimless crime is described as an illegal act that takes place between consenting adults that does not harm another person or the property of others. But the question of whether gambling is a victimless crime is not cut and dried, as gambling laws vary greatly in different countries.

If two people had a bet with each other about which of two teams would win a football match in a country where gambling is illegal, this could be considered a victimless crime. The two people have both consented to have the bet and have not harmed anyone or anything by doing so.

But what about people who frequent illegal bookmakers or underground illegal casinos. Sure, both parties could be perceived to be consenting adults that are happy to complete the circle of supply and demand without harming any person or property.

However, in countries where gambling is run by a governing body such as the government, the governing body will deem illegal betting as a crime. That’s because the underground casino is taking money that otherwise could have been gambled at legal bookmakers or casinos, depriving the governing body of potential revenue.

Some gamblers in countries where some forms of gambling are illegal also probably think it is a crime that the government limits their choices of where they can gamble. Afterall, monopolising some industries in some countries is also illegal.

Gambling Isn’t Illegal In The United Kingdom

If you live in the United Kingdom, the great news is a wide variety of gambling is legal, including betting on horse racing, football, and other sports.

Gambling on sports has come a long way in a short time. There was a time when if you wanted a bet you would have had to find an illegal bookmaker to place it with. Of course, this was a typical example of gambling being a victimless crime.

But nowadays, the UK gambling market is all about competition, with the UK government happy to take a cut of all bookmaking profits through levies or taxes. That’s great for us as punters as we have a big choice of bookmakers to bet with. This gives us lots of opportunities to take advantage of lots of bookmaking promotions and concessions. The competitive nature of bookmaking in the UK also means that we can shop around to get the best odds – and it’s all legal.

Am I A Victim Of Gambling?

There are two reasons why most people gamble, which are to have fun and have the chance to win money. If you’re not having fun gambling, it’s time to stop. If you’re not winning money gambling, then you may well be the victim of your own poor gambling impulses.

If you’re having a bet for fun, with money you can afford to lose, this is okay. If you’re having bets that you’re not enjoying, with money that you can’t afford to lose, then ask yourself why? If you’ve made this mistake once, forgive yourself, as we’re only human after all. But if you’re constantly losing money that you can’t afford to, this will never be fun, so stop being a victim of your own stupidity.

If you’re at this stage, it’s time to think about what you want to do next. Do you want to give up gambling altogether? If you do, most bookmakers offer responsible gambling advice that can help you stop. You can also try and stop gambling with the help of Gamblers Anonymous.

If you don’t want to give up gambling but, instead, want to make gambling fun again and increase your chances of winning money, then it’s time to adopt a professionally structured approach to gambling.

Make Your Bookmaker The Victim

There’s a saying that you’ll never see a poor bookmaker, and that’s because there are too many punters that make themselves victims by gambling irresponsibly. But by adopting a professional approach to gambling, you can make your bookmaker the victim, or at least when it comes to your betting account.

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