What are the most popular sports to bet on in Singapore?

Betting and sports are two pastimes that have long intertwined in Singapore, igniting the passion of sports enthusiasts while adding a dash of thrill with every bet. As one of Asia’s bustling hubs, this small yet vibrant city-state houses an ever-growing community eager to place their bets on various mainstream sports.

From football matches capturing about 70% of all bets to increasing interest in basketball, cricket and rugby – Singaporean bettors show diverse preferences that shape the betting landscape.

This blog provides an insightful look into why these particular fields represent the most popular sports to bet on in Singapore, along with vital legalities and effective strategies for each sport.

Key Takeaways

  • Football is the most popular sport to bet on in Singapore, with approximately 70% of all sports bets being placed on football matches.
  • Basketball is also a popular sport for betting in Singapore, attracting a large number of enthusiasts who enjoy betting on this fast-paced game.
  • Golf and cricket are two other popular sports for betting in Singapore, offering strategic gameplay and various opportunities to place bets.
  • Rugby has gained popularity among sports bettors in Singapore due to its fast-paced action and exciting competitions.

Popular Sports For Betting In Singapore

Football, basketball, golf, cricket, and rugby are the most popular sports for betting in Singapore.


Football leads the pack in popularity when it comes to sports betting in Singapore. As close followers of British leagues and international tournaments like the World Cup, Singaporeans have a deep-seated passion for this thrilling game which is reflected in their bets.

According to statistics, football matches are responsible for approximately 70% of all sports bets placed in the country.

Football betting doesn’t just stop at predicting match winners; there’s an exciting array of betting options available to punters. These include handicap betting – a prevalent method used by expert bettors involving giving one team a virtual deficit (or surplus) to overcome during the game.


Basketball is one of the most popular sports for betting in Singapore, attracting a large number of enthusiasts who enjoy betting on this fast-paced game. With its growing popularity and local basketball leagues gaining traction, there are ample opportunities to place bets on both local and international matches.

When it comes to basketball betting, some common types of bets include point spreads, totals (over/under), and moneyline bets. In point spread betting, you can bet on whether a team will win by a certain margin or keep the score within a particular range.

Totals betting allows you to predict whether the total number of points scored by both teams will be over or under a specified value.

Singaporean bettors often base their decisions on factors such as team form, player injuries, head-to-head records, and even weather conditions that could potentially impact gameplay.

Overall, basketball offers an exciting avenue for sports bettors in Singapore.


Golf is another popular sport for betting in Singapore, attracting avid bettors who enjoy the strategic nature of the game. Whether it’s placing a bet on a major tournament like The Masters or following your favourite golfer week after week on the PGA Tour, there are plenty of opportunities to get in on the action.

One of the key factors to consider when betting on golf is understanding each player’s form and performance leading up to an event.

Additionally, analysing head-to-head statistics can provide useful information when making your bets. Knowing how a player has fared against others in previous tournaments or considering their record at specific venues can help you make more informed choices.

When it comes to selecting a betting strategy for golf, many seasoned bettors focus on outright winner bets or top-finish predictions. These types of bets offer enticing odds and can yield significant returns if you pick the right golfer or predict a high-ranking finish accurately.

In conclusion, while soccer remains king in Singapore’s sports betting landscape, other sports like golf also appeal to enthusiasts looking for exciting opportunities to bet their money.


Cricket is another popular sport to bet on in Singapore, with a significant number of avid fans and enthusiasts. The sport offers various betting options that attract both casual and professional bettors alike.

One key aspect that makes cricket betting intriguing is the wide range of markets available. From match outcomes to individual player performances, there are numerous ways to place bets and potentially win big.

Additionally, live betting has gained immense popularity among cricket enthusiasts in recent years.

Overall, cricket offers an engaging and thrilling experience for bettors in Singapore.


Rugby is a thrilling sport that has gained popularity among sports bettors in Singapore. With its fast-paced action and fierce competition, rugby matches provide plenty of opportunities for exciting bets.

In Singapore, popular rugby leagues like the Rugby World Cup and Super Rugby attract a considerable amount of betting activity. Punters analyse team performance, player form, and head-to-head statistics to make informed decisions when placing their bets.

One noteworthy aspect of rugby betting in Singapore is the inclusion of handicap betting. This type of bet allows bettors to level the playing field by giving one team a virtual advantage over the other.

Overall, with its growing popularity and diverse range of competitions worldwide, rugby presents an enticing option for sports bettors in Singapore seeking adrenaline-pumping action and potentially lucrative returns on their bets.

Top Sports Betting Sites In Singapore

Here are three of the best sports betting sites in Singapore: 12Play, UWIN33, and other trusted online betting sites.


One of the top sports betting sites in Singapore is 12Play. With its user-friendly interface and wide range of betting options, it has gained popularity among bettors in the country.

When it comes to soccer betting, 12Play provides a variety of markets to choose from such as match outcomes, goal totals, and even Asian handicap betting. For basketball enthusiasts, they offer options like point spreads and over/under bets.

Cricket fans can find various betting opportunities for major tournaments such as the IPL or international matches.

Aside from popular sports like soccer and basketball, 12Play also caters to niche interests with offerings for golf tournaments and other less commonly betted on sports.

With a reliable reputation in Singapore’s online gambling industry, 12Play has established itself as one of the go-to platforms for sports betting enthusiasts in the country.


UWIN33 is one of the leading sports betting sites in Singapore, offering a wide range of options for bettors. With its user-friendly interface and secure platform, UWIN33 provides an excellent betting experience for both beginners and seasoned gamblers.

As a trusted online betting site in Singapore, UWIN33 ensures that users have access to a variety of betting markets and sporting events. From local leagues to international tournaments, you can find exciting opportunities to place your bets.

Moreover, UWIN33 offers attractive promotions and bonuses that enhance your overall betting experience.

When it comes to legalities and regulations regarding online sports betting in Singapore, UWIN33 operates within the boundaries set by the local authorities.

Overall, UWIN33 stands out as one of the top choices among Singaporean bettors due to its comprehensive sportsbook, safe environment, and generous promotions. If you’re looking for reliable sports betting sites in Singapore, UWIN33 is definitely worth considering

Trusted Online Betting Sites

When it comes to online sports betting in Singapore, it is important to choose a trusted betting site that offers a secure and reliable platform for placing your bets. Two of the top online betting sites in Singapore are 12Play and UWIN33.

At 12Play, you can enjoy a wide range of sports betting options including soccer (football), basketball, golf, cricket, rugby, and more. They offer a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate through different sports events and place bets with just a few clicks.

UWIN33 is another trusted online betting site in Singapore that provides an excellent platform for sports enthusiasts looking to bet on their favourite games. Whether you’re interested in soccer matches or other popular sports like basketball or cricket, UWIN33 offers comprehensive coverage and competitive odds.

By choosing these trusted online betting sites in Singapore, you can rest assured knowing that your funds are safe while enjoying a seamless betting experience with access to various popular sports markets.

Legalities Of Sports Betting In Singapore

Sports betting in Singapore is legal but with certain restrictions and regulations set by the government.

Is Sports Betting Legal In Singapore?

Sports betting in Singapore is a popular recreational activity, but it’s important to understand the legalities surrounding it. In Singapore, sports betting is regulated by the Remote Gambling Act, which allows only certain licensed operators to offer online and offline betting services.

While there are restrictions on local operators offering sports betting services, Singaporeans can still access international online bookmakers that cater to their needs.

It’s worth noting that despite the availability of online options, individuals must exercise caution when engaging in sports betting activities.

Overall, while there are regulations surrounding sports betting in Singapore, enthusiasts can still participate through authorised channels or trusted offshore platforms that comply with international standards of fair play and customer protection.

Sports enthusiasts can choose from a variety of online betting sites that are licensed and regulated by the government.

One such popular online betting site in Singapore is 12Play, which offers a wide range of sports events to bet on, including soccer, basketball, tennis, and more. Another reputable option is UWIN33, known for its user-friendly interface and competitive odds.

With online betting being legally accessible in Singapore, sports fans can engage in their passion for sports while also having the opportunity to win real money through strategic bets.

Sports Betting Regulations

Sports betting in Singapore is subject to certain regulations to ensure fair play and protect both bettors and operators. The primary authority overseeing sports betting in the country is the Singapore Totalisator Board (Tote Board).

In Singapore, it is legal to place bets on approved platforms through licensed operators.

To maintain integrity in sports betting, strict anti-corruption measures are enforced. Match-fixing or any illicit activities related to gambling are heavily penalised under the laws governing sports betting.

Overall, while there are regulations surrounding sports betting in Singapore, it remains a popular pastime for many enthusiasts who can enjoy placing bets on various sporting events through trusted and licensed platforms.

Factors To Consider When Betting On Popular Sports

When betting on popular sports, it is crucial to consider factors such as team/player form and performance, head-to-head statistics, injury reports and team news, as well as weather conditions.

Team/player Form And Performance

One of the key factors to consider when betting on popular sports in Singapore is the team or player’s current form and performance. This can have a significant impact on the outcome of a match or contest, and ultimately, your bets.

For example, if you’re betting on a football match, it’s important to look at how well each team has been performing in their recent games.

Similarly, in individual sports like tennis or golf, evaluating a player’s recent performances can provide valuable insights.

By considering team/player form and performance as part of your analysis before placing your bets, you increase your chances of making successful bets that align with how teams/players are currently performing.

Head-to-head Statistics

When it comes to sports betting in Singapore, considering head-to-head statistics can be a crucial factor in making informed bets. By analysing the historical matchups between two teams or players, you gain valuable insights into their performance against each other.

Head-to-head statistics can also help identify patterns and trends that may influence the outcome of future matches. For instance, if an underdog team consistently performs well against stronger opponents, it could suggest a potential upset is on the cards.

Anecdotal evidence from past head-to-head encounters adds depth to statistical analysis.

In conclusion, reviewing head-to-head statistics allows bettors in Singapore to make more informed decisions when placing their bets by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of competing teams or individuals based on past performances and outcomes directly related to each other.

Injury Reports And Team News

When it comes to betting on popular sports in Singapore, staying updated on injury reports and team news is crucial. Injuries can significantly impact a team’s performance and the outcome of a match, so it’s important to consider this information before placing your bets.

For example, if a star player is injured or sidelined, it could weaken their team’s chances of winning.

Team news is also essential in determining how well a team might perform. Factors such as managerial changes, tactical strategies, or even internal disputes can influence how a team plays on the field.

For instance, let’s say there are rumours of tension within a football club that could potentially affect players’ morale and teamwork.

Being aware of injury reports and up-to-date with team news allows you to stay one step ahead in making wise bets on popular sports like football, basketball, golf, cricket, rugby, and more in Singapore.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions play a significant role in sports betting, as they can greatly impact the outcome of a match or event. In Singapore’s tropical climate, sudden rain showers or high humidity levels can affect various outdoor sports such as football and golf.

For example, heavy rainfall during a football match may lead to slippery field conditions, resulting in more cautious gameplay and potentially fewer goals scored. On the other hand, strong winds could impact golfers’ shots, making it difficult for them to accurately judge distance and control their swings.

For instance, if you are betting on a cricket match held at an open-air stadium in Singapore during the monsoon season, heavy downpours could potentially cause delays or even cancellations.

Consequently, this might affect key players’ momentum or result in opportunities missed due to interruptions caused by unfavourable weather conditions.

Overall, being aware of how weather conditions can shape the outcome of different sports events is crucial for successful betting strategies.

Effective Strategies For Betting On Popular Sports In Singapore

When it comes to betting on popular sports in Singapore, having effective strategies can greatly increase your chances of winning. From handicap betting in football to each-way betting in horse racing, there are several tactics you can employ.

Discover these strategies and more to enhance your sports betting experience.

Handicap Betting In Football

Handicap betting is a popular strategy in football betting that allows you to level the playing field and increase your chances of winning. In this type of bet, the stronger team is given a disadvantage (-) in terms of goals or points, while the weaker team is given an advantage (+).

For example, let’s say there’s a match between Manchester United and Everton. If you believe Manchester United will win comfortably but want better odds for your bet, you can place a handicap bet on Everton with a +1 goal advantage.

On the other hand, if you think Everton has no chance against Manchester United and want to maximise your potential winnings, you can place a handicap bet on Manchester United with a -1 goal disadvantage.

Handicap betting adds excitement to matches where there may be clear favourites and underdogs. It allows you to explore different possibilities beyond simple match outcome bets.

Keep in mind that it’s important to do thorough research before placing any bets – understanding each team’s strengths and weaknesses will greatly improve your chances of success when using handicap betting strategies in football.

Each-way Betting In Horse Racing

Each-way betting in horse racing is a popular option for bettors in Singapore, offering the opportunity to increase their chances of winning. This type of bet consists of two parts: the win part and the place part.

If your chosen horse finishes first, you win both the win and place bets.

For example, let’s say you place an each-way bet on Horse A at odds of 8/1 with a stake of $10.

This type of bet is particularly appealing when there are multiple strong contenders, as it allows you to hedge your bets by securing a return even if your horse doesn’t finish first but still performs well enough to place.

Each-way betting provides flexibility and offers more opportunities for success in horse racing betting. It’s important to study form guides, track conditions, jockeys’ records, and previous performance statistics before making an each-way bet to maximise your chances of winning.

Spread Betting In Basketball

Spread betting in basketball is a popular betting strategy among sports enthusiasts in Singapore. In this type of bet, instead of simply picking a team to win the game, bettors bet on the margin of victory or defeat for a particular team.

This type of betting allows for more excitement and potential profit as it adds an extra layer of analysis and strategising. Bettors need to consider factors such as team performance, player injuries, and head-to-head statistics to determine whether a team will cover the spread or not.

For instance, if Team B is considered an underdog with a +5 point spread against Team A but manages to lose only by 3 points or win outright, bets placed on them would still result in winning outcomes.

In conclusion, spread betting in basketball offers exciting opportunities for bettors in Singapore.

Set Betting In Tennis

Set betting in tennis is a popular strategy for bettors in Singapore due to the potential for higher odds and bigger payouts. In set betting, rather than simply betting on the outcome of a match, bettors can place bets on specific sets within the match.

This type of betting allows for more specific predictions and adds an extra layer of excitement to watching tennis matches.

For instance, if two players have a history of close matches with multiple tiebreaks in previous encounters, you might consider placing a set bet on there being at least one tiebreak during their upcoming match.

Remember to always do your research before placing any bets. Look at historical data and trends to make informed decisions based on past performances and current conditions.

Podium Finish Betting In Formula 1

One exciting form of sports betting in Singapore is betting on podium finishes in Formula 1 races. This type of bet allows punters to predict which drivers will finish on the podium, typically placing bets on individual drivers or teams.

For example, if Lewis Hamilton has been dominant throughout the season and you believe he will place in the top three, you can back him for a podium finish.

Formula 1 offers plenty of opportunities for thrilling podium finishes due to its unpredictable nature. Factors such as track conditions, weather changes, pit-stop strategies, and unexpected incidents can all play a significant role in determining who ends up on the podium at each race.

Podium finish betting in Formula 1 adds an extra layer of excitement to watching races as it gives fans even more reason to cheer for their favourite drivers or root for surprising outcomes.

Overall, Podium finish betting provides another avenue for avid sports bettors in Singapore to immerse themselves in one of the most prestigious motorsports competitions globally while adding an extra element of anticipation during each race weekend.


In conclusion, when it comes to sports betting in Singapore, football reigns supreme as the most popular sport to bet on. With nearly 70% of all sports bets being placed on football matches, it is clear that Singaporeans have a deep passion for the beautiful game.

Basketball holds its own popularity among both teenage men and women in Singapore.

Cricket, rugby, and horse racing are also beloved by Singaporean bettors who enjoy placing their bets on these thrilling sporting events.

Horse racing offers another avenue for betting enthusiasts to test their luck and knowledge in predicting race results.

Although not mentioned explicitly in the given information, it’s important to note that tennis, polo, swimming, softball, and baseball are among the other popular sports enjoyed by Singaporeans but may not receive as much attention when it comes to betting activities.

Overall, whether you’re an avid fan or simply interested in trying your hand at sports betting in Singapore, football tops the charts as the most prominent sport followed closely by motor racing or Formula 1.

With various exciting options available across different sporting events, Singapore’s vibrant sports scene ensures something for every type of better to get involved with. The key is finding what excites you most, and confidently placing your bets based on sound research, strategies, and understanding.


What are the most popular sports to bet on in Singapore?

The most popular sports to bet on in Singapore include football, horse racing, tennis, and basketball. These sports attract a large number of betting enthusiasts due to their popularity and the availability of live streaming and betting options.

Are there any specific leagues or competitions that are popular for betting in Singapore?

Yes, certain leagues and competitions within each sport have gained significant popularity among bettors in Singapore. In football, the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and local S-League matches are widely followed for betting purposes. For horse racing, races from racecourses such as Kranji Racecourse attract a lot of attention from punters.

Can I place bets on international sports events while in Singapore?

Yes, you can place bets on international sports events while in Singapore through licensed online bookmakers or authorised land-based outlets. There may be restrictions depending on local regulations, so it is important to ensure that you use legal platforms for your bets.

What factors should I consider when placing bets on popular sports in Singapore?

When placing bets on popular sports in Singapore, it is important to consider factors such as team/player form, injury news, head-to-head records between teams/players involved, weather conditions (for outdoor sports), home/away advantage (in team-based games), and recent performance trends among others. Doing thorough research before placing your bets can greatly increase your chances of making informed decisions and potentially winning your bets.

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