What Does Double Result Mean In Betting?

We often get asked what does double result mean in betting? You may have heard double result betting referred to as half-time/full-time betting, and a winning double result bet is when you correctly predict the result of a match at half-time and full-time.

There’s much more risk involved in trying to predict a double result, but you also get double the excitement and more than double the odds.

How Many Double Result Combinations Are There?

A typical double result market has nine possible combinations. This is based on a match in which there is 3-way outright betting. If you don’t know what 3-way betting is, it’s simply when the three possible results are a win for Team-A, a win for Team-B, and a draw.

There are nine possible double result combinations because there are three possible results at half-time and three possible results at full-time. Multiplying 3 x 3 = 9.

The nine possible double result combinations are as follows:

Team A / Team A
Team A / Draw
Team A / Team B
Draw / Team A
Draw / Draw
Draw / Team B
Team B / Team B
Team B / Draw
Team B / Team A

An Example Of Double Result Betting

Let’s use a Premier League football match between Manchester City and Tottenham as the basis of our example of double result betting. The 3-way outright full-time betting is 4/11 (1.44) Manchester City, 5/1 (6.00) the draw, and 9/1 (10.00) Tottenham.

But because there are nine possible double result betting combinations, we can take advantage of much bigger odds, be it that they come with a much bigger risk attached.

Below, you can see the type of double result betting odds you could expect in a typical football match like this. But the odds can vary greatly depending on how closely or unevenly the two teams are matched.

Manchester City / Manchester City – 10/11 (1.91)
Manchester City / Draw – 20/1 (21.00)
Manchester City / Tottenham – 66/1 (67.00)
Draw / Draw – 15/2 (8.50)
Draw /Manchester City – 7/2 (4.50)
Draw / Tottenham – 20/1 (21.00)
Tottenham / Tottenham – 16/1 (17.00)
Tottenham / Draw – 20/1 (21.00)
Tottenham /Manchester City – 20/1 (21.00)

As you can see, the price of 10/11 for Manchester City to be winning at half-time and full-time is more than double their odds to be winning just at full-time. Meanwhile, you can get massive odds about Manchester City to be enjoying a first-half lead before going on to lose the match.

What Sports Offer Double Result Betting?

Double Result betting is normally available on any high-profile matches in sports where the outright market is 3-way. Football is the most popular example, and you’ll find double result betting is available for games in leagues and cup competitions all over the world. Other popular sports that offer double result betting include American football, rugby, and hockey.

Double Result Betting Strategy

Like all types of betting, your double result betting strategy needs to be based on finding value bets. By value, we mean that you only bet when the odds available about a selection you think will win are bigger than you think they should be.

The concept of value means you shouldn’t limit yourself to favourites or long-shots but be willing to bet on selections at any odds if the odds are too big. While value is a subjective opinion, providing your value selections are backed by hard work and skilled analysis, you should be able to make a profit from double result betting.

Studying a mix of past and present form and recent head-to-heads is a good place to start your analysis. But you also need to factor in whether key players were missing from those matches or will be missing for the forthcoming match. Teams and managers may have changed, too. There are also lots of computer programs and algorithms that can assess how two teams will match up against each other.

After you’ve completed your analysis, you then need to be able to price-up double result markets. You can then compare your prices against the bookmakers’ odds and find the value bets.

Should I Bet On Double Results?

Double result betting is one of the most popular types of football betting in the world, and it’s one used by lots of professional gamblers. However, most professional gamblers won’t specialize solely in double result betting, instead, they use it as part of a bigger betting strategy. You may choose to specialize in double result betting, but you’re probably limiting your opportunities to find value bets by doing so.

At this point, you need to ask yourself whether you have what it takes to make a profit from gambling, whether you specialize in double result betting or use it as part of a bigger betting strategy. It takes hard work and a lot of skill… or you can follow the advice of professional sports tipsters.

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