What Does Match Winner 3 Way Mean?

What does match winner 3 way mean is a question we often get asked, and the answer is quite simple once you’ve had it explained to you. So, just keep reading our article and you’ll soon know how to make a profit from 3 way betting.

A 3-way betting market is simply one in which there are three possible outcomes. A Premier League football match is a perfect example of a 3-way betting market, as there are three possible outcomes, team-A wins, team-B wins, or the match is a draw.

This differs from, for example, a tennis match in which there are two possible outcomes: player-A wins, or player-B wins. You’ve guessed it; these types of markets are called match winner 2 ways.

What Sports Offer Match Winner 3 Way Betting?

Match winner 3-way betting is used in any type of match between two teams in which a win for either team or a draw is a possibility. Rugby, cricket, and hockey are all other examples of sports that offer match winner 3-way betting.

But 3 way betting is most common in football. If you do the football pools or have done in the past, these are based on 3 way betting. Fixed odds football coupons in betting shops also use it. Typically, a win for the home team is represented by a 1, a win for the away team is represented by a 2, and a draw is represented by an X.

What Odds Can You Get On Match Winner 3 Way Betting?

The odds for 3 way betting can vary greatly depending on how equally the match up is between the two teams that are involved. For example, if Manchester United were playing Chelsea, you might expect Manchester United to be 7/4 (2.75), Chelsea to be 15/8 (1.875), and the draw to be 2/1 (3.00).

But if Manchester City were playing Fulham at the Etihad Stadium, the available odds might be Manchester City 1/6 (1.16), the Draw 6/1 (7.00), and Fulham 16/1 (17.00).

Regardless of whether a match is between two evenly matched teams or two mis-matched teams, the bookies always build in a percentage for themselves, which means they will make a profit on the match if all three possible outcomes are staked to win the same amount. Of course, this rarely happens, but this is how bookmakers take advantage of punters that don’t limit themselves to betting at value odds.

What Should You Consider When Placing Match Winner 3 Way Bets?

Finding value is a phrase we continually try and hammer home in our betting advice articles, and finding the value applies to match winner 3-way betting. You should consider whether the available odds offer any value, by which we mean the odds are bigger than you think they should be.

It doesn’t matter how big the odds are, providing you think they’re bigger than they should be. If you think Manchester United should be 6/4 and you can get 7/4, that’s a value bet, providing you can back that up with a solid analysis of why you think they’re going to win and why you think they should be shorter. Equally, you might think Fulham should be 12/1, so 16/1 is a must bet.

For example, you might point to the fact that Manchester United have a 50% win-record at home against Chelsea, meaning they should be even-money, while injuries to key Chelsea players also add weight to your argument.

Of course, value is all about the perspective of the person providing the analysis and tips, and how they arrive at those conclusions will determine whether they make a profit from gambling or not.

Most professional tipsters base their value assessments on a combination of studying the formbook, a mountain of statistics, and staying on top of all the latest team news such as injuries. Of course, many top football tipsters also take this a step further by using algorithms and other computer programs to determine how teams are playing and how their strengths and weaknesses will match up against other teams.

Should I Bet In Match Winner 3 Way Markets?

Match winner 3 way betting remains the most popular type of football betting in the world, and this type of market forms the cornerstone of many tipsters betting strategies. That means you should always consider match winner 3 way betting when trying to make a profit from gambling.

If you’re serious about making a profit from gambling, it’s time to ask yourself whether you have enough knowledge and skill to pick enough match winner 3 way bets to make a profit. If you think you have, put your confidence to the test and see if you can beat the bookies.

If you don’t have the skills to pick those winners, don’t give up on your dream of making money from gambling. Instead, consider following the tips of professional tipsters.

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