What Is The Easiest Bet To Win?

The world of online betting is saturated with different sports to bet on, all of which have thousands of possible markets you can exploit.

Bookmakers also try and lure you in with bonuses for winning multiple bets and accumulators but, if you want to know what the easiest bet to win is – it’s a win single!

While there are some professional gamblers that combine single selections into multiples, an extremely high percentage of professional gamblers will tell you that the best way to make a long-term profit from gambling is to concentrate on betting on win singles. So, whether you want to bet on horse racing, football, or any other sport, win singles are the easiest bets to win.

Living The Accumulator Dream

Every now and again, someone lands the type of big-money accumulator that allows them to live a life of luxury. But for every punter that lands this type of bet in a lifetime, there are millions that are much poorer for trying.

If you’re happy throwing a few quid each week at a potentially life-changing bet, similar to playing the National Lottery, then we hope your dream comes true. But if you’re fed up with losing week after week, it’s time to change your betting tactics.

Win Singles On Horse Racing

If you’re the kind of bettor that normally has multiple bets, such as a lucky 15 or a Canadian, how often do you only get one winner? Worse still, how often is that one winner the horse you fancied the most before you put your bet on. But when you pick up your winnings, how often are your winnings less than the stake you put on. If this is a common scenario for you, then win singles are the way forward.

If you’re not convinced, keep placing your multiples for a few more weeks, but keep a separate record of the profit or losses you would have made betting on all your selections as singles, especially those horses you really fancied rather than forced into a multiple.

You might have heard of the expression nap, which is the name given to a horse that a tipster fancies to win the most on any day, and some tipsters will only ever tip their nap each day. Other tipsters do tip more than one horse sometimes or frequently, but what all good tipsters have in common is they never try and force a bet for the sake of having one. Good tipsters only every recommend a bet when they think the odds available about a horse to win are bigger than the probability of that horse winning.

Win Singles On Football

Football accumulators can be very tempting, especially when the betting on a lot of the matches is dominated by short-priced favourites. But bookmakers love accumulators, because normally one of the good teams lets punters down. Accumulators swing the odds further in favour of the bookmakers, which is why so many of them offer accumulator bonuses to tempt punters.

Punters that place accumulator bets also tend to bet quickly and rashly, because studying and analysing all the statistics for all those matches and finding value bets for each one would take a lot of time. That’s why top tipsters narrow down their study to just a few matches in which they think they can find value bets.

If you place football accumulators, ask yourself how many times you have three or four winners in a 5-fold but end up losing. If you’d split your accumulator stake and had five singles, there’s a good chance that you’d have won money.

Win Singles On Other Sports

The same principles apply when betting on other sports as they do in horse racing, whether you’re betting on American football, baseball, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, cricket, etc.

If you’re losing by placing accumulators, see if you would do any better placing all your bets as singles. You’ll probably be surprised how much better you do.

Bet Like A Professional Gambler

If you’re fed up with losing when betting on accumulators, follow the advice of many professional gamblers that make their livings placing wins singles on a variety of sports.

But if you’re going to bet like a professional gambler, it’s important to do it right. The first thing you need to do is consider what your average stake will be on your selections. You then need to have a betting bank that will cover a losing run and still leave you with money to bet on future winning selections.

If you’re betting at relatively short odds, such as 3/1 or less, then 50x your average stake should be enough. If you’re betting at average odds of 3/1 or more, your betting bank should be 100x your average stake.

This may sound like a lot of money but, while hopefully you will never get anywhere near losing your betting bank, you never want to be without cash when you have selections that you want to bet on.

Grow Your Betting Bank

While backing winners is exciting, there is nothing as satisfying as seeing your betting bank grow over time. Set yourself a goal of trying to grow your betting over a fixed period, for example, three months. At the end of three months, see how you have done.

If you have grown your betting bank, you then have an exciting choice to make. You can either take out your profit and spend it. Or, if you want to grow your betting bank more quickly, you can increase your per stake selection stake.

For example, if you start with a betting bank of £1,000 and bet £20 on each selection, you could easily increase your betting bank by 50% within three months. You’ll then have £1,500, meaning you could increase your stake to £30 per selection.

Here’s the really exciting part, if you then increase your betting bank by 50% over the next three months, suddenly your betting bank will have grown to £2,250, and you can bet £45 per selection.

Another three months and your betting bank could be £3,375, and you’re now betting £67.50 on each selection. This exponential growth is how many amateur gamblers can soon become professional gamblers.

That’s why many professional gamblers recommend betting on win singles. If you’re not good at picking winners, you can still make a profit from gambling by following the tips of professional gamblers and tipsters.

We hope that’s answered your question, what is the easiest bet to win.