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We've Paid Out OVER $1,000,000 to the Betting Gods Tipsters - Time to Join Them?

Why Join Betting Gods?

Why Should You Become a Tipster with the Betting Gods Network?

$1,000,000 Paid Out

Since launching the Betting Gods network in 2014, we have paid out over $1,000,000 to our expert tipsters. Don't you fancy being part of that?

40% Revenue Split

We pay affiliates 40% of all sales REVENUE. We pay for everything from advertising and marketing to web hosting and app development

#1 Tipster Network

With over 550 reviews on TrustPilot, over 6 years of experience and thousands of paying members, we reckon we're the #1 tipster network

Fully Managed Service

You focus on picking the tips while we handle payments, subscription management, sending of tips, advertising and marketing for you

Network of Affiliates

Betting Gods have an established network of affiliates who are ready, waiting and eager to push your tipping service to their keen leads

Established Brand

Having been around since 2014, you could become part of a well-known brand that comes with established authority and reputation

How to Join Betting Gods

Before You Become a Public Tipster, There are a Few Steps to Go Through:

1) Proof for 6 Months

After applying, you will need to proof for 6 months. This is so we have plenty of results to be confident in you and enough to market your service during the launch.

2) Launch the Service

If you pass the proofing process, we'll then discuss your service and get it launched to the Betting Gods network with an aim of getting 100s of members on board ASAP.

3) Continue to Earn

You'll then continue to provide your winning tips while we continue to get subscribers on board and ultimately money into your bank account every single day.

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