About Us

Betting Gods exists to help people like you to beat the bookies, and make money from sports betting. We do this by providing free and paid tipster content.

We work for you, not for the bookies. You’ll never see any banners or bookie advertising on our site or emails. Our mission is to help you beat the bookies and take their money.

Through our community and network of professional sports betting tipsters you will be guided towards success and profitability when betting on sports.

Over our years of operation we’ve enjoyed media coverage in many countries around the world. In addition we are also proud to have sponsored multiple sports and charitable events both at our home in Malta, and overseas.

If you haven’t joined us yet we’d love to welcome you to the Betting Gods community, it’s quick and easy to register. You can do it by clicking here to access our free betting tips page.

Betting Gods Products & Services

All Betting Gods tipsters have undergone and passed our extensive recruitment and proofing process. For every tipster that you see on Betting Gods there will be at least 20 who didn’t make it. This is why Betting Gods has such a strong reputation for providing only the very best tipsters in the business.

Our tipster services cover UK horse racing, Irish horse racing, US horse racing, basketball, tennis, baseball, handball, football, greyhound racing, ice hockey, and much more.

In addition to those tipster service we also have the Premium Tips service giving you access to our best bets for today, every day.

Our tipsters are paid based on performance, essentially they receive a percentage of sales/memberships. Ultimately if they perform well they will gain more members, and consequently increase their earnings.

Tipsters are all entered into our monthly tipster competition too, enabling them to boost their earnings further with cash prizes worth up to €950 per month.

As if our tipster content wasn’t enough we also have a very extensive blog covering guides to regulators, associations, impartial bookie reviews, plus sports betting previews, betting advice and guidance.

Betting Gods Reviews

We’ve been around for many years now and this means the internet has 100’s of reviews for our company and services. This includes Trustpilot, Google Reviews, plus various reviews on sports betting sites around the world.

Who Is The Founder Of Betting Gods?

Betting Gods was founded by Darren Moore in 2014, a former UK police offer and pro gambler who wanted to share his skills and knowledge with others around the world, enabling more and more people to experience the pleasure of actually beating the bookies and profiting from sports betting.

Naturally the company started very small, originally a sole trader business in the UK, it rapidly expanded and became a formal registered Ltd company in England.

The brand then transferred in 2017 to a newly formed company in Malta, Betting Gods Malta Ltd.

Darren Moore remains active in the company and holds the role of CEO of Betting Gods Malta Ltd.

What started as a small hobby business back in 2014 has really grown. As of 2023 the company is proud to serve members in 190 countries around the world, currently seen by aound 1,000,000 people per month.

Of course the team and company continue to grow. The company’s development team have been based in Ukraine for several years. Our Head Of Marketing role is home-based in the UK, and in addition we have colleagues in Korea, Malaysia, Nigeria, USA, Australia, Georgia, Poland, and Bulgaria. Plus of course multiple team members and colleagues at HQ in Malta.

Darren Moore and the entire Betting Gods team are incredibly proud of what the brand has achieved, it’s great to see our ‘baby’ grow, and we look forward to expanding with you.

Think you’ve got what it takes to join our team? Take a look at our job opportunities page here.

How much does it cost to be a member of Betting Gods?

Joining Betting Gods on the most simple level is 100% free, always has been and always will.
You can do that right here >> https://bettinggods.com/

How much does it cost to be a tipster at Betting Gods?

It costs you absolutely nothing to be a tipster at Betting Gods. In fact, once you’ve successfully passed our recruitment and proofing process we’ll be paying you.

How can I contact Betting Gods?

You can contact Betting Gods by replying to any email we send, or by using our contact form here. Please bear in mind that we do get quite busy and it can take a few hours to receive a response.

Does Betting Gods have a Facebook page?

The official Betting Gods Facebook page can be found by clicking here.

Does Betting Gods have a Twitter account?

The official Betting Gods Twitter account can be found by clicking here.

Does Betting Gods Have An Instagram Account?

The official Betting Gods Instagram account can be found by clicking here.