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Check Out the 14 sports betting tipsters Who Have Collectively Made £106908

The Source

216 Winners Since March 2022
Total Profit:£5,695.75


Per Month


Win Rate




This Month

Punter's Profit Pro

141 Winners Since May 2023
Total Profit:£3,543.25


Per Month


Win Rate




This Month

In Form

The Bookies Enemy

1,127 Winners Since July 2017
Total Profit:£26,564.00


Per Month


Win Rate




This Month

In Form

Premier Greyhound Tips

1,044 Winners Since October 2014
Total Profit:£33,119.25


Per Month


Win Rate




This Month

Racing Rundown

273 Winners Since August 2022
Total Profit:£7,656.00


Per Month


Win Rate




This Month

In Form

The Rolling Aces

434 Winners Since August 2021
Total Profit:£4,602.00


Per Month


Win Rate




This Month

In Form

Handball Pro Bet

209 Winners Since January 2023
Total Profit:£1,065.00


Per Month


Win Rate




This Month

Cheek Pieces

407 Winners Since January 2021
Total Profit:£3,448.25


Per Month


Win Rate




This Month

The Outside Edge

1,444 Winners Since December 2019
Total Profit:£16,781.25


Per Month


Win Rate




This Month

Euro Football Punter

1,064 Winners Since May 2021
Total Profit:£2,429.75


Per Month


Win Rate




This Month

In Form

Systematic Betting

308 Winners Since September 2022
Total Profit:£1,217.25


Per Month


Win Rate




This Month

The Lay Bet Tipster

290 Winners Since April 2022
Total Profit:£1,322.50


Per Month


Win Rate




This Month

Inside Track

202 Winners Since June 2023
Total Profit:£838.00


Per Month


Win Rate




This Month

US Racing Expert

884 Winners Since June 2019
Total Profit:-£1,374.25


Per Month


Win Rate




This Month

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Tipster FAQs

Common Questions about the Betting Gods Tipsters

Who Are The Betting Gods Tipsters?

Each tipster at Betting Gods is run by an individual. Some are veteran tipsters who joined Betting Gods to reach more people and to focus on picking winners. Some are brand new tipsters. Some are even former punters like yourself who were looking for an easy platform to share their tips with fellow punters!

What Is The Difference Between A Tipster & Capper?

Essentially at Betting Gods it has the same meaning, all of our tipsters and cappers are paid professionals who dedicate a lot of time, effort, and experience into providing professional and successful subscription based sports betting advice services.

Am I Guaranteed To Make Money?

No, never! Anyone who guarantees that you will make money from betting is deceiving you. The old adage applies here: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is... However, our tipsters will do their best to put you in profit in the long run, and experience shows that it is possible to make money from sports betting with the correct attitude.

Am I Tied Into A Contract?

We don't have any minimum term contracts in place at Betting Gods. You're free to follow a tipster for a week, a month or a year. What we do ask, however, is that you give a tipster ample time to prove themselves to you before you quit hastily.

Who Is The Best Tipster On Betting Gods?

This all depends on your definition of best tipster. It could be highest monthly profit, highest win rate, or a range of other factors. Rest assured though we work hard to ensure that all of our tipsters are the best tipsters around.

Is Betting Gods Legit?

Betting Gods is indeed a legitimate and reputable sports betting platform that provides high-quality betting tips, analysis, and resources to help bettors make informed decisions.

Betting Gods is a registered company in Malta, which means that we are subject to Maltese law and comply with full annual audits of our accounting and business operations.

We are proud to have received positive reviews from satisfied customers, who have praised the quality of our tips and the professionalism of our team.

If you're looking for a reliable and trustworthy sports betting platform with some of the best tipsters in the business, you're in safe hands with us.

How Can I Trust These Tipsters?

Every tipster at Betting Gods has passed our vetting process before they go public on our network. This is for our peace-of-mind and to ensure we only represent the best-of-the-best. During the tipster vetting period, we will ensure a tipster is profitable, professional, reliable and consistent.

Will I Win Every Day?

Winning every day is not something any tipster can guarantee. There will be days where the tips simply don't go the way the tipster was expecting. But this is perfectly normal. Instead, you need to consider the long term success of a service over 3, 6 and 12 month periods.

Who Is The Best Horse Racing Tipster?

This all comes down to what you consider to be best; it could be the tipster's win rate, average monthly profit, annual profit, return on investment, or any other factor. You can of course find all those details on their respective profiles.

Can I Become A Tipster?

If you think you've got what it takes to go public with your sports betting abilities then we'd love to hear from you. Find out about our application and proofing process by clicking here.

Which Tipster Makes The Most Money?

All of the Betting Gods tipsters are successful and profitable, it all depends what you're looking for. Some people prefer a selective, slow and steady approach to betting. Other tipsters might provide several tips per day for a high risk high reward approach.

Where Do You Find These Tipsters?

Often tipsters apply directly to us and then undergo our three month proofing process before we put them live. This tests them for profitability, professionalism, and ultimately that they know what they're doing. We only want the absolute best of the best tipsters on Betting Gods.

Can I Get Free Betting Tips Today?

Sure, if you're not ready to commit to a tipster quite yet you can trial our service with the free daily betting tips email. Click here to register and every day we'll send you some free betting tips.

Are Betting Tipsters Reliable?

We work with a team of expert tipsters who have a proven track record of success. Our tipsters undergo a rigorous selection process and are monitored closely to ensure that they continue to provide accurate and profitable tips. We firmly believe that our betting tipsters will greatly increase your chance of success and profitability.

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