Do You Have A Gambling Problem?

The signs of gambling problems are not always immediately obvious, but if you’re able to identify multiple issues from the list below it could be time to consider seeking help or advice:

Persistently talking about, or thinking about gambling

Spending more time gambling than you can realistically spare

Spending money money gambling than you can comfortably afford

Finding difficulty controlling, stopping, or reducing your gambling activities, or feeling irritable when trying to do so

Feeling empty or lost when not gambling

Gambling in an attempt to get yourself out of financial trouble or feeling that your gambling will be under control after that ‘big win’

Borrowing money to facilitate your gambling activities

Rising debts and unpaid bills because your money has been bet or gambled

Gambling your last €5 or £10 to ‘make a little extra until payday’

Increasing your gambling amounts in order to experience the thrill and excitement

Strong emotions when losing money through gambling.

Gambling as a way to escape feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, or upset

Feeling guilty when gambling

(Increased) criticism or arguments about your gambling from friends and family

Hiding financial affairs from your partner or family members

Neglecting family, friends, self and responsibilities in favour of gambling opportunities

Planning ‘time off’ work or other commitments to accommodate gambling opportunities.

If you are concerned about your gambling habits or those of a loved one then we actively encourage you to visit BeGambleAwareGamCare or Gambling Therapy for support and advice.