Chicago Blackhawks vs. St. Louis Blues – November 16th 2022

The Chicago Hawks will host St. Louis Blues on 16th November at the United Centre. 

It will be the 53rd time the two teams play against each other. The St. Louis Blues have won 30 times out of these conquests, while the Chicago Black Hawks won 21 times. The most recent match between the two teams took place on 9th October, where the Blues won by 6:0. 

Having played against each other so frequently, it is easy to assume that both teams know the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents quite well. However, to get an idea about what to expect from the coming game, it is fair to review the latest performance of the two teams and have a look at their stats.

St. Louis Blues Statistics

The St. Louis Blues are in the 8th place in the Central Division of the NHL with 12 points. The team has won 6 matches and lost 8 in the season so far.  

On Monday, 14th November, the team won against the Colorado Avalanche with a score of 3:2, landing the second straight win for their three-game road trip. It was the team’s third consecutive victory, as earlier, they had defeated the Vegas Golden Knights by 3:2 and San Jose Sharks by 5:3. 

However, it is interesting to note that the team was a 170+ underdog in their last game but pulled off a win which was considered a major upset. Robert Thomas performed well with a goal and an assist. The other two goals were scored by Brandon Saad and Jordan Kyrou. The team’s offence has been struggling throughout the season. The team has conceded an average of 3.7 goals and scored 2.4 during the season. 

The team is ranked 17th in the power play having a 20.0% success rate and is in 4th last place in terms of penalty kill with a proficiency of 70.8%. In the last six games played, the Blues scored, on average, two or fewer goals. The defence has also been average, but the goal-tending has been a struggle as well. The team ranks 27th in the league in this regard.

Chicago Blackhawks Statistics

The Chicago Blackhawks are currently in 5th place in the NHL Central Division with 15 points, having won six and losing 9 matches in the season so far. The team lost their last match to the Carolina Hurricanes as +195 underdogs by a score of 3:0. 

Chicago’s offence has been the reason behind the team’s struggle. The team ranks 30th in the league in terms of goals scored, averaging around 2.7 goals per game.

As for defence, the team has conceded an average of 3 goals per game and ranks 14th in the league. It is in 29th place in terms of shots against per game. While the overall defence has not been impressive, the goal-tending has come to the team’s rescue on multiple occasions. 

Chicago Blackhawks vs. St. Louis Blues Prediction

While the Blackhawks have been struggling in their recent games, it seems that the St. Louis Blues are finally starting to turn things around, winning three games in a row. The Blues have also dominated in the previous matches between the two teams, as Chicago has managed to score an average of 1.7 goals per game in the last ten games against the Blues. Given the recent performance stats and past game record between the two teams, it seems that the St. Louis Blues may also be winning this one.

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