A Guide To Racing Orange (towac Park)

Towac Park Racecourse stands as a central fixture in the horse racing landscape of Orange, a city nestled in New South Wales, Australia. Commonly referred to as Racing Orange, the venue has become synonymous with the city’s equestrian culture, particularly since the Racing Orange Club took over management in 2011. The racecourse is not just any ordinary track; it’s the proud host of the esteemed Orange Gold Cup and numerous other significant horse racing events that mark the annual sporting calendar.

Set against the scenic backdrop of Mount Canobolas, Towac Park serves as more than a racecourse—it’s a community hub where the thrill of the race and the love for equine sports converge. The racecourse has etched its place in the region’s history, offering a combination of modern racing facilities and a heritage that spans back to its establishment, making it a revered location in the heart of Orange’s sporting and social scene.

Towac Park Racecourse History

Towac Park Racecourse, situated near the foot of Mount Canobolas, is a well-known equestrian venue in the central west of New South Wales. After the discovery of the first payable gold at Ophir in 1851, which sparked the Australian Gold Rush, the city of Orange blossomed into a bustling gold trading centre and subsequently developed into a significant site for equine racing in the region.

Key Milestones:

  • 1851: Ophir is the site of Australia’s earliest payable gold discovery, setting off the Gold Rush.
  • 1946: Orange graduates from a town to a minor city.
  • 1963: Introduction of a Rallycross track inside Towac Park Racecourse by the Orange Light Car Club. The track witnessed modifications in 1965 and closed shortly after.
  • 2011: Formation of Racing Orange, enhancing Towac Park’s racing activities with the backing of Racing NSW and Orange City Council.

The original racing authority for Towac Park, the Orange Jockey Club, held an annual slate of ten racing events. Among these, the iconic Orange Gold Cup, which occurs in April, is a standout fixture in the racing calendar.

The venue’s contributions to the sport have seen periods of prosperity and hardship. In the early 2000s, the racecourse encountered financial difficulties. Efforts to stabilize operations led to the establishment of Racing Orange, with intentions to revitalize the area’s racing tradition.

Historically, the Orange Jockey Club and Bathurst Turf Club operated conjointly under the Golden West Race Club. However, this union was short-lived, causing Bathurst to form the Bathurst Thoroughbred Racing. Post-the split, Racing Orange assumed the reins at Towac Park.

From 2017, Towac Park expanded its offerings to harness racing following the relocation of the Orange Harness Racing Club from The Highlands Paceway, adding to its reputation as a versatile racing hub for both horse racing and harness racing enthusiasts.

Towac Park Racecourse Facilities

Towac Park, also known as the Orange Racecourse, is nestled just a short drive from the heart of Orange and offers an array of amenities for racing enthusiasts and event-goers alike. The central piece of the establishment is the modern grandstand, providing an outstanding view of the races alongside comfort for spectators.

Key Facilities Include:

  • Contemporary Grandstand: A state-of-the-art viewing experience for visitors.
  • Tote Facilities: Comprehensive betting services are available to patrons.
  • Undercover Betting Ring: A sheltered area for placing bets, regardless of weather conditions.
  • Licensed Bar: A range of beverages to complement the overall experience.

The racecourse also caters to various events, boasting a spectrum of venues perfect for weddings, business conferences, and exhibitions. Its circular track measures an impressive 1,800 metres in circumference, with a 350-metre home straight, allowing for an exhilarating race down the finishing stretch.

  • Track Specifications:
    • Circumference: 1,800 metres
    • Home Straight: 350 metres

Additionally, a lengthy starting chute services races exceeding 1,200 metres and introduces competitors to the track from the 1,400-metre mark, culminating in a sweeping turn leading up to the back straight.

Racing at the course is designed to be enjoyable for the entire family; it boasts the Orange Cup as its hallmark event, attracting visitors with its blend of fine dining and various entertainments for all ages.

Towac Park Racecourse Fixtures & Calendar

Towac Park Racecourse organises key racing fixtures throughout the year with a significant focus on the Orange Gold Cup. Set in late March to early April, this standout event spans a distance of 2100 metres. Targeting three-year-old horses, it’s contested under handicap conditions and boasts a prize fund of £75,000.

Backers and enthusiasts also look forward to the renowned Orange Picnic Races, a six-race meeting that captivates substantial crowds. Merging competitive racing with a touch of elegance, these races are as much a social gathering as a sporting event, with fashion awards adding extra excitement.

Annual Race Meetings:

  • Total of eight meetings
  • Notable racing events including the Orange Gold Cup and the Orange Picnic Races

The calendar, while subject to change, especially due to weather conditions, remains a vital part of the region’s equine and social activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Today’s Timetable at Towac Park Racecourse

  • Events: To find out what is on today, please refer to the official Racing Orange website or contact the racecourse directly for the most current schedule.

Ticket Acquisition for Towac Park Races

  • Methods to Buy Tickets: Tickets can generally be purchased online through the Racing Orange website, at the gate on race days, or at select outlets. Pre-booking is advised to ensure availability.

Finding Recent Race Outcomes from Towac Park

  • Race Results:
    • Online: Current results are typically posted on Racing Orange’s website.
    • Racecourse: Alternatively, visit the racecourse office for printed results.

Securing Victory Photographs at Towac Park

  • Win Photos:
    • Photographer Contact: Reach out to the official racecourse photographer.
    • Racecourse Office: They may assist with photo purchases.

2024 Race Calendar for Towac Park

  • Upcoming Dates:
    • A list of race days for the year 2024 can be found on Racing Orange’s events calendar, available online or at the racecourse office.

Orange Cup at Towac Park Highlights

  • Race Features:
    • Status: The Orange Cup is a well-known event within the region.
    • Attractions: It often features prominent horses and holds significant local prestige.

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