8 Biggest Horse Races In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a country where betting is quite attached to the culture, and horse racing there is huge as thousands of spectators gather during every event. There are horse races of various sizes throughout the year at Hong Kong and it attracts people from far and wide, including international tourists and horse racing fans. Hong Kong is also home to some very successful horse racing trainers.

The history of horse racing in Hong Kong started in 1840 when the British brought it from their territory. The first-ever racecourse was the Happy Valley Racecourse, which was built in 1845 as it was the only area of the island flat enough for racing.

If you would like to learn more about the horse racing panorama in Hong Kong out of curiosity or perhaps because you would like to learn more about the profitability of the market, this article is for you. We’ll describe the eight biggest horse races in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Cup

Here we have the most important horse race in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Cup. It happens every year in December when the Hong Kong International Raceday is celebrated. During this day, three other races are celebrated, including the following:

Hong Kong Mile
Hong Kong Spring
Hong Kong Vase

The Hong Kong Cup has a total distance of 2,000 metres and is the most prestigious race of the overall event and the country itself. It’s quite common for international competitors to take part in this race.

Hong Kong Mile

The second biggest horse race in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong Mile, which has a total distance of 1,600 metres. Every year, tons of famous names participate against each other for a big prize. As of 2022, the prize was HK$25 million. Hence, you can expect the competition to be quite tough every year.

Hong Kong Vase

Next up, we have the Hong Kong Vase. Like the previous race, it has a total distance of 1,600 metres. It is the first part of the Hong Kong Triple Crown. Tons of international competitors have won this race, such as John Size or Tony Cruz. Other winners may include Electric Unicorn and Golden Sixty, for instance.

Hong Kong Classic Mile

The Hong Kong Classic Mile is the primary race within the Hong Kong “classic” generation. The other two are the Classic Cup and the Hong Kong Derby. As of 2022, the prize is HK$12 million. Similar to other races within this country, it has a total distance of 1,600 metres.

Hong Kong Gold Cup

Here we have the second part of the Hong Kong Triple Crown. It takes place during February, and it is a fairly short race as it extends for about 1,200 metres. Similar to the previous race, the prize was HK$12 million as of 2022. Some famous winners of this career include Military Attack, among many others.

Hong Kong Classic Cup

Next up, there is the Hong Kong Classic Cup. It admits four-year-old horses, and it takes place at the Sha Tin Racecourse in February. It has a total distance of 1,800 metres. It is quite important for competitors interested in participating in the Hong Kong Derby, as the first three finishers will assure ballot exemption on that event.

Hong Kong Derby

The Hong Kong Derby is one of the most prestigious races in the country. As of 2022, the prize was HK$24 million. As mentioned, it is the last but most important of the Classic Series. Typically, local runners compete against each other through a field that extends over 2,000 metres.
This event takes place in March every year.

Hong Kong Champions & Chater Cup

This race is the last part of the Triple Crown. It is one of the lengthiest careers in Hong Kong, as it extends over a field of 2,400 metres. It takes place at Sha Tin, and the prize as of 2022 was HK$12 million. Typically, it happens somewhere through May.


Hong Kong is a country with a big horse racing industry and fan base, gathering thousands of attendees from the local cities and other places around the world every year. It offers tons of opportunities for bettors that are looking forward to making good money.

Of course, there are more careers that take place in this country every year, such as the Stewards’ Cup or the Silver Jubilee Cup. Hence, we highly advise you to keep up with the panorama around certain months of the year.

In Hong Kong, horse racing events tend to take place during the months of January, February, March, April, May, and December, although the calendar may look different each year. Typically, multiple events take place on the same day. All of the horse racing events are held at the same venue, which is the Sha Tin.

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