A Guide To Basketball In Mississippi

Welcome to the exciting world of basketball in Mississippi, where passionate fans and talented athletes come together to create an unforgettable sports experience. From its rich history and local legends to top college teams and community events, basketball has a significant impact on the state’s culture.

Whether you’re a die-hard supporter or new to the game, our comprehensive guide is here to help you navigate Mississippi’s thriving basketball scene.

Key Takeaways

  • Basketball has a deep-rooted history and culture in Mississippi, serving as a source of pride and opportunity for many communities.
  • The state’s basketball scene is diverse, including colleges such as Mississippi State University and Ole Miss, competitive high school teams, and professional leagues like the American Basketball Association (ABA) and National Basketball Association Development League (NBDL/G-League).
  • Top basketball venues worth visiting in Mississippi include The Pavilion at Ole Miss, Humphrey Coliseum at MSU, Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center in Biloxi, and Jackson Convention Center Complex. These arenas offer not only exciting games but also unique facilities that enhance the overall spectator experience.

The History And Culture Of Basketball In Mississippi

Basketball was first introduced to Mississippi in the early 1900s, and since then it has become a beloved sport among Mississippians.

Origins Of Basketball In Mississippi

Basketball in Mississippi dates back to the early 1900s when the sport began to gain popularity across the United States. Since then, it has significantly impacted the state’s culture and served as a source of pride for its residents.

The passion for basketball runs deep throughout Mississippi communities, especially in impoverished areas such as the Mississippi Delta – often referred to as “the most Southern place on Earth.” In these regions, basketball serves not only as entertainment but also offers young talent an opportunity for success beyond their everyday circumstances.

Importance Of Basketball To Mississippians

Basketball is more than just a game to Mississippians; it is a way of life. From local high school gyms to college arenas, basketball brings together communities throughout the state.

For some, basketball represents hope and opportunity for future success on and off the court.

Mississippi has produced many legendary basketball players who have gone on to achieve great success at both national and international levels. The sport serves as a source of pride for Mississippians, showcasing the state’s unique culture and talent.

Mississippi’s Basketball Scene

Mississippi’s basketball scene is diverse and exciting, with NCAA Division I college teams like Mississippi State and Ole Miss, talented high school players, and professional leagues to watch – read on for more information!

Mississippi’s College Basketball Teams

Mississippi is home to two major universities with NCAA Division I men’s basketball programs. These teams are popular among sports bettors and gamblers who follow college basketball. Here are some important details about Mississippi’s college basketball scene:

  • The Mississippi State Bulldogs men’s basketball team represents Mississippi State University in Starkville, Mississippi, in men’s NCAA Division I. They have a storied history, having made multiple appearances in the NCAA Tournament and reaching the Final Four in 1996.
  • The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) men’s basketball program plays their home games at The Pavilion at Ole Miss in Oxford, Mississippi. This state-of-the-art arena seats over 9,000 fans and is a popular venue for college basketball games. The team has also had success on the court, making multiple appearances in the NCAA Tournament.
  • Both Mississippi State and Ole Miss also have women’s basketball teams that are worth following for those interested in gambling on women’s college hoops.
  • In addition to these top-tier programs, there are several smaller colleges and universities throughout Mississippi that have competitive men’s and women’s basketball teams. These include Alcorn State University, Jackson State University, Belhaven University, and Delta State University.

With so many talented players and competitive teams calling Mississippi home, there are plenty of opportunities for sports bettors to get involved in college basketball betting action here.

Mississippi’s High School Basketball Teams

Mississippi is home to many high school basketball teams that are highly competitive and fun to watch for gambling enthusiasts. Here are some essential facts about high school basketball in Mississippi:

  • High school basketball is regulated by the Mississippi High School Activities Association (MHSAA), which oversees the state championships.
  • There are several powerhouse high school basketball programs in Mississippi, including Callaway High School and Lanier High School in Jackson, Forest Hill High School in Jackson, Olive Branch High School, Tupelo High School, and Starkville High School.
  • Many talented professional basketball players have come out of high schools in Mississippi, such as Al Jefferson from Prentiss High School and Antonio McDyess from Quitman County High School.
  • The state’s MHSAA state championships take place annually in March and are open to all 15 high school classification levels in the state.
  • Fans can follow their favorite high school teams’ progress throughout the season by checking out local newspapers’ reports or following MHSAA on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook.
  • Several online gambling sites offer betting options for Mississippi’s high school basketball tournaments and playoffs. However, it is essential to do your research before placing any bets.

Keep up with your favorite high school basketball teams by catching games live or streaming them online this coming season!

Professional Basketball Leagues In Mississippi

Mississippi may not have an NBA team, but there are still plenty of opportunities to watch professional basketball in the state. Here are some of the top professional basketball leagues in Mississippi that offer some great basketball betting opportunities for fans:

The Gulf Coast Challenge – This is an annual college basketball tournament that takes place in Biloxi, Mississippi. It usually features teams from the Southern and Southwestern Athletic Conferences.

American Basketball Association (ABA) – The ABA has had several teams in Mississippi over the years, including the Jackson Showboats and Tupelo Rock-n-Rollers.

The Basketball League (TBL) – The TBL recently expanded to include a team in Jackson, Mississippi called the Jackson Chargers.

Elite Basketball Association (EBA) – The EBA also has a team based in Jackson, Mississippi called the Jackson Eagles.

National Basketball Association Development League (NBDL/G-League) – Although not located specifically within Mississippi, fans can still wager on games involving NBDL or G-League teams affiliated with major league squads such as the Memphis Grizzlies.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking to bet on some basketball games, there’s something for everyone when it comes to professional basketball leagues in Mississippi.

Best Basketball Venues In Mississippi

The Pavilion at Ole Miss, Humphrey Coliseum at Mississippi State University, Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center, and Jackson Convention Center Complex are just a few of the amazing basketball venues in Mississippi that you won’t want to miss.

The Pavilion At Ole Miss

The Pavilion at Ole Miss is the home of the University of Mississippi’s men’s and women’s basketball teams. It boasts a seating capacity of 9,500 and opened in January 2016, replacing Tad Smith Coliseum.

The Pavilion is known for its state-of-the-art technology and amenities, including a high-definition video board and an LED lighting system that can change colors to create different moods.

It also has premium seating options such as club seats, luxury suites, and courtside seats.

The Pavilion at Ole Miss has been consistently ranked among the best facilities in college basketball since it was built. In addition to serving as a venue for sports events, it also hosts concerts and other special events throughout the year.

Humphrey Coliseum At Mississippi State University

The Humphrey Coliseum at Mississippi State University is one of the premier venues for basketball in Mississippi. Home to the MSU Bulldogs, this arena has witnessed some great games and moments over the years.

The venue has undergone several renovations since it first opened its doors in 1975, including upgraded seating options and new video boards. Its location on campus also makes it easily accessible for students and fans alike.

Mississippi Coast Coliseum And Convention Center

The Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center is a fantastic venue for basketball games, with a seating capacity of up to 10,000 people. Located in Biloxi near the Gulf of Mexico, this facility serves as the home court for several high school basketball teams and minor league professional basketball teams like the Mississippi Surge.

The arena also regularly hosts major college basketball tournaments such as the Gulf Coast Showcase and rivalry games between schools like Southern Miss and Tulane. For those who enjoy gambling in addition to basketball, the nearby Beau Rivage Resort & Casino offers plenty of gaming options before or after game time at the Coliseum.

Jackson Convention Center Complex

The Jackson Convention Center Complex in downtown Jackson, Mississippi has been a popular venue for basketball fans. The center hosts various sporting events, including high school and college basketball games.

With a seating capacity of 8,000 people, the complex offers an intimate setting for fans who want to watch their favorite teams compete. During tournaments or playoffs, the atmosphere is electric with cheering fans from different schools and communities across Mississippi coming together under one roof to support their teams.

Tips For Enjoying Basketball In Mississippi

Dress comfortably, get your tickets early, and try the local food and drinks while immersing yourself in the basketball culture of Mississippi.

Getting Tickets

Attending a basketball game in Mississippi can be an exciting experience, especially for gambling enthusiasts. Here are some tips on how to get tickets to the games:

  1. Check the team’s website: Most college and professional basketball teams in Mississippi sell tickets directly on their website. This is a convenient and safe way to purchase tickets without having to deal with third-party resellers.
  2. Use third-party ticketing websites: If the game is sold out or if you’re looking for discounted tickets, consider using websites like StubHub or Ticketmaster. These websites often have resale tickets available at varying prices, so you might be able to find a good deal.
  3. Visit the arena box office: If you prefer buying tickets in person, you can visit the box office at the venue where the game will be played. This is also a good option if you want to avoid service charges that are typically added by online ticket vendors.
  4. Join fan clubs and mailing lists: Many sports teams have fan clubs or mailing lists that offer special promotions and discounts for game tickets. You can sign up for these clubs or lists on the team’s website or social media pages.
  5. Stay alert for last-minute deals: In some cases, sports teams release unsold tickets a few hours before the game starts at discounted prices. Keep an eye on social media pages and team websites for any announcements about these deals.

Remember that college and professional basketball games in Mississippi can get very popular, especially during playoffs and championships. It’s always best to buy your tickets well in advance to ensure availability and avoid disappointment!

Dressing For The Game

Attending a basketball game in Mississippi can be an absolute delight, but it’s important to dress according to the weather. The state experiences hot and humid summers, so ensure to wear light clothing like shorts and t-shirts or jerseys if you want to support your team.

Another essential factor when dressing for a basketball game in Mississippi is footwear. It would be best to opt for comfortable shoes like sneakers that provide excellent support since you’ll be sitting or standing for extended periods of time cheering on your favorite team.

Mississippians love recruiting top players from high school teams that lead them into college tournaments and beyond; wearing the colors of these winning teams adds more excitement to the environment while displaying proud loyalty and adding color around places within Jackson Convention Center Complex or Humphrey Coliseum at Mississippi State University.

Enjoying Local Food And Drink

No trip to Mississippi for a basketball game is complete without indulging in the local food and drink scene. Whether you’re craving some southern comfort food or looking for something more avant-garde, Mississippi has it all.

Try some crispy fried chicken at Ajax Diner in Oxford before heading to The Pavilion at Ole Miss to watch a game of Rebels basketball.

For those looking for a truly unique experience, check out the Cathead Distillery tasting room in Jackson. This award-winning craft distillery produces small-batch vodka, gin and whiskey using locally-grown corn and grains.

Take a tour of their facility before sipping on one of their signature cocktails like the Honeysuckle Vodka Sour or the Hoodoo Chicory Liqueur Manhattan.

Understanding Local Basketball Culture

To fully enjoy basketball in Mississippi, it’s essential to understand the local culture surrounding the sport. For starters, basketball is taken seriously here, with a passion and intensity that can rival any other state in the country.

In addition to their love for the game, Mississippians also have their unique traditions when it comes to basketball. Tailgating before games is a popular pastime where fans gather together outside arenas or stadiums to grill food, drink beer, and socialize before tip-off.

When attending a game in Mississippi, it’s also crucial to dress appropriately. Comfortable shoes are a must since most arenas require walking up stairs or lengthy concourses.

Overall, understanding local basketball culture means appreciating its significance and embracing everything that makes it unique in Mississippi from tailgating traditions to dressing up on game day.


In conclusion, basketball is a beloved sport in Mississippi, with a rich history and culture. From college teams like the Mississippi State Bulldogs and Ole Miss Rebels to high school championship contenders, there are plenty of opportunities to catch a game in person or online.

And for those who enjoy betting on sports, Mississippi offers various options for betting on basketball games.


What are the top basketball teams in Mississippi?

Top college basketball programs in Mississippi include Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Southern Miss. High school basketball is also popular throughout the state with many talented players competing for championships every year.

How can I get involved in playing basketball in Mississippi?

Joining a local recreational or club team is one of the best ways to start getting involved with basketball in Mississippi, be it as an amateur player or simply someone who wants to stay active. There are also plenty of youth programs available that cater specifically towards children just learning how to play.

Where can I find information about upcoming basketball games and tournaments in Mississippi?

The official websites for both colleges and high schools typically list schedules for upcoming games, along with any other important information regarding tickets, locations and streaming options where spectators may watch remotely if necessary.

Are there any famous NBA players from Mississippi?

Hall of Fame center Willis Reed was born and raised in Hico (near Meridian) while Tony Allen played college ball at Oklahoma State before going on to have a successful career as a shooting guard/forward that included stints with several different NBA franchises including championship-winning runs alongside Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce during his time with Boston Celtics’ Big Three era roster(s).

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