A Guide To Basketball In North Carolina

Welcome to the ultimate guide to basketball in North Carolina, a state with a rich history and thriving present in this beloved sport. Whether you’re an avid fan of NCAA college hoops or eagerly rooting for professional NBA teams, North Carolina has something for every basketball enthusiast.

In this guide, we’ll explore iconic venues, must-attend tournaments, and unforgettable events taking place throughout the Tar Heel State.

Key Takeaways

  • North Carolina has a rich basketball history, with notable moments such as the emergence of iconic rivalries between UNC and Duke University, producing NBA talents like Michael Jordan and Grant Hill.
  • The state is home to top-tier college basketball programs including Duke University’s Blue Devils, UNC-Chapel Hill’s Tar Heels, and NC State Wolfpack.
  • Fans can attend games at some of the most iconic stadiums and arenas in the country for basketball matches including Dean E. Smith Center, Cameron Indoor Stadium, Spectrum Center, PNC Arena Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum which hosts events from NCAA Tournament games to Charlotte Hornets NBA team fixtures.
  • Must-attend tournaments and events include The ACC Basketball Tournament held annually in Charlotte or Greensboro; The Carolina Pro-Am summer league featuring top-notch NBA players coaching budding professionals; The Charlotte Classic tournament bringing together high school teams from across the US; John Wall Invitational providing insights into rising talent in high school hoops competitions.

The Rich History And Current State Of Basketball In North Carolina

North Carolina has a rich basketball history, with early origins dating back to the 1920s and notable moments such as Michael Jordan’s rise to fame playing for UNC’s men’s basketball team.

Early Origins And Notable Moments In North Carolina Basketball History

North Carolina has long been synonymous with basketball, boasting an illustrious history that dates back to the early 20th century. One of the earliest milestones in North Carolina’s basketball journey came in 1910 when the University of North Carolina (UNC) and Wake Forest played against each other, marking their first intercollegiate game.

Notably, some of college basketball’s most iconic rivalries have emerged in North Carolina between powerhouses like UNC and Duke University. Legendary coaches such as Dean Smith and Roy Williams at UNC and Mike Krzyzewski at Duke set new standards for success within their programs while producing NBA talents like Michael Jordan and Grant Hill.

In fact, both UNC (six times) and Duke (five times) have claimed NCAA Tournament championships under these leaderships. High school hoops also made headlines throughout state history; one example being the famous Leesville Road High School showdown between future NBA stars John Wall and C.J.

Bettors looking to wager on games involving teams from North Carolina can enjoy an extra layer of excitement by delving into this rich historical context before placing bets on current season match-ups or even predicting potential standout players rising through high school ranks who could impact upcoming college rosters, all elements worth considering when making informed betting decisions regarding North Carolinian basketball affairs.

Current Professional And College Teams

North Carolina has a rich basketball culture that includes both professional and college teams. The state is home to the Charlotte Hornets, an NBA team that plays their games at the Spectrum Center in downtown Charlotte.

College basketball fans can catch these teams play live across various venues throughout North Carolina during game day or through online streaming options for those who are unable to attend events in person.

Rising Stars In The State’s Basketball Scene

North Carolina boasts some of the most exciting basketball talents in the country. One such rising star is Jaden Bradley, a 5-star point guard who plays for Cannon School and has committed to play for North Carolina.

In addition to these promising young players, there are also established stars making waves on the court. Coby White is a standout guard for the Chicago Bulls who played college ball at UNC, while Zion Williamson made headlines with his explosive dunks during his time at Duke University before being drafted by the New Orleans Pelicans.

Top Places To Play And Watch Basketball In North Carolina

Catch a game at the iconic Dean E.

Iconic Stadiums And Arenas

North Carolina is home to some of the most iconic stadiums and arenas in the country, perfect for basketball fans looking to catch a game. Whether you’re rooting for a professional team or attending a college game, here are some must-visit venues:

Dean E. Smith Center: The University of North Carolina’s Dean E. Smith Center in Chapel Hill is one of the most recognizable arenas in college basketball history. With a seating capacity of over 21,000, it’s no surprise that this venue has hosted numerous high-profile NCAA Tournament games.

Cameron Indoor Stadium: Home to Duke University’s basketball team, Cameron Indoor Stadium has become an iconic venue thanks to its intimate atmosphere and passionate fans. This stadium only seats around 9,000 people, making it one of the smallest in Division I basketball.

Spectrum Center: Located in downtown Charlotte, Spectrum Center is home to the Charlotte Hornets NBA team. The arena also hosts major college events like the ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament and NCAA Tournament games.

PNC Arena: Home to both the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes and North Carolina State University’s men’s basketball team, PNC Arena seats over 18,000 fans and features state-of-the-art technology including a video scoreboard that stretches nearly 3 stories tall.

Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum: Known simply as “The Joel,” this Winston-Salem arena is home to Wake Forest University men’s and women’s basketball teams. It has also hosted NCAA Tournament games multiple times since opening in 1989.

Whether you’re catching a game at an iconic stadium or cheering on your favorite college team at their home court, North Carolina offers plenty of options for avid basketball fans.

Tips For Attending Live Games

Attending live basketball games in North Carolina is an exciting experience for gambling enthusiasts. To make the most out of your visit, start by checking the Men’s Basketball Schedule and purchasing tickets in advance.

It’s also helpful to arrive at the arena early to avoid long lines and ensure a good seat. For those traveling from out of town, consider booking accommodations near iconic stadiums like Cameron Indoor Stadium or Dean E.

Additionally, be sure to dress appropriately for the weather conditions as some venues may require outdoor travel between parking lots and arenas. Once inside, grab a local beer or favorite concession snack and immerse yourself in the energetic atmosphere as you cheer on teams like UNC Men’s Basketball, NC State MBB or Duke Blue Devils.

Viewing Options For TV And Online Streaming

If you can’t make it to the stadium, there are plenty of ways to watch basketball games in North Carolina. Cable and satellite TV providers often carry games from college teams like the UNC Tar Heels and Duke Blue Devils, as well as NBA games featuring the Charlotte Hornets.

For those who prefer online streaming options, NCAA March Madness Live is a popular choice for watching college basketball tournaments like the ACC Basketball Tournament.

And if you want to catch high school hoops action in North Carolina, HighSchoolOT.com streams live coverage of some of the state’s biggest matchups.

Must-Attend Basketball Tournaments And Events In North Carolina

Some of the must-attend basketball tournaments and events in North Carolina include the ACC Basketball Tournament, the Carolina Pro-Am, the Charlotte Classic, the John Wall Invitational, and the Phenom Hoops Tournament.

The ACC Basketball Tournament

One of the most exciting basketball events in North Carolina is the ACC Basketball Tournament. This tournament showcases some of the best college basketball teams in the country, including Duke, UNC, NC State, and many more.

The tournament is held annually in Charlotte or Greensboro and attracts fans from all over the state and beyond. Whether you’re a casual fan or an avid gambler looking to place a bet on your favorite team, there’s something for everyone at this tournament.

The atmosphere is electric as each game brings new surprises and upsets.

The Carolina Pro-Am

One of the must-attend basketball tournaments in North Carolina is the Carolina Pro-Am. This annual summer league features some of the most talented high school, college, and professional players in the state competing against each other.

Notably, the tournament attracts top-notch NBA players such as Michael Jordan, Chris Paul, and Vince Carter who frequently show up to coach or play alongside budding pro athletes.

The Charlotte Classic

The Charlotte Classic is a basketball tournament held annually in Charlotte, North Carolina. It brings together some of the top high school basketball teams from across the country to compete against each other in a highly-anticipated event.

The tournament also draws a lot of attention from the gambling community, with betting lines and odds available for fans looking to get in on the action. While attending live games is always an exciting experience, watching and betting on games online or through TV broadcasts can provide an equally thrilling way to enjoy this riveting sporting event.

The John Wall Invitational

North Carolina is a hotbed for high school basketball talent, and the John Wall Invitational is one of the biggest stages for young players to showcase their skills. Named after Raleigh native and NBA star John Wall, this tournament features some of the top prospects from around the country and draws in crowds of fans and scouts alike.

The event takes place annually in December at Broughton High School in Raleigh, where Wall himself played before moving on to Kentucky and then onto an illustrious pro career.

For gamblers looking for an early look at rising stars in the sport, betting lines are available for each game throughout the tournament.

The Phenom Hoops Tournament

The Phenom Hoops Tournament is an annual basketball event that draws top talent from across the country. Held in various cities throughout North Carolina, the tournament features some of the most exciting high school basketball players around.

Gambling enthusiasts looking to place bets on rising stars should definitely keep an eye on this tournament. Previous participants include NBA All-Stars like Chris Paul and Steph Curry, so there’s no telling who might take the court and make a name for themselves at this year’s Phenom Hoops Tournament.

Guide To Enjoying Basketball In North Carolina

Find all the game schedules and tickets for North Carolina basketball teams, check out insider tips on exploring North Carolina’s basketball culture, and discover recommended basketball-related attractions and activities.

Where To Find Game Schedules And Tickets

If you’re planning to catch some basketball action in North Carolina, here are some tips on where to find game schedules and tickets:

  1. Check the official websites of the teams you want to see play. You can usually find their schedule and ticket information there.
  2. Look up ticket resellers or brokers online, but be wary of scams and inflated prices.
  3. Follow the teams’ social media accounts for updates on games and ticket promotions.
  4. Check out local ticket outlets like Ticketmaster or StubHub.
  5. If you’re visiting a university campus, check with their athletic department for tickets and game schedules.
  6. Consider purchasing season tickets if you plan on attending multiple games throughout the year.

Remember, it’s always best to purchase tickets from reputable sources to avoid any potential issues or scams. And with a little bit of research, you can easily find game schedules and secure your spot at some of North Carolina’s most exciting basketball events!

Insider Tips On Exploring North Carolina’s Basketball Culture

If you want to truly experience North Carolina’s basketball culture, there are some insider tips to keep in mind. First and foremost, attending live games is a must. The energy of the crowd and the passion for the sport are unmatched.

When it comes to exploring the history of basketball in North Carolina, visiting museums and exhibits can be a great way to learn more. The NC Sports Hall of Fame in Raleigh has an extensive collection dedicated to local sports legends, including several basketball stars.

Recommended Basketball-related Attractions And Activities

Visiting North Carolina and love basketball? Here are some of the top recommended attractions and activities for you:

  1. Visit the College Basketball Hall of Fame in Greensboro, NC, which showcases the history of college basketball and honors its legendary players and coaches.
  2. Check out the Dean Smith Center in Chapel Hill, NC, the home arena of UNC Men’s Basketball team and named after Coach Dean Smith, who led them to two national championships.
  3. Take a tour of Cameron Indoor Stadium in Durham, NC, known as one of the toughest places to play for opposing teams. Duke Men’s Basketball team calls this place its home court.
  4. Attend a Charlotte Hornets game at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, NC. This NBA team always puts on an exciting show that will leave you wanting more.
  5. Join a basketball camp or clinic offered by local colleges or universities like UNC or NCCU. You never know what connections you could make with coaches or other players.
  6. Attend the John Wall Holiday Invitational tournament held annually in Raleigh, NC featuring some of the best high school basketball players from across the country.
  7. Play your own game of basketball at one of North Carolina’s many outdoor courts like The Playground at Durham Central Park or Moss Street Park Court in Asheville.
  8. Discover more about North Carolina’s rich basketball history by visiting museums such as The NC Sports Hall of Fame or Michael Jordan Family Museum – both located in Wilmington.
  9. Catch a glimpse into UNC Women’s Basketball team’s success by visiting Carmichael Arena on campus where they play their home games and have won multiple conference championships.
  10. Take advantage of opportunities to meet current and former NBA players during signings and events throughout North Carolina such as autograph signings with Michael Jordan who is still regarded as one of the best ever to play the game..


In conclusion, North Carolina is a basketball lover’s paradise with a rich and diverse history in the sport. From college programs like UNC and Duke to up-and-coming stars in the high school ranks, there is no shortage of talent or excitement for fans to enjoy.

Whether attending live games at iconic venues or tuning in from home, this guide has provided you with all the resources needed to fully immerse yourself in North Carolina’s basketball culture.

So lace up your sneakers, grab some popcorn, and get ready for an unforgettable experience on the hardwood.


Which are the best basketball teams in North Carolina?

North Carolina is known for its exceptional basketball talent, with notable teams including the Charlotte Hornets, Duke Blue Devils, UNC Tar Heels and NC State Wolfpack.

What are some popular basketball tournaments held in North Carolina?

Some of the most popular annual basketball tournaments held in North Carolina include the ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament, CIAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, and NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Championship regional rounds.

Where can I find local pickup games or recreational leagues to join in North Carolina?

There are numerous options for finding pickup games and recreational leagues throughout various cities in North Carolina. Online resources such as Meetup groups or community centers could be great starting points to connect with other players and find opportunities to play.

Are there any famous NBA players from North Carolina?

North Carolina has produced several notable NBA players over time – some of whom include Michael Jordan (who played college ball at UNC), Chris Paul (a native of Winston-Salem), Jerry Stackhouse (an alum of UNC) and Steph Curry (born in Akron but grew up near Charlotte).

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