Philippines Betting – A Review Of MegaSportsWorld

The Philippines is one of South East Asia’s sporting hubs, with a population passionate about basketball, football and of combat sports, in large part thanks to the amazing career of boxing icon, and now senator, Manny ‘Pac Man’ Pacquiao. So it is only fitting that one of the most impressive online sports betting providers has emerged from the islands.

MegaSportsWorld acts as a one stop shop for sports fans who are looking for the excitement of placing bets on the outcomes of matches, offering a huge range of options from sports leagues and competitions around the world.

A Local And International Outlook

Punters from overseas might be attracted to MegaSportsWorld’s offering for the window it provides into Filipino competitions, such as basketball’s Philippines Basketball Association (PBA) and its Commissioner Cup. Since 1975, the PBA has given the Philippines an opportunity to enjoy their own version of the United States’ beloved NBA, and the 12 teams which take part are well followed. Manny Pacquiao himself has been heavily involved in the competition, helping to coach the Mahindra Floodbuster team in the 2014/2015 season.

In terms of the South East Asia region, MegaSportsWorld offers the chance to bet on the high profile football competitions in the region, such as the Thai Premier League, the Indonesia Super League, and the AFC Cup, which pits teams from different Asian countries against each other.

The Cream Of World Football

Aside from domestic and regional competitions, MegaSportsWorld offers a selection of the highest profile leagues and tournaments from around the world. These include football’s popular English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, as well as the Champions League and Europa League. The site also offers betting on a huge depth of national leagues from all over the globe, from Austria to Venezuela. Its country specific betting extends into the lower reaches of the league system in countries such as England and Germany, with multiple divisions available to bet on.

King Of The Hoops

As you would expect in this basketball mad nation, there are also a wide range of basketball leagues offered for betting by MegaSportsWorld aside from the PBA and NBA, including the strong competitions in Spain and Israel, as well as from basketball backwaters such as England and Belgium.

Pick Of The Calendar

Whether it’s the World Snooker Championship, Formula 1, or cricket’s Indian Premier League, if there is a high profile sports event taking place somewhere, there is a very good chance that MegaSportsWorld will offer a market on it. The site includes a user friendly side panel which allows quick navigation to the sport of the visitor’s choice.

Virtual Sports

For those that like to escape into the fantasy land of virtual sports, MegaSportsWorld offers a considerable number of options, including virtual football leagues, horse racing, tennis, and of course basketball. Punters can watch these virtual events unfold live thanks to the site’s flash player.

Live Streaming

MegaSportsWorld offers a live streaming calendar which allows members to check the events they want to watch in the days ahead. From basketball to tennis and badminton, MegaSportsWorld’s live streaming capabilities are limited by rights restrictions, but they still manage to offer a good mix of sports.


MegaSportsWorld can be visited in person, thanks to the chain of shops they operate in the Philippines. For online punters, given the large number of live updates on the site, it is recommended that MegaSportsWorld is viewed in an online mode, to enjoy all the features the site has to offer. There is also a ‘telebetting’ option, but it appears this requires a Philippines government ID to be provided for the operator, which could rule out international punters. There is also the issue of a 20 per cent government tax which MegaSportsWorld says is “applicable to all individual winnings from MegaSportsWorld above ten thousand pesos.”

The site places responsibility for reporting winnings with the punters themselves.

User Friendly And Comprehensive

The range of competitions offered by MegaSportsWorld – particularly when it comes to basketball – and the site’s slick, user friendly nature, make it a nice option for online sports betting.

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  1. im here in canada..but im filipino i want bet. i tried to go to your site but i cant go can we fix that problem?


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