Tipster Records: Luck Or Skill?

Here at Betting Gods we pride ourselves on offering the best leads and tips to help you place a punt. But what does a modern tipster look like and how can you test their worth before putting your money where their mouth is?

Traditionally, tipsters were pundits who made themselves available on the track, by newspaper or via radio where they would provide punters with a steer on the outcome of a sporting event, tournament, or anything you could potentially place a stake on. Tipsters always put themselves forward as experts who know more than the bookies who have set the stakes, and they will all claim to have a track record to prove it; offering their insight for a subscription or a one-off fee. In the past, tips were traded between individuals but with the rise of the internet, sites (such as our own) have given tipsters a platform to let punters avail of their expertise and help guarantee their own legitimacy.

Since social media took the world by storm, anyone with an internet connection and a love for a game can tout themselves as a qualified tipster. This can lead to some valid criticism that wannabe tipsters stand with nothing to lose and plenty to gain from those looking from some advice from on high.

So, It’s Always Worth Asking – Is It Skill Or Luck?

The truth – as any punter knows – is that an individual can only be lucky for so long and every good tipster will have a track-record and a ‘knack’ for making the right picks. Some will have inside sources that the rest of us may not be privy to, others may be experts at crunching the publicly-available data in a way that most don’t have the time or expertise to do. Others may just have such a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of a game or event and all its moving parts they can give a degree of insight that isn’t available to other punters.

If you’re a tipster, you’ve either got it or you don’t. The challenge for punters is being able to sort the chancers from the experts.

What Are Some Ways I Can Check A Tipster’s Form?

Review Their Records: Thanks to the internet and social media, every tipster worth their salt will have a trail of posts and content behind them that can be reviewed to check their ability. Before you put any money down on a tipster, take a full review of the history of their tips and consider their margin of success. Ideally, this should be over the long term (for at least a year or so) and also recently (the last three or so months).

Apply A Formula: Punting is a game of ratios and there’s no hiding from raw numbers. If you’re keen to roll up your sleeves and start calculating, there are a variety of methods that will allow you to analyse a tipster’s form. One of the best ways to do this is to research and apply any number of statistical test methodologies that are available online. This may involve conducting a T-Test for randomness, a method used in statistical research and sampling to spot randomness and sample bias. There is also a large amount of overlap between the world of punting and the finance sector, particularly in relation to investing in stocks and shares. If you’re especially mathematically minded, methods that help calculate spread betting and the worth of financial derivatives  to help decide if a tipster is the real deal.

Test Their Knowledge: If the tipster you are considering is known for regularly engaging with punters or blogging, you will have a perfect opportunity to fully gauge their knowledge. A public tipster will often have their own site which should provide links to articles and twitter statements. Look out for anything that points toward a superficial knowledge of the sport in question or a lack of up-to-date knowledge, as if you’re handing over money to an expert they should know more than you.

Just Go Professional: While many sites claim to offer the best pundits, the most reliable will give the full statistics and results of any tipsters over an extended period. Any legitimate tipster site should be able to quickly give you a full and comprehensive breakdown of their form coupled with detailed statistical information. Always remember that placing a punt is not alchemy, and while a tipster’s own practices about their suggestions may be secret, the success of their claims can never lie (it’s the law).

What Should I Know When Placing A Punt?

Always Follow First: The same way as you would research an item before purchase, it’s always best to get the full measure of a tipster before you hand over any money. Check out their Twitter feed, their online records and make sure that you’re fully comfortable with them before money changes hands. And always, always, make sure that you back up your decision up with statistical information.

Make Them Work On Paper: Before you commit to spending any of your cash, look at the regularly updated tips and work out how much you would win depending on your set budget. This will allow you to figure out if your current plan allows you to set some money aside for an extra bit of guidance or if you can forego some punts to pay for their expertise. This will also help build your awareness of the event in question and help add to your own knowledge going forward.

Get Involved: Even if you don’t want to regularly tweet, get on Facebook or post in forums, take the opportunity to regularly review all information available to you and grow your own knowledge and contact others in the same boat. In the same way that tipsters used to trade leads, you may find yourself stumbling across an expert handing over some wisdom in a thread. Or you may become so knowledgeable you may end up dispensing some wisdom of your own, or even applying to become a tipster with us!

How to use betting statistics to your advantage?

Using betting statistics to your advantage can be a great way to improve your chances of success in sports betting. One way to do this is to learn how to read betting trends and use them to inform your betting decisions. By analyzing stats for betting and football betting stats and trends, you can identify patterns and trends in the data that may help you predict the outcome of future events.

For example, if you notice that a particular team tends to perform well when playing at home, you may want to consider betting on them when they have a home game. Similarly, if you see that a certain player has a history of scoring goals in certain situations, you may want to bet on them to score in their next game.

Another way to use sports betting stats and trends to your advantage is to look for value bets. This involves identifying situations where the odds offered by bookmakers are higher than the true probability of the outcome occurring. By finding value bets, you can increase your potential payout while minimizing your risk.

Learning how to use betting statistics to your advantage involves a combination of research, analysis, and experience. By staying up-to-date with the latest stats and trends, and by using this information to inform your betting decisions, you can increase your chances of success in sports betting.

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