Why Should You Pay For Horse Racing Tips?

If you love to gamble on horse racing, then there are several reasons why you might consider paying for horse racing tips. However, before I even ask you to consider those reasons, you need to ask yourself two very important questions.

Horse Racing Tips

1) Are you prepared to consider your outlay on a horse racing tipster as a long-term investment? This is because no professional tipster in the world will tell you you’re going to get rich overnight, or the week you sign-up, or even in your first month. However, what successful tipsters can usually deliver is a profit over a sustained period of time, say a year, when all the peaks and troughs of that betting year have been taken into consideration.

2) If you answered yes to number 1, then next question is – are you prepared to start with the recommended betting bank? As this will mean you can deal with any early losses that may occur, and still have the money there when the winning periods return – and that’s how you make money in the long-term by following a decent tipster.

If you’ve answered yes to both those questions – then here are some of the reasons why you might consider paying for horse racing tips.

You’re Not Very Good At Picking Winners

You shouldn’t be embarrassed to admit if you tend to lose when backing horses, because picking winners on a regular basis takes a lot of time, effort, knowledge and skill. Hey, I don’t know what you do for a job, but I’d be happy to bet I just couldn’t pick-up the tools of your trade and start doing it immediately.

Horse Racing TipsYou Don’t Have The Time To Study Properly

If you work full-time, then it’s unlikely you have the time to study the formbook and all the other information that needs studying – and that’s something that tipsters do for you. Some people just refuse to pay for tipsters, but I bet you’ve paid for the advice of solicitors, accountants, and mortgage brokers because you couldn’t do the job they do.


Many gamblers suffer from a lack of discipline. They often feel the need to bet even when they’ve not had the time to study properly, and many will even back horses blindly in an attempt to recover losses. Following a tipster can help with this, for two reasons. One, you know that tips will arrive shortly. Two, if you can see your bank rising in the long-term, then you’re much less likely to have the impulse to gamble wildly – and, remember, you did answer yes to the two questions at the top of the page.


Winning in the long-term tends to make gambling much more fun than when you’re losing, but you must also be honest with yourself and work out what makes the experience fun for you. There are all sorts of tipsters out there. If you like one bet a day, then follow a selective tipster. However, if you like to have a handful of bets every day, then make sure you follow a tipster who provides this sort of service. That way, you should be able to remain disciplined.

Making Money

And yes, finally, to the crux – we all love making money from horse racing. However, like I said right at the beginning, you have to view paying for horse racing tips as a long-term investment. Neither the Betting Gods Tipsters, nor any other tipsters, can make you rich overnight but, if you’re not making money from our tips in the long-term, then neither are we – and that’s how we make our living!

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  1. Thanks for the informative insight,I too have netted blindly and out of sheer emotion.how can we pay for these horse racing tips?do you accept skrill payments?if so please provide us with the details and amount we should pay

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